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No Kitchen Required: Dinner Impossible Meets Survivor Meets Chopped

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Fukui San

Fukui San


Posted Apr 16, 2012 @ 9:14 AM

[snip] On BBC America, Madison competes with Michael Symon lookalike Michael Psilakis and bearded ponytail chef Kayne Richmond in a cooking competition in remote locations around the globe. I've only seen part of one episode, in New Zealand, and a Survivor-like dealing with the elements is a part of this as they were cooking in makeshift outdoor kitchens. Apparently they have to procure ingredients "in the same manner as the locals", so perhaps there's hunting and fishing involved?

Haven't seen enough of the show to say whether I like it or not, but those seem to be the important details.

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    Couch Potato

Posted Apr 16, 2012 @ 12:14 PM

Very happy to have Madison back on my TV. I was rooting for him on the Dominica episode (the only one I watched so far). I like that the competition is all in good fun -- all 3 chefs seem to be very sincere, likeable guys (Madison's the only one I'm familiar with).





Posted Apr 16, 2012 @ 2:57 PM

Psilakis was my draw, and still is, but Kayne in my new TV boyfriend.

I like Madison, but as the designated 'competition chef', he's had a rough go. I like Kayne, was surprised with the first win, happily, but felt the Maori win was almost a no brainer. It also so obviously meant so, so much to him. I would like to see if Kayne just can zero in on cultural basics and do 'em up just so ( a food whisperer?) no matter which culture the guys visit.

As much as it's nice to give back to the folks you are filming, do we need the tacked-on feeling segment of the books (in Dominica) and the carving institute(New Zealand)? Maybe set up a foundation for donations so folks inclined towards wanting to help can actually help? Just spitballin'.

I did love Madison's self-rising flour and his possum hunt in Dominica. I am not big on rats, much less possums(outside of zoos, say in my neighborhood), but Madison getting over that phobia/strong dislike was a strong moment for me.

I'm loving the guides! All of them have been wonderfully low-key, but impressive in their ability to lead and teach out chefs. (Michael's 'I have someone do this for me' was funny.)

I liked Omega, from New Zealand, because she was so quietly patient with Michael's fretting over the crayfish trap. While I understood his point, were the tv folks going to actually let a chef end up without a named protein? Also, it was a bit insulting, imo, to Omega. She does this, maybe not for a living, but she does it enough that she was one of the two females given responsibility in that episode. I think that all of the guides feel enough professional pride to do their best without outside help. I didn't really get the same vibe with Kayne and Dan(?) while hunting the boar. It wasn't the same "You sure this works? Because I'm not sure and I can't wrap my head around how a branch is gonna trap fish. You sure?" And I love Michael Psilakis, so it was annoying.

Madison's head bump: overreaction by Psilakis or overplayed because the guys seem to genuinely like one another, so drama had to be "manufactured"?

Hey, producers? Yeah, I read the title of your show, but the native cultures have, in the 21st century, figured out how to cook under cover. Even if you can't shoot around crap weather, the sitch in Domenica, followed by New Zealand? Really? With Thailand coming up this week, I almost expect them to cook in a freakin' monsoon! Being bald won't help with that.

I sound down on it, but I love this, love the places and people (including the insanely lovely Shimi!), and just nitpicking. Little things that have struck me as I watch the episodes at least twice. Bring on the world!

eta: Thanks, Fukui San, for starting the thread; I was searching and too timid to start it myself. Thank you!

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    Channel Surfer

Posted Apr 17, 2012 @ 10:36 AM

I'm also glad to see a thread for this show. I've been a big Madison fan since I saw him on Chopped and tuned in mainly to see him in these challenges, however I really like the other two chefs as well! I like this show!





Posted Apr 19, 2012 @ 1:34 AM

Finished the rewatch with the Mr. and sooo glad Michael won! Couldn't believe Madison ignored the spelled out rule of using all three pieces of the water bucket(buckets + yoke/stick) and then acting all 'Really?'

Unlike Michael, who took a bit of time, then got lots of protein, I thought Kayne was going to lose some of what he ended up catching!

Another facet of the episode that I liked was that no one amongst the chefs knew the native language and all were truly in the dark until the votes were shown.

No doubt, Shimi has at least one person to do her hair/make up, right? If not, then she is one of Earth's natural beauties and I sorta love/envy her!

With Fiji next week, I think I want to start playing "Which rural tribe will they visit?"





Posted Apr 24, 2012 @ 10:38 PM

Bumping this for the episode tonight. I'll comment after Mr. A and I watch!

Wins for the guys thus far:
Kayne- 2 (Dominica, New Zealand)

Glad Madison was able to get a win, as I think he's had the roughest time procuring his proteins. I must also say, I was drooling for the goat, but I'm a goat fan.

I was under the impression that New Zealand and Fiji were roughly in the same latitude/longitude, so it surprised me that Kayne was seemed so very dehydrated. He at least was aware of how it was affecting his QC.

One of the things I like about this show are the guides. They are such a fun part; the trio this week was very cool. Still, it had to have been a little upsetting to have someone you are supposed to watch over get hurt. Glad it wasn't worse. When Psilakis mentioned bone, I winced.

