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Survivor Top 20: Outsnark, Outpersonality, Outawesome

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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 12:34 AM

If you're not the type who feels like applying some stringent order to your favorites or can't come up with 20, no worries: Just provide reasons.

Go wild, bitches!

20. Teresa: Despite being sided with my then-most-hated-alliance, the Samburu Oldtimers, I thought she remained respectful, charming, tough and played the game like a champ. She went down fighting, and even though my beloved Kelly took the fall for it, I thought her throwaway vote for Lex and the ensuing drama made great television.

19. Jenna M.: Throw any number of barely-21-year-olds into a jungle on a tribe of women and tell me most of them won't become cliquey or bitchy. I thought she made good TV and had a compelling strategy arc, even if her game wasn't the most solid. Her performance in ASS and strength re: Ethan is impressive and shows a lot of the underpinnings to her character that weren't delved into on the show. In Amazon I enjoyed her, but afterward I came to love her.

18. Stephenie: Once a solid fixture in my top 10, I've been unable to reconcile some of her more aggravating traits with my beloved Palau-Steph, but I still thoroughly enjoy her. Her mental and physical game are top notch, and even when she's being obnoxiously arrogant, she's enjoyable ("next time 'y'all' lose..." or "a pick? ORLY?" or "James is just threatened by my popularity).

17. Jean-Robert: The chauvinism was a bit much, but I can't imagine most men's locker room conversations aren't any better (and James seems to be getting a pass, so boo-yah). Besides, this is my one throwaway shallow vote, because I find him inexplicably sexy. As a TV personality, I thought he was appropriately snarky, arrogant, attention-seeking and strategic (take notes, Russell) which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but made him enjoyable to me.

16. Nick (Outback): "Boring", perhaps, but this was back in the day when "boring" actually still got airtime. He was a nice, normal guy, who had some funny lines and was part of an awesome tribe.

15. John (Marquesas): He was arrogant and whiney, but I loved him when Marquesas aired. With a better understanding of the game I find his errors more unforgivable than I did back then, but I still enjoy his personality. Also, "at least my abs look incredible" *sob sob* was hilarious.

14. Todd: Again with the arrogance, but he played a great game and, more importantly, he was able to sell that game. Yes, he made a few blunders, but he was able to recover and capitalize. I think he's adorable and savvy and I found his win very satisfying. The Spencer thing is a little gross, though.

13. Yau Man: I feel like explaining this is overkill, but he was such a genuinely good guy, was invaluable and played a good game while overcoming preconceptions and prejudice. He was the heart of a bad, bad season.

12. Brandon (Africa): The defection to Lex was silly (I still think it was theoretically a good move, but knowing he refused to align with Frank makes it stupid), but I found him hilarious and enjoyable. There's also a few sappy "13-year-old-homo-learns-a-few-things-from-the-flamer-on-TV" stories I could tell, but I'll spare the details and just say I related to him at the time.

11. Danni: Loved her. Hell, an entire alliance of misfits sacrificed their numbers game to drag her along a while longer. She's an example of a player whose game was based on how likable, strong, intelligent and determined she is and her success was due in large part to these things: her game is about as merit-based as it gets.

10. Cirie: I understand annoyance over the giggles and unsupportive undergarments, but watching her come into her own in Panama and dominate strategically ever since has been a pleasure. I love her personality, I love her gameplay and I love her story.

9. Jeff (Outback): Snarky, cute, intelligent, kinda arrogant... noticing a trend? His cutting commentary was a welcome departure from a season of playing nice and I think he got smoked too early on before showing his game potential.

8. Erinn: My love for her borders on irrational, but her defection in Tocantins was amazing, if only for her snarking on Coach and her quest toward rediscovering her ability to connect with people (however incomplete it was) was inspiring and relateable. I loved her adorkable glasses, mad puzzle skills and most of all her giant Fuck You to her asshole tribe.

