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6-3: "You're No Good" 2013.06.30

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Posted Jul 6, 2013 @ 7:12 AM

Working out how faerieness works is weird. Technically Andy and Murella's kids are half-fae, but they seem to be full blown 100% faeries with their super aging and much stronger powers. But Sookie, who is three generations down from her full faerie ancestor, is only somewhat faerie with limited Light reserves and a weak ability to use their powers.

Is it possible that there is a different outcome in mixed fae/human offspring based on the gender of the fae parent?





Posted Jul 6, 2013 @ 1:42 PM

I despised Steve Newlin as a human and despised him as a vampire and I hate a rat but I found a lot of sympathy with him in the clutches of Dr. Mengele and his evil wife.


  Not me. For one thing, the real Dr. Mengele's victims were all innocent-a word that hasn't applied to Steve Newlin for a long time, whether human or vamp. As for Sarah, while she's no saint by a long shot, especially given her affair with Jason, but at least her other sins don't involve killing whole fraternities or wedding parties, as far as we know.


Nopne of these things are of any interest to Burrell; those are Eric's wants. Burrell's holding all the cards on their fates right now and to strike a bargain with him, Eric needs to have something Burrell wants--Willa. Although something about Burrell tells me that his daughter would be expendable to him in the long run of his evil plan of evil nefariousness.


    I would agree re Eric's wantintg to make a deal with Burrell, if he hadn't threatened to kill Willa no matter what Burrell did, whether he wanted to bargain or not. As for Willa's being "expendable" to her dad and his possible willingness to make colleteral damage of her, since I think she's a blithering idiot anyway, that's just fine with me.


Why was Lafayette all involve-me-in-your-plans-sam and then didn't help a bit saving Emma


  Lafayette did try to protect Emma, only to be attacked by Alcide's #2 bitch, who, like Ricki, can't be abjured or die soon enough for me. Lafayette's wanting to help Sam with Emma as a way of returning the favor for Sam's giving him a chance when no one else would is sweet and between Alcide's apparent 180 character-wise, his reckless pack and his poor taste in women, Sam and Emma are going to need all the friends they can get and Lala could be one of the best. 

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Posted Jul 7, 2013 @ 3:30 PM


Thank you for the Glory explanation.  Is the theory then that the show has some kind of parallel with Buffy?



Although TB has had references or nods to the iconic show Buffy The Vampire Slayer (i.e. the use of "big bad" in the first episode of this season, the "magic shop" scene during the witch season, etc.), people are merely pointing out a plot device that has already been used on another show (a vampire show no less).


Ben/(and the big bad) Glory shared the same corporeal body. Ben/(and perhaps the big bad) Warlow do the same?

TB is more camp and fun while Joss Whedon's BTVS was an innovative and critically acclaimed show about growing up (rife with metaphor and allegory), one which is still taught in college courses around the country.




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Posted Jul 7, 2013 @ 4:53 PM

Taught in mass media/pop culture/TV classes?  I'd love to find a syllabus and take a look!




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Posted Jul 7, 2013 @ 6:57 PM

Why couldn't Ben be Warlow? Doesn't fairy blood allow vampires to walk in the sunlight? Wasn't that Russell's theory?


Didn't Sookie and Jason's fae grandfather say that Warlow killed at least two of their ancestors? Doesn't that mean that Warlow must have ingested a certain amount of fae blood and royal fae blood at that? Therefore, if it's true, wouldn't he be able to walk around during the day for at least some period of time? I mean this Ben guy can't have just rolled into town to make up/fuck Sookie?


I mean, there is something that the grandfather found very peculiar about the blood of the vampire who slaughtered all the fairies in the fairy club. Maybe that blood has trace amounts of fae blood mixed in it.

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