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2-12: "To the Lost" 2011.12.11 (recap)

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Posted Apr 25, 2012 @ 2:44 AM

I'm not so sure the nanny is all that good. She gave me the creeps, big time.

[snip] [My heart melted] when she was talking to Van Alden about Yeezuz. I think they really did get married given both their religious scruples and the fact that she seems to have a soothing effect on Van Alden.

As for Jimmy, [I think he had it] coming. As much as I hate Manny for what he did to Angela, Jimmy really did bring it upon her by screwing Manny over. I can't blame Manny for wanting Jimmy dead after Jimmy insulted him repeatedly by taking his money, not delivering the product, insulting his religion, and then, oh yeah, hiring the guy that put a slug in his shoulder in his butcher shop. Yes, Jimmy had a tough life, but I do think that once he realized that he was alone and surrounded by hostile people (all his gangster friends has deserted him and no longer respected him) he decided to put his affairs in order by taking care of his son and best friend before going out to meet Nucky. Maybe deep down he hoped Nucky would forgive him, but what matters was that he was prepared, he made his decision. And I thought this was mirrored in the conclusion Nucky came to about killing Jimmy and sparing Eli.

As for Margaret I guess she just wants to let Nucky know that she is a force to be recokoned with. Even though Nucky is providing for her son and sick daughter she still has to face herself in the mirror. I think what Randolph told her about how everything her children enjoyed being based on a murderous lie really did strike a chord with her even if there was no way she would sacrifice her children's future to clear her conscience. So I think we'll she her act out like this in the future as her own little way of exercising control over her life.

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Posted Apr 27, 2012 @ 2:05 PM

I think Van Alden and the Nanny share the same creepy, slightly flat affect and religious zealotry. But at least she seems good with the baby.

As for Jimmy and Manny, I am of two minds. Manny was an evil fuck for killing Angela. That said, by the gangster code he had every right to take revenge on Jimmy for disrespecting him. Manny wasn't being oversensitive; it wasn't a minor, perceived slight. Jimmy was way out of line.

I rewatched part of Peg of Old last week (it's my favorite Margaret episode) and GOD do I hate her brother! Wanting to send her off to the Magdalene Sisters and not even apologizing for it. It makes me understand why Margaret is with Nucky. He's corrupt and often overbearing, but for his time a pretty enlightened guy. She's better off with him than being a baby machine or wage slave for a sexist, abusive tyrant.

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Posted May 10, 2012 @ 6:35 PM

[snip] As a previous poster pointed out, Nucky's quite enlightened for his time. [snip] No way does a woman in Margaret's precarious position bite the hand that feeds her and her children in the early 1920s. I'd say her behavior wouldn't be tolerated by a man in Nucky's position for another fifty years.

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Posted Aug 16, 2012 @ 4:39 AM

I rewatched the finale last night and picked up more detail. What a great episode.
One thing has me thinking, though. Nucky's call to Rothstein, asking if Rothstein would have any issues with Horvitz dying. This scene, of course, was a marvelous red herring to the audience making us think that it would be Manny dying and not Jimmy. What was the purpose of that scene in terms of plot? Was Nucky still undecided about what he was going to do at that point? Or was he trying to mislead Jimmy by misleading his partners, Luciano and Lansky?

After a recent rewatch of this episode, I think it may have been Terence Winter's ploy to mislead us and make Jimmy's death more shocking. The whole episode certainly had a brooding and foreboding sense, especially given everything that had happened in Jimmy's life, but it still was quite a shocker to watch Nucky gun him down.

Eli is one character I wish had not made it out alive.

Hated Manny for killing Angela but I do like the thought of his character returning. William Forsythe makes a terrific monster.

I enjoyed my rewatch of season 2 much more the second time around and found it vastly superior to season 1. It's tough to see how the new season can compare with this one but I'm totally looking forward to it.