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2-2: "The Night Lands" 2012.04.08

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    Couch Potato

Posted Apr 16, 2012 @ 11:17 AM

We saw the mother screaming, so obviously she was upset. I just thought Ros was being pretty self-indulgent weeping on the job like that-- clumsy exposition.

I hope you're a teenager because otherwise you're sounding kiiiinda sociopathic

Agreed. There are several reasons it makes sense for Ros to be completely traumatized.

1) people have noticed she looks pregnant. That makes it a little closer to home. Since she has no idea WHY poor little Barra was killed, how safe is her own child going to be? Also, if she is pregnant, her hormones mean she might cry just because....well, just because.

2) You can bet that nothing like that ever happened in Winterfell. Probably up to this point, the worst thing Ros ever saw was the odd bar fight, duel, or rape. She's not a soldier or a surgeon. This isn't normal to her.

3) IT HAPPENED ON HER WATCH. LF wasn't there. Ros was acting madam, and so the failure to protect or hide the baby falls on her. If the mother has become a close friend, that makes it even worse, but even if she's not a friend, the mother's one of "her girls."

4) Wasn't the man who "barely touched her" one of the Gold Cloaks involved in the massacre? It would be incredibly difficult to service one of them, after seeing what they had done. And she'll have to do it forever. That is the worst part of Ros's job--you don't get to refuse someone just because the sight of them makes you sick.

There is no "level of professionalism" that would make someone indifferent to having a baby murdered in front of them in the middle of their workplace (which is also their home,) in the middle of an otherwise nice normal day. Would you criticize a bank teller, nurse, or waitress because seeing someone's baby skewered during a robbery is making her weepy?

That's a trauma that'll stay with all of these girls. Even trained soldiers charged with impaling babies as part of a tactic to demoralize a region, have been known to cry and wake up screaming in the middle of the night, and they're not getting surprised at home with it like these women were.


Special Kay

Special Kay

    Video Archivist

Posted Apr 17, 2012 @ 9:51 AM

In addition to the reasons stated by Hecate7, I took Ros's weeping as kind of a "Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into" despair and fear.

Like she's realizing the stakes for someone like her are really high in King's Landing, that people like her are entirely disposable, and that those facts are largely outside of her control.

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Posted Apr 19, 2012 @ 10:12 AM

I didn't see the blue eyes of the being that appeared to take the baby left by Craster, but the outline of the clothing that it wore -- the little I could see -- looked awfully similar to the outfit worn by the White Walker in the first episode of Season 1.