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Advice for the Second Mass: Take out a Couple of Legs

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Posted Jul 20, 2011 @ 7:45 PM

How about boiling water and Old Bay?

Bwahaha! Brilliant. They could repel the invasion and solve the food problem at the same time.

This is also closer to a little facility we locals know as FORT DEVENS. Yes folks, an army base likely to have something in the way of ordnance.

It hasn't been mentioned in the show but the webcomic dealt with the military bases -- they were part of the first wave of destruction. Fort Devens is gone.

They should pick relatively sturdy vegetables that are suited as well as possible to the local climate, and get started growing them before they have to move on. There might not be many fields in the local area, but they can use parks and people's backyards if they have to

I've been thinking some nice root vegetables -- beets, turnips, potatoes. All easy to grow, easy to store and they won't necessarily look like a garden.

As for the Mechs, given that they seem to be made out of a substance 30 times denser than lead, a few shallow bowls of water should make a very useful and easy to construct warning system.

Is this really a family drama with a trivial and cliched sci-fi backdrop to spur the drama?

Yes. The worst part is that it's a terrible family drama.


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Posted Jul 22, 2011 @ 1:04 AM

a few shallow bowls of water should make a very useful and easy to construct warning system.

No no no. I think they should have a civilian lying on the linoleum floor with a drinking glass aiming downward to listen for distant rumbles. However, it really might necessitate a fighter to do that risky task.

As far as sentries and lookouts, have they tried whistles and birdcalls yet to relay messages? Little makeup mirrors? Anything?

And could someone please explain when and where this tunnel business first came up? I missed part of an ep due to DVR malfunction and therefore have no idea what they're talking about. Are we talking Underground Railroad? Steam/boiler tunnels? Subway stops under the school?




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Posted Jul 24, 2011 @ 10:37 PM

Get some place warmer, or at least stage a freaking coat salvage mission. You're all going to be freezing your resistant bits and parts off here soon.

LOL that's what I was just saying! It is obviously still summer right now, but winter comes on fast in New England, right?

I have to agree with pretty much everything being said here. It makes me wish the writers were also checking in on this forum and going "Duh! Why didn't we think of that?!?"

As an avid vegetable gardener, I have to say that it looks like any yard with some tomatoes or zucchini growing would be producing lots right now. The whole question aside of what Pope was baking all of his bread in (does the school's industrial kitchen equipment run on a generator or something?) you could be gathering a lot of veggies just from some local backyard foraging right now and even (if you had ovens working) be drying a lot of stuff for winter use. The food foraging or lack thereof on this show has just made me nuts since the first episode.

Also, although the show makes it VERY hard to tell what may or may not attract Skitter/Mech notice, I would start breaking small groups of adults off of the main group and taking them maybe a day away for target practice (providing they have the ammo for it) At least teach people the rudiments of loading a gun, checking to see if it is loaded, aiming, etc. Do this AWAY from the main group, in case something hears you. But everyone should know this kind of thing at the end of the world, right?

But after this last one with the Doomed Kiddie Farm, I officially decided that if we were in this situation, my husband, son and I would not be throwing in our lot with the 2nd Mass. no matter how comforting it might be to have other people around for my son to skateboard with or to attend the occasional baby-shower.

Nope, we decided that we would first raid a really good camping/sporting goods store, preferably one that also sold hunting gear and guns and ammo (I mean, ok, the aliens knew where EVERY military instellation was, right down to the National Guard Recruiting office in the mall. But I refuse to believe that every single Cabalas or Pro Bass Shop, much less every little independently owned camping/gun store was also wiped out. Although they do seem to have found all the 'food warehouses' and even little convenience stores, so maybe I'm wrong?)Also, for meds, check out veterinarians' offices. critical care emergency centers and the like. I cannot believe that ALL of those places could be cleaned out- aliens wouldn't know where to find them and by the show's own premise, not enough people are LEFT roaming around to loot them.

Anyway- we would gear up with camping gear, all the lightweight freezedried food and fresh water we could carry. Then guns and ammo. We would then hit a BOOKSTORE or LIBRARY - knowledge is power, people!!! - for some handy reference volumes on drying and storing your own food, all sorts of survival stuff, how-to- you get the idea.

