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Angel and Faith: Whedonverse Season 9

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Posted Jan 12, 2012 @ 9:24 PM

Since "After the Fall" is way over, I thought I'd start a comics thread here for the new season. I hope that's okay. If no one joins me, I'll post over in BtVS and leave it at that.

The new series:
- I really really like it. I love the characterization of Faith more than anything else. I love her self-depreciating humor and her wondering how SHE became the level-headed one.
- I totally buy her taking on Angel and feel her fear.
- Angel scares the poop out of me, WTH is he doing with this mission to resurrect Giles? Has he learned NOTHING? Now I don't mind the storyline because Angel losing his way is an okay plot for me.

The most recent issue w/ Harmony & Clem:
- I liked the ditziness of Harmony in AtS and feel the artwork didn't quite capture that.
- OTOH I LOVE the idea that Harmony's Rules exist and are so widespread. First, I think it's a lampooning of all those non-celebrity celebrities who suddenly are on every magazine cover (like that Snookie gal from Jersey or the Kardashians -- I really have no respect for these people, I'm sure others love them but what talent they bring is beyond me). Anyway, what is funny IMO is that Whedon & co are using this complete airhead to make actual sense out of the "vampires exist and everyone knows it" corner that they painted themselves into. Once S8 started with Buffy all over the world and everyone knowing this genie was hard to put back into the bottle. IDW did the same thing with the demon world in "After the Fall". BUT here come's Harmony's rules and we have a template for peaceful coexistence but with enough rogues out there to keep our heroes gainfully involved without becoming Public Enemy #1. Okay yes, right now the public doesn't like them but ultimately I think Harmony's Rules help to frame a universe where they are still the heroes and not reviled.
- I loved Harmony coming up with a publicity campaign for Angel. Ultimately I think he's going to have to get one. Maybe not the one Harmony's gal put forth but something to get both the comic read and inside the comic world "resolved" with the actions of Twilight.

Spoilers for upcoming issues:

"Daddy Issues" is coming out. We already know Drucilla and Faith's father are making an appearance. There's also a suggestion that this is when Connor will show up in the series. It occurred to me that Connor may have needed to shut down Angel Investigations because the world hates Twilight!Angel. I think if there was ANY reason why Angel would reconcile himself to what happened w/ Twilight and try to get the world not to completely hate him it'll be because Connor needs him to do this. And it would of course be good for Angel.

To me, Angel keeps putting on different "redemption" shoes and taking them for a spin. I'd like him to find a course that is viable.

Now this is my theory (my opinion), please don't think I'm trying to state "fact":
On BtVS S1-part of S2: His "redemption" was Buffy he thought. Somehow he thought if he helped her he'd get redemption.

BtVS S3: He comes back from hell with no clue why but eventually in "Amends" figures out he was brought back for a reason and he's not done yet with doing good.

On AtS: He was following his new mission in LA up until the Shanshu prophecy, then he thought redemption would ultimately lead to being human --- drove him for years-ish.

AtS post Re-prise/Ephiphany: I thought he FINALLY had a new mission: "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do". The whole existential concept of there is no reward for good works and you can't WIN over evil so just be good because it's the right thing to do.

AtS S4 Down Deep: New mission statement of "Why We Fight"'; "but I did get time to think. About us, about the world. - Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. - It's harsh, and cruel. - But that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world was what it should be, to show it what it can be. " So now I'm thinking it's a refinement on the Epiphany to be that he's doing good not just for individual acts but to show others as well.

AtS S5 Power Play: Having tried to work in the belly of the beast in AtS S5, Angel decides evil will always exist and he and Team Angel are going to deal evil a severe blow even though it's suicidal -- just to prove that he can. Not really a knew "mission" more like another statement on free will.

ATF: Save as many people from his "suicide" power play in Not Fade Away. Ends with the big reset.

Post ATF: Meanders along pseudo "helping the helpless" again but then goes off on his own to find a new mission and leaves "helping the helpless" to Connor.

S8: Becomes Twilight to correct the imbalance caused by Buffy putting in "too much good" at the same time that Angel took out "too much bad". Very simple version of motivation but I think he was still correcting NFA events combined with correcting what Buffy did with making all the slayers.

S9: Back to the individual "redemption" thing fully -- now thinks bringing back Giles will make it all better. IMO he's really out in left field.

Bottom Line
: I'm hoping S9 gets Angel back to a more rational "mission statement". I think he's been lost ever since he took over W&H in AtS Season 5.

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Posted Jan 25, 2012 @ 10:59 PM

Well, no idea if anyone else will join us over here, but I'll bite. Let me first say, can we pretty please get Rebekah Isaacs to draw the Buffy comics? In her one panel featuring Buffy, she managed to be a bajillion times better than Jeanty has ever been.

Anyway, I did enjoy this issue, but I have a few complaints, starting with sane Drusilla. Dru is my favorite Buffy-verse villain, and I don't much care to see her sane. Her craziness is a big part of why I like her, so I hope she has a relapse soon.

I was also expecting to see more of Faith's father, and I don't want them to drag out the reunion much longer. My imagination has run wild over what sort of tragic background created Faith Lehane, so let's get to it already!

I'm still working through my feelings about the supernatural explanation for Giles' rebellious years, but I think I'm annoyed. It comes off as cheap and lazy, like they have neither the time nor the inclination to do a real backstory for him. It also seems very Twilight-esque in that we may never get a clear idea of just how responsible he was for the poor decisions he made as Ripper.





Posted Feb 7, 2012 @ 7:07 PM

Well, no idea if anyone else will join us over here, but I'll bite.

Arggggh. I missed that you replied!

Rachel Isaacs drawing ARE far superior.
I like Dru insane as well.
I'm not really into the Faith's father backstory -- I hope they surprise me versus cliche.
I hope they don't fuzz up the Ripper backstory as well but I like Giles' role in the A&F series thus far.

A new comic is out soon I think.