7. Yul: Usually undisputed, I'll keep it brief: great guy, great game.

6. Amber: As someone who loved her even during the Outback (I still have her original Stuff cover lying around somewhere), watching her flourish in Allstars and both TAR seasons has been awesome. I think she's a prime example of someone with a lot of personality despite being more subdued: she's intelligent, caring and truly strong, and love her and Rob together.

5. Parvati: I disliked (though enjoyed) her in Cook Islands, but came to have mad respect for her machinations during Micronesia. I like how she keeps things light and fun and, despite the occasional veering into obnoxious, I can see how her social game makes people enjoy being around her, allowing her to dominate. Hoping she cashes in on this during HvV.

4. Boston Rob: The Rob thread is currently on fire with fandom, and for good reason. I'm among the many who thought he was a punk in Marquesas, but still found him enjoyable to watch. ASS and TAR solidified an actual respect and love for him, and I'll always love how he both a) backs up the talk and b) sees it as nothing more than a game. Reality Television could use more Marianos.

3. Courtney: Some cite an alleged lack of caring or being "too cool" for the game. However, I can't imagine a 90-pound woman would subject herself to horrendous conditions if she didn't enjoy it, and I think her laissez-faire attitude is just who she is: I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She showed how being yourself and not being the traditional mastermind, provider or even coattail rider can get you a solid second place. Even when she's bordering on inappropriate (Todd's sister, rolling her eyes at the Buddhist ritual) I think she's hilarious, and her "shut up Probsts" and Jaime impersonation are among my favorite snark in all 20 seasons.

2. Brian (Guatemala): I think he had one of the strongest theoretical grasps of the game since Cesternino and unfortunately got screwed by a tribal swap. In the meantime, watching him protect Lydia as a de facto vote and luring Blake into an early departure were amazing, and I loved his intelligence and overall adorableness. Every season should have a Brian!

1. Kelly (Africa): She's always been my favorite and always will be my favorite. I threw a fit when she was voted out, had a t-shirt with her face on it, celebrated her birthday... it was pathetic, but early teens will be that way. I think she's hilarious and strategic and played a solid game, even if she couldn't keep her opinions to herself, and find her general demeanor enjoyable and engaging. I even forgive her for helping cast the mess that was Vanuatu. I'll always read over each Alumni-season cast list with bated breath, hoping against hope she'll make a triumphant return!

The 21-25 field of honourable mentions includes Kelly (Borneo), Peih-Gee (China), Earl (Fiji), Amy (Guatemala) and Aras (Exile Island). But these change often.




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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 1:23 AM

Great list Oholibamah. We actually share some of the same favourites in Cirie, Kelly, Yau Man and Parv (as a winner).

Some of my other favourites are in no particular order:
Sean (Marquasas): From the moment I saw Sean comment on Sarah's Cleopatra like entrance, I knew I was going to love him. I just thought the guy was hilarious e.g. the radio shows with Maraamu(sp?). He was also part of the epic overthrow of the Rotu 4 and he provided heart warming moments such as the reward trip with Paschal. Speaking of Paschal that F5 TC was dramatic.

Ian (Palau): Ian was adorable and I thought he was paying a great game until he started breaking down at F5 (he's just not a good liar). I loved his friendships with both Tom and Katie. Needless to say I was very sad about the Palau finale and still have mixed feelings towards Tom and Katie because of it.

Peih-Gee (China): Like I said in another thread Peih Gee was the only one putting up resistance to Todd/Amanda/Courtney F3. But I liked her from the very beginning when it looked like she may be an early boot and when she volunteered to be leader of Zhan Hu at TC. She can be abrasive but I find that endearing. She actually reminds me a little of Teresa from Africa never giving up despite being outnumbered and finally being voted out in 5th place. I really wanted her to win to China and was really rooting for her to win that F5 IC, she came so close.

