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9-17: "Transplant Wasteland" 2013.03.14

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Posted Mar 28, 2013 @ 7:07 PM

Ok - new to this part of the forum but I'm loving Grey's big time but I have some issues with some of the characters.

Ok, Survivors, listen up: No one is saying that you didn't suffer out in the woods, no one is saying that you don't deserve to compensated for your troubles and your losses, but you do NOT get to act superior to everyone, bitch out those people who you are supposedly "saving" when they have a right to know what is going on, and then put on your superhero cape as though you are completely selfless saving the hospital and everyone's jobs when YOU are the ones that put the hospital and everyone's jobs in jeopardy in the first place!!

Good god almighty...I am SO sick of all of them. Especially Callie and Meredith, who I don't normally have a problem with. Meredith especially. Its like Derek's arrogance and savior complex had sex with Alex's propensity to lash out at people when he is in the wrong had sex and the baby is Meredith's new personality.

Ok this right here...I don't get why they feel like they are superior. They love the hospital so much why didn't they give back the money they got in the settlement? Or just say they don't want it because they know it would hurt the hospital? Nope they took the money and when shit hit the fan, they acted like they did the hospital a favor. Please!!

ITA. Callie is the last one who should be talking like that to Jackson. Jackson's mom bought him his spot on the hospital board but Callie used her daughter's $15 million inheritance to buy her spot on the board which is so much worse. Catherine Avery is an adult and chairman of the HAF so she's capable of making a decision of that nature and can voice her opinion. Sofia is a toddler who doesn't have a voice and can't make investment decisions but the money she inherited from her father's death is now gone because her mother used it for her personal interests. I don't usually condone catty and immature behavior but I wouldn't have held it against Jackson if he threw Callie's remark back at her in the last board room scene and said "Remember to sign your own name and not your daughter's."

ITA with this entire post. Callie needs to drill her crap back and leave Jackson alone.