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Posted Dec 30, 2011 @ 7:31 PM

That ending sucked and I have mixed feelings about the season. It seemed that Brian won based on James' shoes. So, how is that Brian's win?

Also, "taking risks" must be code talk for "making ugly crap". Because 100% of Nina's work was elegant and interesting, whereas Brian had a lot of stuff, throughout the whole season, which looked like it was made for Wilma Flintstone. But no... Wilma had better taste. Seriously, this dude would just sit down and make a misshappen lump of ugly resin and call it an accessory? And that shit WINS the show? Pu-leeze. Having this guy win season 1 was a nice way to shoot this series in the foot right away.

In a way I think Nina probably lost for the WORST of Reality TV show reasons. She was SO normal. A sweet, well spoken, non-dramatic hard working NORMAL girl. The bane of reality shows apparently. I think the producers probably would have ditched her LONG before the final 3 if her work hadn't been so good. So they use their designated little goon, Ariel Foxman, as their agent---he's the only one who really cut on Nina, and I bet he was Brian's champion as well.





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Posted Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:38 PM

I hope that future includes a serious beard trimming for Rich. After a while, I just couldn't stand looking at his face because of it, and the more camera angles they showed, the more atrocious it appeared.

C'mon, just add a hat and he could be on Top Amish. I don't think he's exactly camera-ready, but his work speaks for itself and I would expect him to get a lot of attention after his showing on TA.

While I didn't care for the beard, Rich didn't look any worse than Brian, who was clearly auditioning for an Addams Family remake as Uncle Fester.


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Posted Dec 31, 2011 @ 6:45 PM

C'mon, just add a hat and he could be on Top Amish.

Except the Amish don't sport untrimmed Goatees. Plus they have a couple of centuries of fundamentalist religious excuses for their facial hair. Even if he grew sideburn curls and put on a black hat, the Hasidic Orthodox Jews would send him back, too.

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Posted Jan 1, 2012 @ 7:47 PM

In a way I think Nina probably lost for the WORST of Reality TV show reasons. She was SO normal.

I thought her final collection was too normal, too safe. I've really liked her pieces throughout the show, but IMO she really dialed it back in the final, unfortunately.

I didn't like Brian's swimsuit accessories at all, but of the three, I think he did have the most comprehensive collection, for what that's worth. I'd be very surprised if James designed the shoes--they looked like Brian's design. James made them beautifully, though.

It was rather anticlimactic in a way.

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