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READ ME: Let's Talk About Sex

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TWoP Gadget

TWoP Gadget


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Posted Nov 7, 2011 @ 10:49 PM

These forums are for a television program. As in - what you see on TV Tuesday nights on Fox (or whenever the hell you watch it).

The discussions need to be focused on what happens on that program. And unless you're watching some X-rated version that I don't know about, graphic descriptions of sexual acts are off the table.

If two characters (or three or the whole damned Glee club) take their clothes off and have sex, I don't want to read the intricate details. They're fictional characters on TV, not characters from a Harlequin romance novel. At best, it's icky. At worst, it's - quite frankly - disturbing.

Y'all are adults. You can talk about sex without going there.