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Raylan Givens: Quick On The Draw...In More Ways Than One

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Posted Mar 21, 2014 @ 4:23 PM

Does Raylan have to be sleeping with someone every season? At the time Raylan said he thought Lindsey liked him, I didn't think too much about his words. But now that he's sleeping with yet another woman in the space of how many months, can he not be alone? Granted, these are not relationships that have him with the woman a lot. Except Winona. Sure, he'll say it's about the sex, if he admits that much, because he's a guy and the women are interested. Why not?

This aspect of Raylan might've been obvious to others. This just occurred to me this season and reading this thread.
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Posted Mar 22, 2014 @ 10:49 AM

Good point on Raylan's sexual choices.  I just took it for granted they'd have that to keep some viewers who keep demanding skin. 


Looking at Raylan's character you hit it on the head - does not like being by himself.  There is no introspect with him yet.  A bit like the drunk  who has to hit bottom before he starts to face the truth about himself. He lives on a reputation of shooting fast and straight. He does get the job  done but as Art says messes up and still comes  up smelling like roses.  I think he does love himself the most.  There doesn't seem to be enough there  for Wynona or the baby.


Did he go into law enforcement as a reaction to his Dad and the lifestyle he came from, thinking he is better than the Harlan clans? He seems less like the man who wants to protect the public and put bad guys away and more like a man allowing himself to be used  as a police tool used to go in a mop up a mess.

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Atomic Clock

Atomic Clock


Posted Apr 3, 2014 @ 12:30 PM

Quoting from another thread:

I find Raylan an interesting character but I find it amusing that he thinks he's a better man than Boyd. His crimes just look different. He treats women like disposable tissues and puts people in jackpots because he just has to do things his way. Yeah, Boyd's scum and so is Ava but they're all really just shades of the same dark colors, IMO. Ava, Raylan and Boyd are all very similar to me. They each 'justify' doing what they do so they can survive.

This seems to be a common sentiment, and it's one to which I take exception. If you believe in moral relativism, then yes, I suppose you could make a case that Raylan is Boyd with a badge.

But I don't buy it for a second.

Raylan has never sold, trafficked in or used hard drugs. He has never caused anyone to become an addict. He has never turned prostitutes out for a profit, or beaten a woman; though he has beaten up a few men who have verbally or emotionally abused women.

Raylan has never committed murder for profit. You can argue that his marshall paycheck allows him to act as a killer for hire, but he is serving within the bounds of a distinction that is drawn by society, not Raylan himself.

Raylan has never blown up a church, robbed a bank, killed an unarmed man (whether by explosive, gun or rattlesnake), rigged an election, ordered the death of a witness like Ellen May, or lead other men to slaughter through religious fanaticism or devious miscalculation.

There's no question that Raylan has crossed the line. He threw down on Tommy Bucks after running the clock out on him. He slept with a witness, thereby allowing Boyd to walk free. He abused his authority in order to help his ex wife return stolen evidence money. He is indirectly responsible for Gary's death. He played Harlan Roulette with Wynn Duffy. He violated the rules by moonlighting as a bounty hunter. He helped Sheriff Hunter break jail (all be it temporarily) in order to find Drew Thompson. He participated in the execution of Nicky Augustine. He uses accessive force and harasses known criminals like the Crowes on a regular basis when it's not always necessary. He was a poor husband and thus far, appears to be an absent father.

Having said that, Raylan has done a lot of good. Where would Loretta be if not for Raylan? Yes, she appears to be headed down a bad road, but just like Ava, that's her choice, not his. He de-escolated a hostage situation with fried chicken and bourbon, rather than his weapon. He saved Judge Reardon's life twice. How many innocent lives has Raylan saved by putting criminals in jail or in the ground? Does anybody doubt that Jody Adair's kids are far better off without him in their lives? He has actively saved more than one innocent victim from being killed or tortured by criminals. The most obvious example is Quarles and the Christian family. This is premature to say, but Raylan may be partially responsible for Limehouse's decision to get out of the life.

As for the notion that Raylan treats women like disposable tissues, I think that's a drastic over-statement. Raylan did mistreat Ava by sleeping with her during an active investigation and then jumping over to Winona. He also tried to help Ava leave Kentucky and start a new life for herself. She chose to stay and become involved with Boyd.

Raylan had honorable intentions toward Lindsey. She stole his cash and ran off with her asshole husband. Raylan never mistreated Alison. She dumped Raylan. I guess planting meth on an innocent man is better in her book than the things Raylan does. I'm not fully clear on the nature of his relationship to Jackie Nevada, but he did save her from Jody Adair.

Raylan doesn't jump into bed with every woman he comes across. He and Rachel are respectful co-workers. He had a chance to nail Carol the coal lady, but didn't take it. Wendy also made an implicit offer, but he turned her down. It's also noteworthy that, though Aunt Helen betrayed Raylan by shacking up with Arlo, Raylan never once disrespected her or turned his back on her when she really needed him.

The relationship between Raylan and Winona is the most complex on the show. It is rife with a series of miscommunications, departures, returns and passive-aggression. IN the end, they love each other and can't be together. It's as complicated and as simple as that.

Is Raylan perfect? Absolutely not. Should he be carrying a badge? Probably not. Is he as bad as Boyd and Ava. Hell no! If you tally the amount of good Raylan has done with the good Boyd and Ava have done, there's no contest.

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Posted Apr 8, 2014 @ 9:46 AM

I agree on so many levels about Raylan's character.   Reading the responses since getting on the thread it looks like people still look for ethics and honesty.  I have yet to read anything about Raylan being a hard nose or walking badge.  He has shown compassion many times, shown that he tries to help Loretta and Kendall. There are times he will go on a call when it could be taken by another and I think it was because he knew how to handle the Harlan community.


He sure had a lot more patience with Constable Bob than most would have done.  It was his finesse that saved the day several times when chasing Drew. Granted - if they threw all these idiots in jail right away we wouldn't have enough characters left for the story.


Finally I'm getting tired of having Raylan blamed for every gal he sleeps with.  Let's look at the women and how many they are sleeping with. Apparently people still have morals though.  Art, Rachel and Tim seems to be the ones most admired.  And not sleeping around!  Good for them.

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