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Favorite/Least Favorite Moments

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Posted May 21, 2011 @ 10:07 AM

Inspired by some discussion over in the Rory character thread, I thought I'd start a topic where we could share some of our favorite or least favorite moments of the show.

One of my favorite Rory moments is at the end of Big Bang, when he and Amy are dancing at their wedding. I love that he's holding Amy's shoes (a nice little touch), and I love the Doctor expressing so much admiration and affection for the Boy Who Waited. It warms my heart every time I watch it.

Another moment I love is between Ten and Donna in Forest of the Dead.
Donna: Are you alright?
Doctor: Oh, I'm always alright.
Donna: Is 'alright' special time-lord code for...not really alright at all?
Doctor: Why?
Donna: Because I'm alright too.

I love that exchange between them because it truly shows that they are best friends, and she understand him in a way that even Rose did not.

A least favorite moment of mine is when Ten gives Rose the Doctor/Donna Ten clone. I hate it. I hate it so much, I can't even watch that part anymore. It was on in reruns yesterday, and I changed the channel to avoid it. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen, and I hope that Rose never, ever comes back to the show again.

Anyway, I could keep going and going, but I'll stop there.





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Posted May 21, 2011 @ 12:10 PM

It took me awhile to warm up to Ten as the Doctor (probably because I hate Rose in season 2 and they're just so smug together) but the moment where he became the Doctor for me was during Season 3 Family of Blood. John Smith had just made his decision about the watch but didn't tell us what and it switched to 'John Smith' approaching the family on the ship. Just that whole moment where he was pretending to be John Smith and managing to destroy their ship before casually slipping back into his Doctor persona when he caught the now-empty watch...that was amazing.

I also really liked when the Doctor met up with Donna again in Partners in Crime. His shock at her being there and wanting to travel with him but wanting to make sure that she won't get a crush on him and her absolute horror at the prospect...I miss Donna.

I also love pretty much anytime the Doctor and River have screentime together.

The Doctor meeting up with Sarah Jane again in Season 2 was really touching. He was just so honestly thrilled to see her even though it had been regenerations since they'd last met.

That moment in The Big Bang where the Doctor is testing Rory to see if he's really Rory given that he just accidentally killed Amy and he says that he could save Amy but he's got more important things to worry about and she's not more important than the entire universe. Rory promptly punches him in the face and shouts that she is to him. I hate how that's cut out of the BBCA episode.

Pretty much all of Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone was wonderful as was Blink. I just really love the Weeping Angels.

I loved the goodbyes in End of Time and that whole scene where the Doctor has to decide which Time Lord to shoot and the whole 'get out of the way' thing with the Master. I think I love all of the Master/Ten interactions.

As for dislikes...I hated Gridlock and the two-part Daleks in Manhattan episode. The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood weren't great, either. I'm getting really sick of the Daleks so when they show up, I'm not happy.

I hated that whole stupid jealousy thing Rose had going on with Sarah Jane and how she honestly seemed to think she was the first person the Doctor had ever elected to travel with ever despite the Doctor already traveling a little with Adam and Jack and him asking her to come at the drop of a hat.

I hated the 'we are not amused' bet in Tooth and Claws. It was just annoying when it was before the crisis but when Rose would not let it go even as they were in real danger of being eaten by werewolves it just got obnoxious. No wonder the Queen exiled them.

I absolutely hated the 'happy ending' the Doctor gave River when he wouldn't just let her rest in peace and instead trapped her inside a computer that no one will ever be able to access with the most annoying little girl running it (I didn't like any of her scenes, either), a computer program already proven to be able to rewrite minds, and the members of her team which we aren't even sure she was that fond of. She gets to play surrogate mommy to the annoying computer girl and two kids who aren't even real. Forever.

And Ursula's fate! Being stuck as a slab of pavement forever? When she can only ever interact with Elton? And she's under the impression she's immortal? This is really horrifying. Ten really needed some work on his happy endings.

Donna losing her memory. I actually cried at that one. It was just so depressing. I'm not sure it would have been better if he let her die like she seemed to want to do instead but it was easily the most heartbreaking moment of the new series for me.

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Posted May 21, 2011 @ 9:15 PM

What a fun thread! One of my favorite moments happened in Love and Monsters, ironically my least favorite episode. But I watch it every time it comes on for the beginning Scooby Doo chase scene. It cracks me up every time.

One of my least favorite moments was in the second Weeping Angels arc when we saw the Angels start to move, when they realized Amy couldnt see them. The Angels were so freaking scary to me, and then I saw them move and it was ruined. I also hated "the image of an Angel becomes an Angel" because Sally Sparrow had pictures of the Angels and nothing bad happened with them.

I love Dalek, when the Doctor realizes that what Van Statten has down there is a Dalek. The look of horror and fear, followed by his joy when he realized it was unable to hurt him were amazingly acted and brilliant to watch.

I also love when the Daleks fight the Cybermen. The Cybermen trying to get the Daleks to join them and the Daleks utter disregard for them cracks me up every time.

And I know many people might disagree, but the Doctor, Rose and Jack at the beginning of Boomtown, being so silly about traveling together "into time, and space!" makes me happy.

And Sarah1281, I'm going to have to rewatch Family of Blood now. I didnt particularly like it the first time I watched it (so, so tired of Martha Jones mooning after the Doctor by then) but you're making me think I forgot something awesome.




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Posted May 27, 2011 @ 9:06 AM

The first time anyone steps into the TARDIS, from Ian and Barbara onward.