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2-16 "Runaway"

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Posted Jan 8, 2013 @ 11:24 AM

Episode summary from IMDB: The search for a police officer's runaway daughter, which leads the detectives through an underground rave culture that caters to wayward teens, is seen through the eyes of the squad room personnel and their interviews with the Internal Affairs division.

I just watched this rerun, and I looked for a thread so I could say how much I hated it, but there wasn't one. First, the structure is irritating - there are lots of scenes with unseen internal affairs people grilling the main characters, and its repetitive and not very interesting since we know there won't really be any consequences for any of them. But the thing that really bothered me was the constant refrain of "this is a cop's daughter, so we'll do anything we have to". Quick summary: a cop's daughter ran away from home and got into drugs. She's a minor and she's not in a good situation, but she's in that situation by choice and there's no evidence she's being held against her will. The cop gets in trouble for using his gun to hold an innocent reporter hostage to find out information about her - throughout the episode Cragen treats this like something that is unfairly going to ruin the cop's life, instead of something that the cop chose to do that was dangerous and legitimately warrants him being in trouble. Then, since the girl is a cop's daughter, SVU decides to do a full-on investigation, go undercover, etc, to get her back. They even try to get Cabot to agree to a short sentence for a coldblooded killer that they have on video killing someone, just so he'll tell them where she is - again, she's not being held against her will. They keep saying "she's a cop's daughter, nothing is normal about this case becuase of that" over and over again. All I kept thinking was that they're saying they'll do all this work and endanger all these people to find a cop's daughter who doesn't want to be found, but if it was MY daughter who was missing, they wouldn't bother because I'm not a cop? The refrain of "she's a cop's daughter, what could be more important than that?" just sounds like a giant F-you to any other parents with missing children.

How do you all feel about this idea that the right thing for them to do is to treat the missing child of a cop completely differently than the missing child of a teacher or a fireman? And that it should be ok for a cop to hold hostage and threaten to shoot an innocent reporter and still be called "a good cop" throughout the episode?





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Posted Jan 8, 2013 @ 1:54 PM

This is nothing new. Any time it's a cop's child, a judge's child or a child/wife/husband/whatever of someone of indluence, be it wealth or political, the police will go all out and make them the number one priority.