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READ ME: School Rules

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TWoP Gadget

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Posted May 22, 2011 @ 9:11 AM

Hey, guys --

Heading in to the summer hiatus (and remembering what a pain the LAST hiatus was), let me set a few house rules in addition to the FAQ, which you've read already, right?
  • DON'T USE ACRONYMS. I'm not going after the OMG's and ROFL's... I'm going after the "CC singing DQ to DC after LM performs TEotH with CM and MM as long as RIB okay it" ones. TYPE OUT NAMES AND SONG TITLES. It's still going on, and I'm sick of it.
  • THIS ISN'T TUMBLR OR TWITTER OR A GOSSIP SITE. Not everything is true, not everything deserves to be reposted, and not everything comes from legitimate sources. Honestly? I'd rather not have ANYTHING reposted from these sites, only established, credible, legitimate venues. But, failing that -- at least think about where these things come from. Having said that --
  • QUIT WILDLY SPECULATING. Finn and Rachel holding hands in a still photo can mean 5000x different things. So quit preaching that your speculation is really what's going to happen. 'cause until it hits the air, there's no guarantee it will. It's one thing to have some kind of factual basis behind it -- it's another to throw out random shit.
  • THE SHOW'S CONTINUITY SUCKS. We get it. If that's all you have to say, then you're not saying anything that hasn't been said on these forums 681 times before.
  • NOT EVERYBODY IS GOING TO AGREE WITH YOU. So don't act like you're the ultimate authority on Glee. 'cause you ain't.
  • THIS IS AN ENSEMBLE SHOW. So quit trying to set up death cage matches between cast members, and quit bitching about how much better (x) is better than (y).
  • DON'T BE CREEPY. There's a difference between "I saw Mark Salling on the street yesterday" and "I saw Mark Salling on the street yesterday because I had a bloodhound follow the scent of his underwear, which I stole from his gym locker." So use a little discretion when you're obsessing over the cast.
  • COPYRIGHT IS THE LAW. So don't post links to download sites, Tumblrs where you can get leaked songs, entire lyrics of songs, ripped episodes, or anything like that. I'll take OCCASIONAL YouTubes, and links to official song sites (Fox, Sony, iTunes, Amazon, etc.) are totally fine. But anything beyond that can get us in trouble with the po-po.

Look, y'all are (for the most part) enthused fans who are pretty good with the rules. But please, please keep it in perspective. If you don't take anything else away from this post... that's it.

Questions / suggestions? Let me know.


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