Rafe (Guatemala): I really like Rafe and don't hold the self-righteousness of the car thing with Cindy against him because I think a lot of that was strategic. I also found his moral dilemma about the "axis of evil" alliance endearing. He played a great game up until F4 - he played Steph but Danni (who I like a lot) played him.

Rudy (Borneo and All Stars): Rudy was my favourite from the original season. He was very quotable and funny (e.g. "he's fat but he's good", "I dunno" and his brief jury speech) and I liked his friendship with Rich.

Stephen (Tocantins): I was rooting for him all the way. I liked his friendship with JT but I wish Stephen had won that FIC. Despite his admittedly poor FTC performance and the fact JT had it in the bag I was shocked he didn't get any votes. That FTC was painful to watch but at the same time very entertaining.

Rob C. (Amazon): I loved the way he played the game and even though some of his confessionals were probably rehearsed I still thought he was hilarious (e.g his words when voting of Roger - I love that episode). Also I can't talk about Rob without mentioning Matthew. Their weird alliance was one of the highlights of Amazon for me (e.g. the chain link, how Matthew actually ended up outmanouvring Rob in the end). All Stars was a let down but he did make a good Jeff Probst in that mock TC Chapera held.

Deena (Amazon): Not sure if many will remember her but I liked her just as much as I liked Rob and remember thinking she was going to win until she was voted out. Her boot was the start of a number of unpredictable post-merge boots in the Amazon.

I think that's all I can remember for now.

Some pre merge boots that I didn't get to see enough of but remember really liking: Brian C (Guatemala), Amy (Guatemala), Trish (Pearl Islands), Ghandia (Thailand), Robb (Thailand).

Other people I think are hilarious / really entertaining but weren't one of my favourites: Sandra (I thought she was entertaining but actually liked her more on rewatch and now she's one of my favourite winners), Courtney M. and Shane from Exile Island (mostly when they're together), Jerri (this is from recently rewatching Australia), Jamie from Guatemala, Big Tom in Africa and most of All Stars.

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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 6:53 AM

20. Brett (Samoa): He's pretty much making up numbers in the top twenty, but I really enjoyed his immunity run to almost thwart all of the Foa Foa plans.

19. Ryan O. (Pearl Islands): His interaction with the pelican was great enough to get him into the top twenty for now.

18. Elisabeth (Australia): Having never seen The View, I have no idea what she's like on that, but I found her to be so cute and endearing, and I definitely had a major crush on her.

17. Matty (Gabon): Partially because I expected him to be such a tool, but when it turned out he was a pretty decent guy, it was enough for me to really like him, especially amongst this cast of jerks.

16. Brendan (Tocantins): It's more about fondness because of the rest of the vile cast, but I found Brendan to be a breath of fresh air, just a decent, calm guy.

15. Erinn (Tocantins): I would have loved for her to pull out the win. Like Oholibamah I especially loved the giant 'Fuck You' she gave to the vile Coach, Debbie and Tyson. The way she interacted with people, and the puzzle skills were unexpected joys about her, I just ended up really loving her.

14. Stephenie (Palau): For her first appearance, definitely. It would be near on impossible to come away from the Palau season disliking her, or at the very least, not respecting her an enormous deal. She was one of two redeeming members of her tribe, and was such an underdog, yet she never gave up.

13. Yul (Cook Islands): It's all been said so many times. Such a smart guy, such a decent guy, no faults at all really. As much as someone can deserve to win Survivor, I think Yul does.

12. Jenna M (Amazon): Kind of a shallow vote, at least partially, but I think she was just a very real contestant. She was hardly perfect, but neither am I, and I just related to her quite a bit in some ways. She seemed like she would have been a much more decent person in ASS too, if she'd been able to stick around.

11. Sugar (Gabon): Putting the latest season aside, she was the clear standout character of Gabon. I found her to be so compelling, watching her spend so long in Exile was amazing, seeing her come through it stronger was awesome. She made excellent TV, first betraying Ace, then setting Randy up. That episode might be one of the funniest things ever, and it's all because of her. She didn't play the game perfectly, but she dominated that season and made excellent viewing.