Next week? Whale-watching! *g*
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Posted May 2, 2012 @ 3:59 AM

I was surprised by the outcome of this cookout. Happily so, but still surprised. I thought Madison had more positive feedback than knocks than Michael or Kayne, and so take the ep. It was also the second 4 judge ep. The whale sighting was wonderful and it really was cool that Kayne was so close. The elder/ veg and herb lady seemed very impressed, and not in a condescending way, but that it wasn't a common thing to be able to get as close to a whale as Kayne and his guide were able to be.

In the drinking game:
*If any chef mentions that they'll lose if they can't find their protein, shotgun your drink of choice.
*If Madison claims an edge due to his island background, drink!
*If Kayne claims an edge in the Native Challenge, drink!
*If Michael has never worked with a group of ingredients and is just gonna put a touch of him/ his Greek heritage in his dishes, drink!
*If Kayne or Madison start smacktalk while cooking, drink and then give the screen a big 'Neener,Neener!'
*If Madison decides to add a touch of Japan, because his daughter and wife are Japanese, drink! (Saki!!)
*If Shimi's hair is blown into her face as she's giving directions, drink!
*If there is an adorable child/ren focused on at the end, take two drinks!

There's gotta be more, but that's all I can think of this late in my insomnia.

I believe next week is supposed to be in Louisiana. I hope it's Cajun-centric, but not stereotypically Cay-john.

eta: Spacing helps comprehension.

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Posted May 10, 2012 @ 4:03 PM

I enjoyed the episode, wasn't sure how the vote was going to go, and was confused as I ff'd and saw the guys in New York, thinking it was a preview for next week! hee Thankfully, it was just a nod to fave hangouts, but I was 'Really?!?'

I had to elbow Mr. Actionmage for his scoffing at the 'Cajun people'; while he was raised in North Louisiana, I'm rolling with the premise. Anyone know for sure if they are classified that way?

Another question I had during the show was: why not gator? Is it just not considered primarily Cajun or was alligator off the menu due to preservation efforts, which I understand too.

I like Madison, but had to chuckle at how he had to have a leg up due to his mom's people- from Alabama.

No matter what the judges say, I'd be unsure at to whether to eat the Blackened Bread Pudding. (I am a picky eater, so I have decades of picking off bits I don't like; if someone like Rosie- a judge- told me it was moist, I'd try it. It just looked like glazed ass.)

We noticed that we didn't see Kayne's hushpuppies and Bread Pudding getting sampled. Either the reaction wasn't much or the show was just running low on time due to Kayne having to "fish" longer. Anyone with the scoop?

Poor Michael; if we are to believe that the episodes are shown in order, then Psilakis had the crab snap on his finger then all the tales of turtles taking fingers! He's also in a rut, imo, as far as the grinder. In the first episode, he had an ingredient, but it's been the grinder for three episodes straight. I'd like to see something different. I also wanted to steal his iron cook pot! Those are cool!

Actually, to put lie to the 'shown in order', I thought I saw that next week is back in Thailand. Thailand seemed to be even ground,culinarily, for them.





Posted May 16, 2012 @ 3:21 AM

This episode was kinda cool. Not exactly the same old same old, but Kayne proved that he's more than just a pretty, buff face- his winning of the Native Challenge was pretty calculated and unexpected.

Then again, Kayne showed that just because you win one challenge you aren't guaranteed anything else. I also liked that it was Kayne playing peacemaker this week. Michael used something other than a meat grinder!

What amuses me is how similar Kayne and Madison think, culinarily. They usually have at least one dish that is similar to the other, if not more dishes- like last week's 'secret' hushpuppies and bread pudding.

Madison, hush up and freakin' dive without the whinging you claim Psilakis does. Yes, the system looks jury-rigged, but if these folks have been using it for decades, it's gonna be okay for you. Madison went from a wondering/admiring 'how do they do this?' to a 'rubber hose held together with super glue' in the time it took the translator or guide to explain it. Maybe I'm just trusting, but I doubt the production company would've okayed something sketchy. (Gators in Louisiana, anyone?)

Next week looks interesting. A North American Native tribe that can shoot turkeys and looks to be in mountanous terrain, yet use tipis. There are so many, but Mr. A suggested Sioux for one. It looked cold during filming/taping; does anyone know when the series shot?




    Channel Surfer

Posted May 18, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

I'm not sure when it was shot, but I think the next episode takes place in New Mexico with the Apache nation.





Posted May 24, 2012 @ 5:05 PM

Okay, I think my pretend chef husband, Kayne, needs to hold back on calling himself a warrior. Hunter, yeah, no doubt. Michael's turkey shoot (pun intended) was great! One and done. Very cool.

I thought for sure that Madison had won, in that all of his dishes got enthusiasm, if not love. I was hoping for a four judge/ one for each chef and the tie-breaker vote and finally got one. Also, I wanted to eat all of Madison's dishes, so his loss is a 'Huh?'

