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2-8: "Nebraska" 2012.02.12

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Posted Sep 3, 2012 @ 9:47 PM

I would have loved for the group at the bar to have told the pirates that they were camped at the high school. "we've got a FEMA trailer full of supplies, and there are definitely not any f those speedy walkers. Nope, no fast walkers at all!"

I did enjoy the parallels between Rick's conversation with the pirates and Herschel's conversation with Rick. I think it was important for Herschel to see the real world. Everything is hunky dory on his farm, but the world has become a harsh and cruel place, where the harsh and cruel are the ones who are thriving. It was a little surprising that Rick shot them. It was what needed to appen, but what needs to happen rarely happens on this show.





Posted Jun 26, 2013 @ 10:17 AM

I just started watching this show on iTunes. I'm really enjoying it, but I don't dare watch it too close to bedtime. I also love Bad Lip-Reading's take on the show!


My favourite part had to be Maggie slapping Shane.


Daryl had the best line of the night - "Look, Olive Oyl!" - hahahaha!

I loved that line. Her low cut jeans really bug the shit out of me!

Carl's delusional. Did he say he thought he'd be the one to find her? Someone should make tghat kid is not running a fever.

To me he seemed like a typical little kid fantasizing.

I have a massive lady crush on Andrea. Pickaxe to the head! Zombie kill of the week.            

Why the heck was Andrea riding in the back of the truck with the zombies instead of in front with T-Dog? Was that really necessary? Couldn't they have just lifted that ledge thing she was sitting on? The truck wasn't so full that they couldn't close it.

She's one of my favourites. No way I would have sat on the tailgate of that truck.

I continue to cringe at how nobody ever wears gloves when handling walkers.

As much as I dislike Shane, I was fearful for his groin area when they were lifting the bodies. The one's head was right between his legs.



Not to mention the great value circular needles have as handy garottes. It would be a snap to slice zombie heads off of their half rotten necks...

And then there were three. I like your idea about circulars. You gotta love a tool that allows you to garotte a zombie intent on treating you as a meat buffet and then knit a toasty pair of socks for the colder autumn weather.


Kindred spirits! One sure thing....never piss off knitters!

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