10. Jamie (Guatemala): It's nice to see he already has a mention in this thread. Judd's friendship with him was the one redeeming feature of Judd, and I really loved watching Jamie go insane with paranoia, as I felt so bad for him and related to that. I think I'd be quite similar to that actually. I would have loved for him to survive at least one (two?) more episode, to get to the family visits, I would have been very interested to see how he'd react in that situation, and afterwards.

9. Michelle (Fiji): Off the bat, she seemed like she'd be pretty irritating, but she quickly won me over when she spoke out a letter to the sun while trying to light the fire. The cute won me over from that instant. Also, she lit a fire without any flint, which few people have been able to do. She was competent, intelligent, and so cute.

8. Cirie (Exile Island/Micronesia): From the horribly annoying woman in her first episode who was afraid of leaves, she managed to become one of the most likeable and relatable people to ever play the game. And she was one of the best strategists.

7. Parvati (Micronesia): I dislike Parv in Cook Islands, but she completely won me over in Micronesia. Even though she was semi responsible for voting out my all time favourite contestant, I was still able to like her following that. I was never hoping she'd win but when she did, I could not begrudge her the victory, because she may have played the best social game ever, and she didn't do a half bad job with the strategy side of things either.

6. Rob M (All-Stars): Being in Australia, we never saw Marquesas, so my first sighting of him was in All-Stars. He completely dominated, playing one of the best games ever, and I really think he should have won. Obviously it didn't matter, but it still would have been great to see his amazing play recognised.

5. Amanda (China/Micronesia): Twice she made the final, twice she should have won, twice I was rooting for her, and twice she blew it! Her removal of James in China was her crowning moment, and that would have been enough, but then she topped it by removing Alexis with the idol in Micronesia.

4. Aras (Exile Island): He became one of my favourite winners ever, and yet I really disliked him off the bat. He seemed like such a dork after the first episode, but along the way I grew fond of him, partially because nearly everyone else was so vile, and he'd teamed up with the few who weren't. Of particular note is his rivalry with the obnoxious Terry, who is one of my most hated players ever. The way Aras stood up to him over the 'only a mom' situation was very well-handled, and so much more mature than Terry could ever hope to be. And then the 'Whambulance' comment, while not mature in any way, was completely and utterly deserved. He played the FTC well, and was a very satisfying winner to me.

3. Danni (Guatemala): My favourite winner. After Jamie was removed, Danni was just about the only person left who I liked in the season, and she was sure to be doomed. I think part of why I like her so much is what she overcame to even finish in sixth place, let alone take out the win. And she did it by being intelligent, strong and likeable. She didn't have to scheme, she didn't have to betray people, it was almost like they wanted to give her the win. Again I agree with Oholibamah, her win is very merit based.

2. Courtney (China): I loved her attitude so much. She was so endearingly bitchy, and so funny about it. She showed great moments of insight, particularly at the reunion, and she took everything with good humor. I too love how she doesn't take herself seriously at all, and provides such great snark. And with the addition of her HvV goodness, she races up to second. She's very perceptive and so funny. I love her to bits.

1. Eliza (Vanuatu/Micronesia): Somewhere along the way I fell in love with Eliza. I hated the Vanuatu season, but I was certainly rooting for her in the final four, and probably from the merge, though I just thought she was the best of a bad bunch. I even soured towards her a little after her appalling 'question' at the FTC. But when I heard the cast for Micronesia, and saw she was in it, I was thrilled. Somewhere in between the two, I'd developed a huge fondness for her, and it only grew during Micronesia. The puzzling abilities, the Jury reaction shots, and of course 'It's a Stick!' I could have her sit on the jury of every season and watch her reactions, and I would never get tired of it.

