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Season Five So Far: It's Groundhog Day with Show Choir

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    Couch Potato

Posted Dec 23, 2013 @ 11:22 AM

As others have mentioned, Season Five episodes seems to prove to me that the writers are not interested in a genuine split.  Even when they had Blam in NY, it was all about Blam adventures in NY  and the NY characters were conveniently sidelined in their own narrative with the show making sure the ending number with Blam was back in LIma (as well the opening number).


Every closing number in Lima, or closing "group" number where Lima gets the bulk's  share, as well as Season Five's obsession with the Marley/Jake/Ryder triangle/cheating cycle and especially all the Becky/Bree/Student Nurse Penn/Coach Roz focus with  clearly secondary supporting characters getting more screen time this season than Rachel/Kurt/Santana in an episode indicates  its' not the number of leading characters that matter on one side as much as being in the right narrative. 


Cast members in prior years had albums they were working on behind the scenes and it seemed they had even  more stuff to do on the show, so i don't think  that being busy in Season Five with off side projects is the reason the entire NY narrative has been neglected once more.    In Season five Chris Colfer has not had any projects other than his writing, which he has said he can conveniently do between scenes, after work and on weekends.  Even his book signings with one or two exceptions he has had to schedule on weekends away from Glee.   Naya has worked on her album for several years and even her radio junkets time was on the weekends she is not working on Glee.


IN season 5 they've probably used Sue the same if not more and off screen Jane Lynch is busier than ever with side projects  (Broadway, TV shows, hosting shows, etc).


Season 5 has the school year extended and all these filler episodes seems like a pointless check off to make sure the focus in on McKinley just because . 

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    Channel Surfer

Posted Dec 23, 2013 @ 4:26 PM

Given that teenage phenom Rachel Berry sings as well as Lea Michele, and can act in any manner the aforesaid Ms.Michele desires, which includes injecting intelligence, eroticism, and a realistic balance into the sexual dynamic between Fanny and Nick (for me a welcome reversal of Streisand's self-indulgent travesty in "You are Woman"), and after five successful auditions (the last being the impromptu, in-your-faces diner performance, just the sort of thing Fanny Brice would have dared), she was quite plausibly selected for the role in a $12M Broadway musical that is not merely the lead, but essentially the show. Not only is her career now on the line, but so is that of the director who took a huge risk for a shot at introducing a great, but professionally inexperienced, talent. And yet, in this pressure-packed, high stakes situation (with sufficient inherent dramatic potential to fuel a completely independent spin-off, with singing gay dads, gay sycophants as a critiquing Greek chorus invisible and mute to everyone but Rachel, guest stars from Broadway, and better writers than the ones who killed "Smash"), Rachel, with the director's knowledge and approval, has the time, energy, and vocal stamina to: perform and work as a singing waitress AND rehearse as one of five (count 'em, FIVE) lead singers in a cockamamie band AND take classes at NYADA AND spend two hours a day commuting to Bushwick.

Furthermore, at the cusp of international stardom, likely to earn at least $1M/year if FG is successful, attractive enough to have needed no more than 10 seconds to convince both the director and leading man ("She's charming and she looks the part") that a Broadway audience would believe that a tall, handsome, worldly man would want to fuck her, Rachel makes goo-goo eyes with a high school student who is her junior by one chronological and around 10 mental years and 50 IQ points.

Comedy? Farce? No, I think what we have here is full-fledged, mindless idiocy. Ryan, I beg you, now that Rachel will no longer have a spiritual "home" to go to as a resolution of some existential crisis after having fulfilled her dreams of Broadway stardom, let my Lea go. She has better things to do.

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    Loyal Viewer

Posted Dec 23, 2013 @ 4:52 PM

Season Five episodes seems to prove to me that the writers are not interested in a genuine split.


Yet another sign they are not interested in NY or the actors.  When Lea was making a movie in season 2 and was out of  for  2+ weeks they didn't write her out no in fact she had one of her bigger stories with the nose job they worked around her to make she they kept her in the show. 


Since they often film up to 3 episodes at once working around them seems to be a non issue.   

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