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If Derek leaves, who will replace him? And if we lost one of the female pros from S15, who replace her?

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Posted Jan 31, 2013 @ 12:30 AM

Game: Predict the Pros on Season 16.

Question One: The Male Pros.

If Derek leaves, pick the six male pros you think will be on Season 16 with a celebrity partner (if you think there will be seven female celebrities, as there were in the Allstar season, choose a 7th male pro, but please put him last on your list, as the least likely to be on the show.)

Male pro choices: Dmitry, Henry (troupe), Jonathan, Louis, Maks, Mark, Sasha (troupe), Sonny (troupe), Tony, Tristan, Val (Valentin), Someone Else (give his name, if you want to guess who it will be.) You can also include Derek, if you don't believe he's leaving.

Question Two: The Female Pros.

Assume the same sitatuion, but with the possibility that we may have one woman sitting out (either because Kym is going to do "Celebrity Apprentice" in Australia, though it may wrap up just in time; or Cheryl, on the "The Bachelorette", etc.) Which six women do you think are most likely to appear on Season 16 with a celebrity partner. If you add a 7th possibility, please place her last, as the least likely to be in the cast.

Female pro choices: Anna (Trebunskaya), Chelsie, Cheryl, Edyta, Emma (troupe), Karina, Kym, Lacey, Oksana (troupe), Peta, Sharna (troupe), Someone Else (name her, if you want to guess who it will be.)

Optional Question Three:
And if you want to, predict the percentage chance you think there is that we will have a same-sex couple, as some other countries' DWTS have had. (0% = no possibility; 100% = you're completely convinced that we will have a same-sex couple competing)

If there are enough votes, I'll do the math and report on who people think are most likely to appear on S16 (and how likely they think it is that a same-sex couple will complete)

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Posted Feb 1, 2013 @ 10:26 PM

For the males, I think they'll keep the same ones and promote Henry to take Derek's place.

For the females, I think they'll be the same. If they do get rid of one, they'll promote Sharna.

I think that after this season, though, it might be a massacre amongst the pros. I think that the show is gonna do whatever it can to try to revive itself, but I think it'd probably be a mistake to get rid of two many pros. People have grown attached, I think, and I'm not sure how much of a new audience they'd attract by using new pros.

As for a same-sex couple, I don't know if I see it happening any time soon here. Their target audience (if it's true that middle America, conservatives, make up some of it's bigger viewership...and we know for sure that older people do) may not be ok with it, and so I don't think they'd consider any new attention or controversy worth it.





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Posted Feb 2, 2013 @ 5:02 AM

Ah, thanks for playing my 'game' but I guess it wasn't too brilliant an idea, lol.

I hope you're right about them only replacing one - but I'd pick Sasha and Emma of the troupe.

I'll go wild though and imagine a big shake-up, though I don't think it's a good idea, the same season they lose Derek (assuming they do.)

Mark, Tristan, Maks, Val, with both Tony/Derek gone - replaced by Sasha and Henry.

If Kym's gone due to being busy in Australia, though maybe she got a headsup about not being asked back and that's why she took the job over there - I think they'd have Lacey and Chelsie, along with the other regulars, and maybe that's even why they postponed DWTS Vegas to August. But I like Emma's personality a lot, which reminds me of Kym, so I'd rather see her than Sharna.

Good point about a "massacre" possibly being in the cards. I keep thinking they'll use this season to test out some of the theory of going to more hip-hop, pop, and gymnastic style dancing ;(

Yeah, no chance on same-sex due to their demos. They might lose the only real hook they have with advertizers: massive overall viewership, despite bad demo's. These days, I don't see why they aren't satisfied with that! It's still one of the most "watched" shows in the country, and there aren't many that are in that ballpark.





Posted Feb 2, 2013 @ 3:27 PM

I don't think they'll try more styles of dance only because it still is a ballroom and Latin dance competition. Last season had more styles because it was All Stars. I doubt they'd have novices tackle those styles.

However, I do think we will start seeing a change in the pro lineup. Cheryl, Kym, and Derek could be out this season and they are past champs and staple pros so I think next season's pro lineup will be very different from the past 2. With the exception of Louis last season and the constant switching of Chelsie/Lacey, it hasn't changed much since season 13.

They might be using this season to promote a couple troupe people like Henry, Emma, or Sharna. Those 3 seem to be used the most.





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Posted Feb 3, 2013 @ 3:32 PM

I hope you're right, PBGamer89. I read somewhere they were going to change to make an even stronger 'grab' towards the younger demo, but the suggestion was that the celebrities would be as young as possible; they didn't say anything about the styles, I just assumed that would be part of it. If this is even true.

Come on Bieber, we need you! (or is he out of style and there's a new twink on the horizon?) Is there any ousted member of Glee we could grab? Somebody in "One Direction"?

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