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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 9:34 AM

I'm in love with this thread, so thanks for starting it! I love reading about which of our beloved famewhore castaways do and don't resonate with other fans.

And, er, is anyone else willing to confess to spending WAY too much time thinking about their lists?! A few of mine are unpopular picks, so please be gentle ;)

(Also, I've picked 17 for now, reserving the right to plug in the other three once I've read the other lists and remembered who the hell a few of these people were!)

17. Elisabeth FILARSKI (sp) (Why the weird emphasis on her last name?! Because I adored her as an unknown, shoe-designing, plucky little 'ingenue', which coincidentally happened to be prior to her marrying and NOT coincidentally was prior to her stint on the View. Really debated this one...had I not grown to dislike her post-Survivor, she probably would have ranked far higher on this list)

16. Sue (Borneo)---Would I despise having to actually spend any time with her? Yeah, probably. Does she have a lot of traits I destest? Totally. But I find her amusing, interesting and admire her strength and toughness. I kind of consider her the anti-Parvati (and, with all due respect to those who love Parvati, I LOATHE her)---Sue proudly but stupidly ignores the social aspects of the game and gets by with brute strength and survival skills. One of the only females to play it this way, and I'll always kinda love her for it)

15. Big Tom---Another tough one to place, as I found him ridiculously entertaining and likable on Africa and on MOST of All-Stars...had he not caught Lex's extreme case of "irrationally bitter and entitled" disease at the end of All Stars, he'd probably be ranked a whole lot higher.

14. Candice---I'm determinedly blocking out her...whatever it was...with Adumb, because otherwise I find her a really quietly intelligent, likable person.

13. Kim Powers---Yeah, I'll totally be alone in putting her on this list ;) I just found her kick-ass and likable and found myself pulling for her hard...as we've said, contestants do and don't resonate with you for weird reasons, and she's one that, rather inexplicably, was just utter awesomeness to me!

12. Yao Man---delightful, amusing...sometimes he seemed more like a walking 'endearing schtick' than an actual player, but I did have a real affection for the guy!

11. Kelly (Africa)---Like Candice, I love when the 'pretty young females' they cast are actually likable and bright rather than depressingly bland and/or overly 'seductive and flirtatious', and awesome Kelly totally qualifies. (And, yeah, to those casting their eyes upward on my list, I know Candice COULD be called both bland AND a little flirtatious, but I'm determined to maintain my love for her anyway!)

10. Amber---Yup, I was among those who thought she was an impossibly boring, personality-free cipher on Australia who got as far as she did purely by following Jerri around. However, while watching All Stars, I came to find her genuinely kind yet also quietly smart and competitive. I love how her calm, stabalizing reserve so perfectly complements my beloved Rob (see below!)

09. Rudy---Okay, so the thinly veiled threat to assassinate those who voted him out of All Stars was a bit much ;) However, he was incredibly amusing and even inspiring/admirable IMO.

08. Sean (Marquesas)---A super snarky charmer with a lot of (quite possibly too much) personality? Sign me up! Loved his interactions with Rob, loved him on his own...loved him, period.

07. JT---I'm such a sucker for this seemingly guileless, naive sweetheart who's really not nearly as guileless nor naive as he seems...but is still truly (IMO) a sweetheart.

06. Richard Hatch---He's done a whole lot of things that I'll very generously call of 'questionable' taste and ethics, but I will never, ever NOT find this iconic Survivor player incredibly amusing, entertaining and downright fascinating. It's a sickness, I know!

05. Danni Boatwright---You guys have covered it: bright, uber-competent and highly likable player whom I wish like anything were on this current tribe of, um, 'Heroes.'

04. Rob Cisternino---So have I mentioned my undying love for the bright, awesomely snarky players who seem like they could and should be TWoPers?! Chapera was my favorite tribe in Survivor history....but even *I* could never quite forgive them for voting Rob out so early and before, say, Alicia.

