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House of Anubis

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Posted Apr 15, 2013 @ 1:27 AM

I was disappointed that Jerome didn't get dragged into the Sibuna business this year even a little. By now, he and Joy should both be more suspicious when their friends start acting weird.

Especially after the descendant ceremony. Didn't Joy even mention that it had a "chosen one" vibe to it? I did like that she mentioned that she knew Sibuna had gotten together and was involved in something, but I thought it might lead to some kind of follow up with her (and Jerome) getting involved with Sibuna again. I think Klariza and Eugene might be the two best actors on the show too, so it probably wouldn't have hurt from that standpoint to have their characters more involved.

Of the three seasons, I think the first one probably had the best mystery and the second the best villains (nothing has topped appearing in their dreams for creepiness in my mind). This one, I thought was good overall, but probably not as good as the others (especially the second season). I think the thing that really hurt more than anything was losing Amber. They tried with Willow, but they just couldn't replace her.

I loved seeing all the non Sibunas in their "bad" modes, I wish they had given us more than just a glimpse of that. Speaking things I loved, the little bit with Eddie faking out Team Evil (as they tried to get him to sin) earlier in the week was great.

Oveall, it still was a very enjoyable season and finale. The overacting (especially by KT) in the finale was truly amazing. I'm not holding my breath on it happening, but I hope we get another season. And if we do, can whatever new character comes aboard not be an American?





Posted Jun 17, 2013 @ 10:34 AM

Very late notice here fellow HoA fans, but there's what I guess amounts to a graduation special 90 minute episode of HoA tonight on TeenNick at 9:00 PM ET. It will also introduce a few new characters, which I guess would be the core group if the show got another season.



In the Touchstone of Ra, the residents of Anubis House are nearing the end of their final term when their celebratory mood is cut short after a group of underclassman unexpectedly move into Anubis house, and a trip to an Egyptian museum leaves the group with a strange stone in hand. The Sibunas are confronted with their greatest challenge yet as they set out to decipher the secrets behind the touchstone of the ancient Egyptian god, Ra. As the power of the stone begins to cause chaos, it’s up to leader Eddie Miller (Burkely Duffield) and the Sibunas to solve the mystery before it’s too late.  As the mystery unfolds, the Sibunas learn that not everyone is as they seem, and there’s only one among them who can save them from the powers of the stone.  


That's from a press release, for NIck UK, and if you look at the date on the press release, you'll see that it already aired over there on Friday.


Here is a promo for the episode, and you can find pictures and a clip featuring a couple of the new students here.