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Pacifc Palisades

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Posted May 3, 2012 @ 8:56 PM

Pacific Palisades

Anyone else watch this back in '97? It only aired for 13 episodes, but for some reason I vividly remember them.

It was the usual soapy stuff - romance, love triangles etc. One of my favorite plots was when Joanna's (played by Michelle Stafford of Y&R fame) teenaged sister turned out to be her teenaged daughter! Joanna's husband ended up saving her sister/daughter's life and she developed a crush on him, which later turned into an obsession.

However, I think the biggest thing to happen to the show was Joan Collins' arrival. They hoped she would raise the ratings ala Heather Locklear on MELROSE PLACE. Obviously it didn't work. I really didn't think this show was no worse than Spelling's other soaps, I think it just came along at the wrong time. By this point, both MP and 90210 were losing popularity.





Posted May 4, 2012 @ 4:03 AM

The one thing I really appreciated about this show was that it tied up all of the storylines in the final episode. I remember the first six or so episodes aired in the spring to fairly lackluster ratings but for some reason Fox ordered more episodes so it could run during the summer. So there was a brief month or so hiatus between the initial order and the additional episodes (after which they were forced recast one of the roles, Dylan Neal taking over from Joel Wyner, due to a scheduling conflict with the new shoot--which shows how out of left field the pickup order was for the cast and crew), but when the first two of the newer episodes didn't exhibit any ratings growth whatsoever, the producers must have seen the writing on the wall and planned accordingly (shockingly, though, Fox did let it air through to the end--but then it was summer, so it wasn't a terribly competitive season).

It did have a decent cast, not only with Collins and Stafford but also Finola Hughes and Greg Evigan; Natalia Cigliuti, who would a few years later join All My Children as a recast Anita Santos, played Stafford's sister/daughter. I even thought Lucky Vanous wasn't so bad in it. I think I have all episodes taped on VHS lying somewhere around the house.