I am just tired of the same freakin' off-screen questions about the Protein Hunts that result in condescending answers about fearing not getting the assigned protein equaling out of the competition. The chefs have all done a variation of ' I hope I can find/catch/snare [insert animal]...' Ya'll will find something, as evidenced by the episode tonight. The guides have professional/personal pride in doing right by you chefs and wanting to show that they are good.

Madison, if you are familiar with kimchi, then the dried mescale(sp?) should not have amazed you near as much. Isn't there some kimchis that are decades old, if not supposedly hundreds?

For some reason I was glad that juniper was used in some dishes. I couldn't make out what the reddish/pink items in the very wide but shallow basket were. Does anyone know? Mr. A thought they were beans.

It looks like we're headed to South America next week- Belize!





Posted May 30, 2012 @ 1:18 AM

As far as the animals to be hunted and cooked, this episode was neat. I found myself unable to watch the gibnut and armadillo killings, which surprised me. I've watched other animal deaths on this show and not be as squicked out.

I am glad we don't have booze in the house on the regular as I'd be woozy at minimum from Michael letting us know he was "out of his comfort zone" and/or he'd never cooked with these ingredients/proteins before. Michael's saving grace is that he seems to totally be Baby Bear- not ubercompetetive, nor looking for a deeper connection; Psilakis is there to respect and honor the nice folks hosting him and the group and to try to replicate and/or heighten/twist the dishes to show a bit of himself.

Kayne seems to have identified with several indigenous hosts, which has put him in a better position at times, it seems. Madison, ever the competitor, seems to be facing wildlife fears (better than I would, I'm sure!) and maybe putting too much of his spin on dishes that seem to be appreciated, but not what the judges are looking for.

The hubby walked out of the room and I paused the dvr at 48 minutes. After a few minutes of him not doing anything, I asked if he was ready for the rest of the show. He sighed and said he was tired of the petty bickering between the chefs. I can see his side, but I can let some slide. They are all highly skilled chefs, out of the comfort zone (*drink!*), and the frustration squishes out in the silliness or the sniping. IA with the hubby in that there has been more sniping than silliness shown ("How are you doing, Michael?" "I'm ...smashing, Shini. Smashing." Shini and Madison chuckle.), and shown every week. It doesn't add to the show, affect the outcome of food made (except that once with the paste), or supposedly impacts the judging.

I have loved watching this series and the three chefs. I was happily surprised, as a Yank, to find out about Shini's insanely brainy, busy life on the BBCA website! I cannot believe it is time for this series to end next week. I hope there is a second series and that a different trio of chefs gets to experience what the guys did. Maybe three female chefs and Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver doing the Shini duties?





Posted Jun 6, 2012 @ 3:00 AM

I think that tonight was the first time that I remember there was a warning for content, re: the hunts.

It was an interesting episode, in that it had all the bits I'm gripey about, but I still enjoyed it for the most part.

Gripes from the season/series:
* "If I can't catch [fill in the protein], then I'm screwed!" Kayne had to settle for a secondary type of protein in the Navaho episode, yet did well with his dishes.

*"I've never hunted gator/bat/iguana/et. al. ... I'm out of my element/comfort zone." Duh. A great portion of the viewing audience hasn't hunted much of the primarily unusual proteins you three chefs had to hunt and kill. While there are chefs who probably hunt and/or fish, we, the audience, are thinking that activity isn't what your main pasttimes are. It's part of why we tune in- to see how you do.

*Stirrin' up stuff- I don't mind good-natured ribbing, or even some good sarcasm tossed around, but the three, all season, were whiny babies at different times (thank gravy) about different things. Yes, there's lots of tension and the time crunch, but every week?

*Complaints/surprise at the Gatherings- this didn't happen until later episodes, about the last three, but it was sadly strongest in the finale. As you guys tell your hosts each week, they invited you in to share in their heritage. Show a bit of class and quit whining about the lack of stuff to work with! It seemed a couple of the visits were past prime vegetable and fruit harvesting, so there wasn't alot to use. Instead of talking heads about making the most out of the least (or anything similar), in this episode Psilakis is polling Madison and Kayne about how hard is it going to be! It did not help that Shini chimed in too.

*I love you to pieces Kayne, but I'm not sure I totally feel the connections to every group you met. You seem to tell that to every pretty group you've met.

*Madison, you are a great chef, I'm sure. It's your connections to some groups I'm not fully trusting. Feeling a connection to the Seminoles because your mom's got Sioux heritage? As the hubby said, it'd be like Michael saying he felt a connection to the Danes because he's Greek. Not a knock on his mom, just that the producers probably asked him why he felt so confident in that week's challenge and Madison fell back on his family connection to groups, much like Kayne was always bringing up his heritage.

*The food looked delicious across the board!
*Hearing how country one of the guides was (Michael's)!
*Gator hunt!
*Despite the complaints to the contrary, seeing the chefs do decent in their hunts!
*Hearing Michael talk about how tough the gator's skin was! Silly chef, gators aren't just for eatin'!
*Shini in shades! (Shallow, but I don't care.)