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1-9,10: "Mutiny/Eight Hours" 2011.08.07

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Posted Aug 22, 2011 @ 8:22 AM

The finale was bad enough. I will quit watching immediately if they all start talking in Boston accents. How annoying would that be? Plus, people move around all the time. Lots of people in Boston, or any city, aren't from there.

I'm not bothered by Danner being portrayed as a military a-hole ... there are lots of people who think that military members are taught to obey orders, period. They aren't taught to think beyond what a superior officer says. So the fact that someone who is in the military would follow orders, maybe even find comfort in the fact that there are orders to follow, doesn't seem to be a stretch. Especially in a show like this, where you can't apply too much reality to what you see.

The whole mech bullets physics and decision-making confounds me. They blast a hole through school walls, yet can't go through the thin metal of upturned cars. And the rag tag survivors know they have limited resources. Why *all* fire at the same time on a single mech? Why should they even have to, given what the bullets are supposed to do? Then again, when your lone scout comes running in screaming, "It's coooommming!" I guess you don't have a lot of strategy going on.

Really, why don't these people just give up? Yeah, yeah, it is a plot cliche to fight against the odds, etc. But when you look at the technology gap, and apply some logic, the aliens will eventually come get you. They just haven't gotten around to getting everyone, yet (and when they do attack, they apply poor strategy like sending in mechs when they could just fly by with one ship and blow up everything).

This is especially true when people are living in plain sight in suburbs. At least run to the hills or caves or something and hide.

The lack of logic worries me, because it feels like what happens just before a show's the producers are quoted as saying, "We're going to make the show focus on the characters." That will be when Falling Skies goes completely down the toilet.

Also? No one that old is named "Scott." That name became popular in the 60s.


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Posted Aug 22, 2011 @ 1:21 PM

Also? No one that old is named "Scott." That name became popular in the 60s.

Unless the nickname is based upon the fact that his last name is Scott. Otherwise, yeah, I don't know many older folks first-named Scott.

ITA about the Mech bullets. Using all those bullets to take down one Mech was a lame plotline, probably only used to create the fake "no way out" tension before Uncle Scott's transistor radio and Ben's fried eardrums and neurons swooped in to save the day.

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Posted Aug 23, 2011 @ 7:36 AM

Scott started to get more popular around 1950 but it certainly wasn't unknown before then. It was about as popular during the early part of the 20th century as it is now. It's a nice solid anglo sounding name, like everyone else has: Mike, Tom, Dan, John, Ben, Matt, Jim. Now I want to write a fanfic featuring a character named Ozymandias.

The thing about the battle with the mechs that really bothered me wasn't that the bullets didn't work very well. That was stupid but pretty standard. The thing that bothered me was that when the Mechs started retreating, the humans didn't do anything to try to take more of them out. The mechs retreated, sure, but the machines will just be back and, at some point, the aliens will figure out how to get around the radio jam. To actually win, you have to destroy the enemy.


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Posted Aug 23, 2011 @ 11:29 AM

The thing that bothered me was that when the Mechs started retreating, the humans didn't do anything to try to take more of them out.

But all the Real Leaders were out on their suicide mission to take down the Skitter Condo Highrise without any help from other Resistance groups, who may all be dead. Just to prove to the alien overlords that the Resistance isn't dead, but given that they wasted all but three of their best fighters, it might as well be, both literally and figuratively. Both tactics being odes to Common Sense and its blatant absence on FS.