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22-4: "I Love Monkeys!" 2013.03.10

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Way Wes Jr

Way Wes Jr

    Couch Potato

Posted Mar 20, 2013 @ 6:34 AM

Bit late, but...

Joey and Meghan's recaps are up. "Team YouTube" didn't have a particularly outstanding leg, so the recaps don't give that much new information. The 'Fruity Top' detour took Meghan and Joey over an hour to complete, I can't imagine that the 'Sandy Bottom' detour took the Roller Derby moms as long.

Meghan said that, after they discovered their cabbie took them to the wrong beach, while they were running along the road to the roadblock people offered them rides but, "we couldn't do that." So there must be a 'no hitchhiking' rule, (or perhaps it falls under the 'you can't follow a local' rule.)

Both recaps spend about half of their time talking about John and Jessica getting the boot with John and Jessica. Luckily John doesn't say much in either segment. An impied reason for Jessica not being more adamant about using the express pass, is that she was very sick (almost denied getting on a flight sick,) and not totally there mentally.

Not related to the recaps, while I thought Connor was a tool in the way he went about looking at Winnie's board, I can't get too upset about it in retrospect, given that Dave and Connor beat Pam and Winnie to the mat by twenty minutes! That is some serious lost getting.

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Posted Mar 20, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

It took almost a week for my registration to come through... so I'm late.

I was wondering what would have happened if Jessica and John had been eliminated with BOTH Express Passes. That is, eliminated before they had passed on the second Express Pass. I wonder if the producers had considered the possibility of a team being eliminated with an extra Express Pass in their pockets.

I can understand being eliminated even if you use an Express Pass (you're just too far behind or you get lost) but to have it and not use it..... Dave and Connor should thank their lucky stars that they got it before it vanished.