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Sam Evans: No Balls in His Mouth

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Posted Mar 12, 2014 @ 2:16 PM

Thanks. I wasn't sure if he was still at the Hudson-Hummel house or if I missed something. But then it was hard to remember Kurt and Finn supposedly lived together since the show barely referenced it, let alone when the three of them were under one roof--and it's been a while since then.

I'm surprised Sam hasn't moved in with BFF Blaine. Unless his brother's room is being preserved because he's a "celebrity", they should have space for Sam. NYC is coming up, though--I guess they're saving the BFF roomies "fun" for then...

Yeah, Sam, Burt, and Carol didn't seem all that close, but of course, Blaine certainly showed a bond with his future in-laws. You would think they could've gotten some story scraps out of Sam--a peer of Finn's--staying with Carol while she tries to deal with the loss of her son (and Kurt's not around). But yeah, that would require Drama Sam. Never mind.
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