03. Ethan Zohn---Yeah, I feel like there'll be a lot of eye rolling over this one. Maybe he's sanctimonious and maybe some of his 'nice guy' persona is less than 100% natural. But I, personally, have loved him since I caught sight of that first curl ;) I think he's incredibly bright, competent, loaded with heart and just truly, immensely likable. (I always loved him far more than his fellow, more popular 'good guy' Colby, whom I've grown to find really rigid, judgmental and self-superior.)

02. Yul---as others have said, an almost ridiculously 'perfect', lovable player and person.

01. Boston Rob---Cocky yet with ocasional flashes of weirdly awesome vulernability and self-deprecation. Brilliantly snarky and sneakily intelligent. Scarily competent and charismatic. Brimming over with spirit, heart and personality. Possesses an intense competitive fire (er, "fiii-yah") yet somehow never takes himself or the game TOO seriously (Russell, I'm looking at you!)

You know that dopey cliche about finding someone so compelling that you could watch him/her read the phone book? Well, I'd probably tune in to watch Rob read the phone book...despite the accent ;)

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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 3:00 PM

I am not going to put these in any particular order.

Butch (Amazon): I don’t know what it was about Butch that I liked so much. I guess because it was the first full season of Survivor that I watched. And he was so goofy and heck he burned down the camp.

Colleen (Borneo): Cute, seemingly nice personality, funny all of those qualities Colleen possessed in my opinion. Which are the main reason why I like her so much.

Yul (Cook Islands): He was the leader of the ultimate underdog alliance and he went on to win the show. He reminds me a lot of Kaysar from Big Brother in the way he forced Jonathan to vote with him. And then he knew enough to get rid of Jonathan when Jonathan outlived his usefulness. Also, it helped Yul get a vote.

Rudy (Borneo): Probably one of the most un-PC people in the game, his one liners were classic.

Amanda (China, F vs. F, H vs. V): Well first and foremost she is attractive which, while it might be shallow still counts for me. However, Amanda played the game great twice and should have won both of her seasons but she just did not know how to charm the jury.

Twila (Vanuatu): I was happy when Chris won, but to be honest Twila did a good portion of the work that season to get herself and Chris to the finals. Twila didn’t have much of a social game but she seemed to understand the strategy part of the game really well. Oh and for her part in the Leann blindside!

Eliza (Vanuatu, F vs. F): Well much like Amanda I find her attractive so that is a major plus in my book. Much like Blue Zombie I loved the way she reacted on the jury on F vs. F, and she just entertained me.

Coach (Tocantins): I loved how delusional he was. Making up all of these stories, talking about the warrior way bullshit this guy is great. I would like to see that more in this current season but so far he have not.

Michelle (Fiji): Once again I think she is hot, but she also seemed to have a great personality. I was ticked when she got screwed during her season. And she managed to make fire without flint!

Yau-Man (Fiji): What else can be said Yau-Man is awesome!

Earl (Fiji): Much like Yul, Earl was a very likable winner. And Earl was a likeable winner on a season where the vast majority of the cast were not very likeable.

Russell (Samoa ,H vs. V): I like him because he is being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Yes his social game sucks but strategy wise he played a great game in Samoa. Hell he was the driving force behind taking out the majority tribe at the merge.

Sugar (Gabon, H vs. V): First things first I am not sure why Colby would not want anything to do with her. If I had a cute blonde wanting to be near me, I would have jumped all over that. I really like Sugar, besides her looks I thought she played a good game in Gabon and she was the kingmaker for that season. If she would have picked Matty he would have won and because she picked Bob he won.

Shane (Exile Island): Crazy Shane was awesome! That is all I have…

Gary (Guatemala): Besides the blindside of Leann, Gary playing the Hidden Immunity Idol was one of my favorite moments in the game.

Danni (Guatemala): Well you know besides the fact that I think she is hot…well she was a great winner. Really there was no reason for her to make it as far as she did but she did and she won.

