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Giving You the Business

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    Couch Potato

Posted May 18, 2013 @ 2:50 PM

Is anyone else watching this show? I didn't see a thread anywhere for it. I kind if like that it promotes good employees without focusing so much on undercover boss-esque sob stories. I don't get how the prizing works, with the franchising - seems like it would be really complicated v

The one episode I saw the most of was the Canadian coffee shop chain. The winner was super obvious though, I thought. I liked how the owner kept commenting on the one girl apologizing constantly. It's Canada! They use Sorry like New Yorkers use the F-word, as a comma.




    Video Archivist

Posted May 18, 2013 @ 4:02 PM

I watched a few episodes and couldn't take it anymore. Obviously the producers set up situtions to test the contestants but the situations got to be so way beyond stupid. The aunt in the wig that kept saying "talk to my hand", people doing yoga at the service counter, the Bristish tour group wanting free food. Nothing complicated about who wins, it's whoever survives the dumb situations.




    Couch Potato

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Posted May 25, 2013 @ 5:04 PM

Set up situations?..meh. This show is enjoyable and Shakespeare compared to  Mystery Diners, Restaurant Stakeout et al.





Posted May 27, 2013 @ 10:04 PM

From what I read on another board, the setup situations are not that far from what happens in reality. Watching the yogurt place now and I can see the dodgeball team happen no problem. Sports teams are notorious stress-sources for restaurants. Especially winning sports teams. 


I thought this was a US show, but "Fresh" (I think it was) is a Canadian chain (that was on Undercover Boss Canada too), so I think it's a joint production, or they are taking chain applications from across US/Canada. When I saw that Canadian chain, I thought they must have a US branch or something, but then I recognized the blue 5's in the currency and knew it had to be up here. Then I saw the Jersey Subs chain episode and saw it was USian too. 


Hmm, the tag line at the end "For more information..." has the FoodNetwork.ca tagline and symbol. But that doesn't mean anything really.


I do wonder about the rest of the coworkers on during the manager shifts. They have to be in on it, just because of the Ground Hog day they keep going through. Wonder if any regulars happen by and see the HellDay event again and again. 

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