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12-18: "Malice in Wonderland" 2012.03.21

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Posted Apr 5, 2012 @ 4:08 PM

Coincidentally, before I came back to this thread, I had just looked up Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan) to discover she was Alice. I used to watch that show with my son. I thought it was really good, and I liked her a lot. I don't like her as Morgan. Maybe that's the leftover Disney-school-of-acting aura.

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John Potts

John Potts


Posted Jul 17, 2012 @ 5:13 PM

I presume that the duo started using real guns once they'd killed somebody (however unintentionally). According to my degree in law from TV, that makes it a capital case, so they may as well use real bullets. Did they ever clear up why they killed the jeweller? Even if he was substituting Iron Pyrites for their real gold, you'd think they'd shoot him rather than making him drink the Fool's Gold (and I'm sure Grissom would have commented that it was how Crassus was executed by the Parthians, though they used real gold). Liked the "Female of the Species is more Deadly than the Male" bit at the end - the guy throws himself on his sword while the woman throws him under a bus (it must be love!).

I actually came to feel a bit for Hodges here, though his takedown at the end was pretty cool (I wasn't sure if all that hystrionics to his mother was heartfelt or merely an attempt at misdirection so he could stab the girl, though I guess it worked either way). It seemed obvious to me that the comms chatter had to be fake - the cops knew that the robbers were able to listen in, so they had to be conning them somehow. And I thought Riley was sweet to bail out Hodges, even though she should realise that, being on TV, guarantees an excruciating evening with your fake fiance (and his mother), however soon they were planning on leaving town.

iscoffy Quick, someone tell me that DB isn't Finn's soul-mate that she never got to marry.

That was my guess, too, so I can't offer you any reassurance there!

Uncle Chuck So, Sara (Mrs. Grissom) gets flowers from her absentee husband and the doofus signs the card "Grissom"???

peeaybee Was that a special plant that Grissom sent Sara?

She should count herself lucky she didn't get a beetle (obviously, a rare, previously undiscovered one)! Though I did think it was a bit odd it was signed "Grissom" rather than "Gil".