Lex (Africa, All-Stars): I did not see all of Africa, but I did like Lex on All-Stars. I think if I were to have played the game, my game and Lex’s would be close. I would play very paranoid.

Sean (Borneo): I loved how he was playing the game but not really. I also love the fact that people hate his guts for the alphabet voting but that was classic.

Stephenie (Palau, Guatemala, H vs. V): I loved Stephenie her first time around, disliked her through most of Guatemala, and she redeemed herself to me in this last season. Plus she is…wait for it…hot!

Mad Dog (Australia): One of the best early boots ever, this lady was awesome!

My almost made the list: Jerri, Judd, Boston Rob, Big Tom, Tom Westman, Cao Boi, and Jonathan Penner.

I forgot Peih-Gee and Sierra! Peih-Gee would replace Mad Dog and Sierra would make the almost list.

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Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 3:09 PM

Some others I didn't include before:
Matthew (Amazon): His bond with the machete was creepy but I still really like him. I remember there was a nice moment of him speaking Mandarin to Daniel. I really loved his character arc. He had no idea how to play Survivor and had no real alliance but picked it up from Rob and ended up getting the better of him. I've already mentioned how much I loved his relationship with Rob which turned from a fake alliance to a real alliance when Rob realised he was destined for 4th with Alex/Heidi/Jenna. I actually like Rob more than Matthew but I can't help but enjoy the irony of Rob's earlier advice to throw challenges (when he was stringing Matthew along) come back to haunt him in the FIC.

Tracy (Micronesia): Tracy is only of the only pre-merge boots I would consider to be one of my favourites. Tracey seemed like one of the few competent fans and she basically carried her alliance with Chet and Kathy. I remember her convincing Joel to boot Mikey her pitch included a "moo." Then in post-switch Malakal she teamed up with another one of my favourites Cirie to boot Joel. Finally there seemed to be an oppurtunity to boot Ozzy (who would probably be on my most hated survivors list) but she was thwarted by Chet and his injury and booted soon after. I really enjoyed her (too short) journey and would love to see her on some sort of second chance season.

Natalie (Samoa): I didn't particularly like Samoa because of the editing but it was the first time in 19 seasons that my favourite contestant from a season won, even though she was criminally underedited. Natalie's strategy was simple but effective, and her win is just another example of how you can't forget the social game. The Erik boot was my favourite of Samoa (sidenote: I loved Erik's jury speech). Natalie had a great story being underestimated but coming through to win it all.





Posted Feb 25, 2010 @ 9:23 PM

I'm going to really have to think about this. There's some people who are definitely going onto the list -- Brett, Jerri, Matthew, pretty much the entire Kucha tribe, Jamie and Lydia from Guatemala, Fiji Michelle, but the rest I'm not so sure about. I tend to not like the hugely popular/divisive characters -- Rupert, Coach, Russhole, Mariano, etc -- so they'd probably be a bunch of off-the-wall selections, but it'd be interesting to actually sit down and work this out. I may be the only person in existence who likes Adam, for example.

I would have loved for him to survive at least one (two?) more episode, to get to the family visits, I would have been very interested to see how he'd react in that situation, and afterwards.

Two. Gary also just missed out on loved ones, which would have been doubly interesting.


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Posted Feb 27, 2010 @ 3:50 AM

In no particular order, and in no way set in stone.

Peih-Gee- She got off to a rocky start, crying in the first episode. But then she proved to be determined and level-headed. Even after Denise shafted her repeatedly with the rewards, she tried to compose herself and give it her all. She had a tendency of vocalizing her frustrations, but she was very self-aware about it, and I respected her for it.

Rafe- Ignoring the car incident, Rafe was a smart, goofy guy. He ran the game strategically, for the most part. He helped vote off crazies Jamie and Judd, and won more Individual Immunities than half of Probst's mancrushes. He occasionally had issues with integrity in the game (like when his alliance was smug during a feast/Immunity Challenge) and climbing up ladders though.