Seriously, there is nothing that these people DON'T know how to do that they could not pick up at least rudimentary skills for with a quick visit to a good library!!! (bet they're wishing JFK High had passed that school levy now, huh?)

So, my family gears up and bids adieu to the benighted 2nd Mass. Then we work our way out into the burbs and farm country, foraging for fresh food and supplies as we go until we get to horse country. Which brings me to my next nitpick:

Where are all the pets??? Ok, we saw the one dog that was going to get used as bait, but where are all the formerly domesticated doggies and kittez? I mean, there should be PACKS of them roaming around, especially being attracted to where humans are, even if you figure on many of them dying from being shut up inside with no food. And did the aliens also kill off all the cows, deer, etc? My dad and brother are both deer hunters and I know where they live, there are so many deer that they sometimes die of starvation. A few decent deer hunters could be providing at least some meat for the pot at the 2nd Mass- and deer jerky can be dried as a staple for winter- just saying!

SO anyway, my family will find a few horses- probably 5- one for each of us and two re-mounts/pack animals. I am lucky enough to have grown up in Ohio, and am familiar with and not afraid of horses. But honestly, folks, it is the END OF THE WORLD- man up and learn to ride a horse! I agree that bikes would also be a good choice, but since we are striking off on our own, horses and heading south it is!

Oh- one more thing! Before we go, we would get the best highway reference maps or atlas we could= this way we can follow main roads if needed, but hopefully stay off of them and avoid major former population centers likely to already be heavily scavenged and/or crawling with Skitters and mechs.

It just seems to me that even a standing 'army' force of 100 or so people is pretty much going to get its collective ass kicked by the aliens. And honestly, so far, EVERY military action we've seen the 2nd take has not been a mass assault, but a small strike force of about 5 or 6 people. So why keep them all together all the time anyway? If directly attacked, how much good are the fighters really going to do the civvies?

So yeah, although I like to think I wouldn't rip off the 2nd's medical supplies before we left, I think my family would be going it alone here. Safer than hanging out with the 2nd!

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Posted Jul 25, 2011 @ 1:15 PM

I wrote a post on something like this before this thread opened...but you all are geniuses. Or at least nominally functional human beings, which puts you ahead of Our Heroes.

Seriously, I'd be thrilled if it were a plot point that Tom and Weaver were bad leaders of their ragtag fleet, although it would instead play into some military vs. civilian thing despite the fact they are all civilians. Someone needs to take the leadership to task for lack of planning. Or maybe we'll have a Very Special Valley Forge Commemorative Episode with Tom's narration as they all freeze their digits off.

Scavenging not only puts the people to work and stops them from complaining, but it might find things that help. Doesn't seem that much of a leap. All these dead cars, for one, would provide a number of raw materials for weapons. How would a skitter deal with boiling oil or homemade napalm? Cheaper and easier than bullets. How about taking those steel cables that line the roads and rereouting to make barriers a mech can't step across? Or making pit traps something heavy will plunge into?





Posted Jul 28, 2011 @ 4:07 PM

And could someone please explain when and where this tunnel business first came up? I missed part of an ep due to DVR malfunction and therefore have no idea what they're talking about. Are we talking Underground Railroad? Steam/boiler tunnels? Subway stops under the school?

In the second half of the pilot (which was really just the second episode stitched onto the first), when Pope and his crew get the drop on Tom and his crew at the armory, Pope tells them that they have a way to escape the mechs. They put hoods on the captives and the next thing the captives know, they're in the school auditorium. When Pope decides to send Hal back to the 2nd Mass. with his ransom demands, Pope has Maggie put a hood over Hal's head. We then see Maggie walking the hooded Hal through some kind of municipal tunnel. After they emerge from the tunnel, she allows him to take his hood off.

We later see the tunnels in the episode where Tom captures Hermie. Tom says goodbye to Mike and the others in the tunnel and then heads back to rescue Hal and Karen when he is attacked by Hermie, who must have followed them.

