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Jersey Brides: "Say Yes" Crosses the Hudson

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Posted Nov 13, 2012 @ 5:15 PM

Not to be confused with Bada Bling Brides! This two-part special airs Thursday (Nov. 15) at 10 EST, on TLC (where else?). Don't be surprised if it gets picked up as a series.

You'd think this show would be redundant - Kleinfeld attracts a lot of clientele from nearby New Jersey, but it seems that for every Jersey woman who wants to outshine the chandeliers in her venue, there's another who wants something more understated (likely because she couldn't find anything to her taste closer to home). With this late Jerseyality entry, TLC is promising a steady stream of brash and bling-obsessed brides-to-be.

New Jersey may be the last place where platinum (or platinum-looking) weddings are still the norm. Those open-field or forest weddings you see in all the magazines and blogs these days? They're just not done here - nor can they be even be done here if that's what's desired. Almost every wedding-suitable venue is decked out in gaudy, glitzy decor. And of course, many brides-to-be want dresses that can stand up to (and stand out in) such settings.

I am familiar with Bijou Bridal, even though I didn't go there for myself. We looked at dresses for my mom, and they all were tight, revealing and looked like they came out of the RHONJs' closets. I didn't see their bridal or bridesmaid offerings, but based on the mother dresses, it's clear the store revels in the Jersey stereotypes.

Like Kleinfeld, Bijou even has an exclusive designer, Stefan Jolie (though I have no idea if he does Stripper Fairy). Think he'll show up?




    Channel Surfer

Posted Nov 18, 2012 @ 2:24 PM

I watched about 20 minutes of the first show-with the orange wrestler bride-realized it was a pile of hot steaming shit and moved on to something else. It was BAD.





Posted Nov 20, 2012 @ 5:17 PM

I'm so happy that this show looks like it flopped! (I admit I didn't even bother to set my DVR ... but that's because I can no longer stand to watch another gown-shopping show, regardless of where it takes place.)

I decided to check the NJ Knot board to see what real Jersey brides were saying, and they're extremely stabby. Now, I can't call these women elegant and sophisticated (I've seen photos of most of them and their weddings ... very cookie-cutter "nouveau-riche for a day"). However, I wouldn't say they're tacky or classless. In their defense, they love their bling, but they're not setting out to pop out of their dresses.

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