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V Stars in Other Roles

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Posted Apr 6, 2011 @ 12:31 PM

I just saw a commercial for this week's "Mentalist" and was surprised to see Morena Baccarin guest-starring as Jayne's sparring partner of the week.

So that made me think a) I should post something in here for fans of hers who might not have known this and who might want to watch her in a show that wasn't filled with plotholes, and b) that there should be a thread about the past and future roles for the many talented actors who were part of the V-verse.

Cruising through IMDB, EM was in a recent ep of "L&O: SVU."

JG was in a short film.

LV is apparently the second female lead in a comedy "This Means War" where two friends fall for Reese Witherspoon, so I'm assuming her character is either Reese's best friend and/or the consolation prize girlfriend for Tom Hardy or Chris Pine.

Even the Tyler actor has a part in an upcoming film.





Posted Apr 8, 2011 @ 12:08 PM

MB was pretty good in last night's "Mentalist," FWIW.

She played a matchmaker who killed her husband and made the mistake of matching wits with Jayne. I think it was a shoutout to "V" that her character was named "Erica."

She set up an overly elaborate alibi. She claimed to be video-interviewing a client at the time of the murder, but in reality she had a sap of an assistant she had seduced playing a recording of her asking questions to convince the client that she was there.

Jayne catches her by realizing that there is a clicking sound on the video signifying someone switching on the recorder, and deduces that the assistant was her accomplice and that she seduced him. The assistant at first won't give Erica up because he's convinced Erica loves him. But Jayne does a ruse where he convinces Erica that the assistant has committed suicide. He gets her to say the assistant means nothing to him. When the assistant listens to her saying that, that leads to him flipping.

It seemed like they opened the possibility that she would beat the rap and come back for another shot at Jayne. Which would be nice, because MB could use the work, and she seemed to have a fun interplay with Jayne.