My guess is that the tunnels are some kind of civil defense program, connecting a number of municipal/public buildings. I don't know if anything like that exists in Acton, but there was a period of time when it wasn't terribly uncommon to include things like that in public building projects. The public university I attended had a series of tunnels that connected some of the older buildings. They were intended to be shelters in case of emergency, and also a way for maintenance crews to get around. They had been locked up due to liability concerns after students had gotten into them and been injured, but everybody knew where the entrances were. It's not completely out of the question that there would be similar tunnels connecting the school, the armory, maybe city hall or the public library, built during some period of Cold War paranoia.


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Posted Jul 28, 2011 @ 5:10 PM

Thanks again, LTG. All those places just looked like random Dark Places on my non-flat screen TV, which must lose considerable detail in the shadows. The tunnels sound like a ready-made bomb shelter which could be more fortified in case of attack, and guarded much more easily at the entrances/exits which the aliens may not know about. Sounds like a decent home to me! JFK has only had one attack from a skitter/mech duo, which may have been set on them by the 7th as a fake-out about the second wave of attacks.

Of course, we still have no idea how much the 7th told their traders or if only that they were bringing more kids from somewhere. Actually, we've never seen an actual skitter headquarters, except for that sky needle in downtown Boston. We have caught them napping under a bridge upside-down, but that hardly seemed like Command Central. We know they can tele-communicate [which is more than the 2nd can do], but not how far or where the messages end up. Wow, we still don't know much...




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Posted Aug 1, 2011 @ 10:55 AM

OK...here is my thought

Why are they not carrying seds with them and setting up a garden? Seeds are very lightweight and it seems they are at JFK long enough to invest effort and time in a garden. Seed packets would take up so little space and weight in packs and once the crop comes in they can harvest more seeds. It seems obvious to me.

I find it hard to believe that Dr Moon is the only person among all those people that has medical experience....there isn't a single other Dr, nurse, CNA, school nurse, medical technician, former military medic, Dentist, or dental assistant in the entire place that has enough knowledge to help in the clinic? How about a talented Mom who learned alot from all the scrapes her kids get? And Lourdes is the ONLY med student in all of Mass to end up with their group? Really?

Also, am I too invested if I had a dream last night that I offered to survey/identify the skills & knowledge present in the civilians and get people organized and working??

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Posted Aug 1, 2011 @ 11:51 AM

Some more advice from last night's episode.

I'd suggest a little more protection while performing autopsies on aliens. Nothing like a stray alien virus (or something nasty) taking out the only two people in the unit with medical training (not to mention everyone else).

Less causal walking and talking in combat zones. Hello??

Probably not a good idea to park motorcycles in plain sight.

Also not a great idea to keep all the recovered Mech parts in the same place everyone is living. I wonder how many walls that stray shot traveled through?

While I like Pope's enthusiasm, demonstrating the new combat toy so close to a crowd probably wasn't a great idea. Pick a sight well away from the compound and keep people at a safe distance. Bullets tend to ricochet.

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Posted Aug 1, 2011 @ 5:09 PM

Running low on meat? Start setting traps for all the feral cats and dogs that are probably roaming this suburban area. Sure, “What’s for dinner?” “Fluffy-kabobs” might upset the civvies, but it’s better than the inevitable cannibalism that this group will be reduced to in a few months.

I would institute frontier law: rapers, folks stealing vital supplies, collaborators - they get a date with Mr. 9mm.

Save the ammo. They have trees and ropes, string them up.

This show is so frustrating to watch because the characters are utterly incapable of rational thought or analysis. Their lack of curiosity is also frustrating. No one seems interested in gathering information or trying to determine how best to defend themselves.

You have to hope that the Second Mass represents the dregs of humanity rather than the best and the brightest. The general in charge probably put all the millstones in one group so the other militias would stand a better chance of survival.

It boggles the mind to see characters in this situation seem so oblivious to the hard reality of their situation.

This, totally. If the show was set a couple of weeks after the invasion, I’d understand that they’re all still in shock and getting things figured out. But it’s been 6 months and they’ve had time to organize into these militia. You’d think some of that time would be spent strategizing and planning for the future, such as the impending winter.