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Life at Ponderosa Weecaps S21 Nicaragua

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Posted Dec 8, 2010 @ 9:00 PM

In the course of discussion in the Ponderosa thread I ended up posting a weecap; But Ponderosa vids are short enough there is no reason everyone could not try their hand at recapping.
Life at Ponderosa : Brenda Pt2
Credit swipe and we are at brekafast the next day. Needless to say Brenda cleans up nice, and she is holding forth on Tortilla's, lliterally, as she is gesticulating with a tortilla in hand as she says , "Now this is a tortilla, whatever they were doing back at camp, I would laways laugh that they would call it tortilla's". So I guess Brenda did not do much cokking at camp, and did not have such a great opinion of what did get cooked. Brenda is reliving the game as she relates that "I woke up thinking, and I would hate to have any regrets, why didn't I ask Sash for the Idol?" What she did not actually ask? Hell I think Sash was crazy for not offerring, but Brenda was crazy for not pointing out why it was good for Sash to save his alliance. She runs down the obvious numbers, and how Sash could have turned things around with a bold play. She manages to tell Marty that Naonka had jumped ship without any venom, which I find astonishing really. Whilst Marty listens intently, Alina is in the background doing little to disguise her irritation at this topic and at Brenda, who does not notice the sour look Alina is giving her seat next to Brenda.

What Brenda say next s indistinct, as her ponderosa screen time is agin going to feature the Alina bitchfest as Alina voiceovers "For two people who go on and on about non-emotional the game was, they have so much emotion towards the people out there" Sound might have put the mike too close for this - but Alina so spits these words out that there is audible blowing on the voiceover sound. As this voiceover plays Alina gets up from the table and leaves, without so much as a "ok see you guys later", and whether it is the sound guys having fun or not, there is an audible, snide "hoooh kay" as Alina skulks away, which if it was Alina is kind of rude. Strangely the only strong emotion in this whole scene is in the animated venom of the voiceover with which Alina derides Marty and Brenda for being emotional about the people in the game. Marty and Brenda are in gamebot mode, and Marty is never shy about advancing his pet theory that the definition of insanity in survivor is playing the game other than the way Marty would like you to play it, though given some of Holly's early antics with the shoes and the snails I can't really ride him to hard for declaring "Holly is just a nutjob, she's crazy, it's so frustrating to see someone like Chase, who is absolutely dumber than a bag of hammers ", and again pretty snarky, but not really off the mark. Marty trails off indistinctly (and is that Whiskey they are serving with Breakfast?) as we cut to sky and then Pan down to Alina stretched out stomach down along the edge of a pool.

This maybe just outside the Breakfast Room, as Alina is in again pitching her voice conspiratorially as she says "I havn't once heard them give anybody credit out there for the fact that they're still out there" , And the "they" there bothers me, as it seems Marty's attitude is simply being ascribed to Brenda here. Also, by the light this is just after Breakfast, so from what we were shown Alina saw Brenda last night, and the edit showed Brenda pretty much foccussed on cramming as much dinner into her mouth as possible, then leaving for bed, then the next morning Alina was shown leaving the Breakfast table as quickly as possible. So WRT Brenda we have not heard her say one bad thing about those left in the game, in fact she has been remarkably free of bitterness towards them. Also Alina has made a point of spending the absolute minimum time in Brenda's company since her arrival, so I can't see how she can characterise what Brenda's attitude is when she is not around to hear it. Also, Alina might think that bitching about how other people don't credit those left in the game is the same thing as according that credit herself, but it isn't. And I think there was someone else at Ponderosa who was very voluble, just last night, about not according any credit at all, to a rival who had outlasted her in the game, insiting that that rival never deserved to be in the game past day 2?
The bitching continues as Alina says "I don't know what to do with myself, I feel like I'm just haning out with the two most egotistical . (indistinct). they just never stop talking about themsleves, and their game, and how perfect it was, and how great it was ... Excuse me!, you got voted out, eliminated, it wasn't that great "
we cut back to the Breakfast Table and Marty is droning on about the votes and even Brenda seems bored and is stretching as she musses her hair, and re-arranges it. So the edit seems to be really hammering the point that Alina is simply ascribing anything that irks her about Marty to Brenda here. Alina , in a whiny tone continues " I just need some down to earth people, like i'm craving my family and freinds, not (?) anyone else in the game, like it's going to be absolutey miserable for me if Sash is next voted out, like I'll be happy that he's voted out, becasue I want to see him get out , but I'll be miserable, becasue then I'll be with the three of them. " and to contrast with how miserable Alina is we flash cut back to Marty and Brenda sharing a laugh at something, then back to Alina, lamenting "I feel like it's high school again , and they're just like this clique that I just do not want to be, like , involved with" and this is followed by a deep "haaargh" sigh. So just so we are clear, it is Alina doing the self excluding here. And way to leave the game behind there girl. Alina continues "This is taking a lot of self control, which is funny, because I thought that, like, once you're out of the game, you get to just be who you are and you know do anything , but " and this accompanied by a smirking shake of the head, " I feel like I'm right back in the game" Which statement is unintentionally hilarious given that she is lounging by a pool at a luxury resort with a full belly whilst conditions back in the game are such that a mini mass quit is about to occur. Also , it's hard to see any reasonbale way in which Marty of Brenda could satisfy Alina's complaints - are they supposed to just not talk unless Alina tells them they can, and what about as well? If Alina seems to have a problem with so many people , she might start thinking about what the common factor might be?

Anyway then Treemail arrives with news of the Quitter TC, and we get the various reactions and speculations from all three Ponderosians, and then they leave for the "very special" Tribal. So in Brenda's second Ponderosa vid, from 43 seconds in to the 2 minute mark is almost exclsuively consumed by Alina bitching about Brenda rather than Brenda herself. That is fully 1/2 of the 3:08 running time. Taken together with Alina getting the tree mail, Alina speculating what Tribal would be about this clip should have been called "Life at Ponderosa -Alina pt 3- Bitchfest continues".