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3-3: "Asian F" 2010.10.04 (recap)

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Posted Nov 6, 2011 @ 2:51 PM

I loved "Run the World (Girls)" so much. The way Britt just twirled around and started marching down the hall was badass lol. I think I'm in the minority on that, but I just don's see how anyone could *not* enjoy it. :D It was hot (and now my inner feminist has died). Maybe it was just the Brittana-ness of it all.

As someone who doesn't ship Brittana, the only purpose that number served for me was in making Brit look like a skank. At this point, the only pole Brit should be working belongs in a strip club.

And for the election? Go Britt.

Not for me. Brittany may be the most popular, but she's in no way, shape or form the most qualified.

Kurt and Blaine were cute, like always...but I'm still waiting for Karofsky to come back *ducks rocks*

I'm not. Karofsky serves no purpose for me and shouldn't pose any threat to Kurt. Karofsky may heve apologized to Kurt and shed some tears in the process, but given how many times Kurt must have cried because of Karofsky, I'm not impressed. Karofsky isn't ready for a relationship with anyone, especially Kurt.

WRT Will, I was proud of him again in this episode, not because of the mistake he made re Emma and her parents, but because of his attempts to correct it, whether it was defending Emma, apologizing to her or promising to be there for her despite her setback. As for Will's supposedly trying to "fix" Emma, it's called "Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder" for a reason. If anyone is to blame for Emma's getting it, it's the Pillsburys. They're racist assholes who passed their prejudice to Emma, which lead to her OCD. The only man in Emma's life who has been guilty of trying to "fix" her is Carl. He thought that all Emma needed to get better was eating her sandwiches with crust, Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings and getting married, not professional help. It was Will who got Emma to get the treatment she needs for her sake, not his. I also loved Matthew Morrison's version of "Fix You." It's not his best performance of a rock song, ala "Dream On," but it didn't make my ears bleed, either. That song and the acting in that scene erased any doubts I had about Wemma's loving each other. As the original version proved, MM is not the first guy to sing "Fix You" in a falsetto and he won't be the last.

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Onyx Nightshade

Onyx Nightshade

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Posted Oct 19, 2012 @ 5:42 PM

Thanks to Netflix finally getting Season 3 of this show, I just recently watched this episode (I only started watching Glee during Season 4, so I had some catching up to do). Maybe I'm fanwanking too much here, but I can see where the writers were going with Mercedes in this episode, but they just made her SO unlikeable. I think what Mercedes was getting at with the double-casting and how, once again, Rachel gets what she wants. Mercedes KNEW she did a better job than Rachel, and so did Rachel (and that's why Rachel couldn't say to Mercedes' face that she was better because she knew it wasn't true), and had Rachel done a superior job, double-casting the role wouldn't have even been an option, it would have been Rachel's alone. So the reverse should have held true. So I can understand Mercedes rejecting the role on principle, but because she came across like a megabitch throughout the entire episode, it was REALLY hard to be on her side when she actually had something valid to gripe about.




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Posted Nov 11, 2012 @ 3:46 PM

The major problem with that is that Mercedes didn't do a better job then Rachel. Rachel's "Somewhere" audition was just plain better - "Spotlight" is one of the worst performances Mercedes has ever given, even if the song wasn't grossly inappropriate/out of style for the show - and Rachel outsang her in "Out Here On My Own," too.

I would argue that Mercedes deserved the part the other time they auditioned against each other directly - in season two, when they were competing for nationals solos, when Mercedes sang "Try a Little Tenderness" and Rachel sang "My Man" - but Rachel just outclasses Mercedes in their West Side auditions.