Ian- Another smart, goofy guy. He was competent in challenges and had a great sense of humor about things. His relationship with Tom was endearing, especially the part where they tried to one-up each other with the food. If only he didn't fall apart during the last few days.

Tina- Part of the reason I liked Tina winning was because it opened up the possibility that people like Tina could win. She was crafty yet motherly. She could be nurturing yet ruthless, without having that cost her a million dollars. I think she's the only female winner with those qualities to win over a male. I really thought her victory over the classic All-American guy opened up a lot of possibilities.

Danni- To be honest, she was kind of bland. But her game play was amazing. She was in a pretty bad situation and overcame it largely to her own efforts. She had a good social game, a good mental game, and a good physical game. She deserved her win in Guatemala.

Bobby Jon and Steph- Something about them so endearingly tragic. In Palau, they were the last two standing. After losing Immunity seven consecutive times, they both still had a remarkable sense of optimism and fortitude. They always tried to give it their all, which made each loss more and more heartbreaking (and sometimes hilarious).

Michelle- She was cut too soon. Despite her high-pitched voice, she was smart and determined. After falling down, she could easily shrug it off. Making the fire without the flint was a great achievement that the host didn't give her enough credit for. She really deserved an invitation back, since she was so obviously screwed over.

Yau-Man- So fun. He made those early episodes more bearable, especially the one where he dominated with the spear/bow and arrow. After trying to make sure he wouldn't get voted off early in Fiji, he kept defying expectations. He had a good shot of making it to the end and winning, so I'm still annoyed that Dreamz backstabbed him.

Yul- Just one of the best.

Tracy- Another person who tried her best in a shitty situation. She was a fan who actually deserved to be there. She managed to protect Chet and Kathy by duping Joel. As soon as Chet threw in the towel, everything went bad. If all the fans were as useful as she was, that could have been a wilder season (I prefer smart people battling in a game of wits, not smart person convinces idiot to get rid of Immunity).

Twila- Totally wanted her to win over Chris. She was very gritty and hard-working, and the jury was full of bitter people who gave the win to Chris because he was better at being phony. He deserves the win, but I really liked her a lot more and the way she refused to take bullshit.

Rudy- Really fun to watch during Borneo, and even in the two episodes in All-Stars, he was still great. He had a pretty funny kiss-off too.

Matthew- He was smart, somewhat sophisticated, and evolved during the game. He was also creepy, and not very good at the social game, but he wasn't as annoying or immature as Jenna was (or even Rob C.) He's the kind of person I sense won't show up on Survivor for a long time.

Stephen- I'd probably wind up playing very similarly to this guy. When you've got physical limitations, you have to make the best of what you have. His Immunity win was a good example of using his intellect to succeed. He had a great strategic game, but he didn't have the same ability to be liked the way JT was.

Courtney- Probst said she could take care of herself with her mouth. I agree. She was cynical and honest and extremely annoying at times, but also snarky and sometimes cute. When she always tried to vote off Jean-Robert instead of whoever Todd wanted gone, I laughed.

Earl- First unanimous winner. He was cool as a cucumber. Some people found him boring, but I really thought he was witty and engaging (to me, loud does not equal interesting). If Yau-Man couldn't win, I was so glad it was him. Also, he was a good dancer, and really good at making drawings in the sand on Exile Island. I could do without all the sweeping majestic shots, though.

Sandra- I've always respected her strategy. I loved how she didn't gobble up Jonny Fairplay's grandma nonsense. When she won over him and Lil, I was incredibly relieved. She got lucky, but she also did a lot of things right that I don't think she gets enough credit for. She was sneaky, she was not demure, and she outplayed Fairplay in the end.

Chad- He was the nice guy with one leg on Vanuatu, the fittest of the "Fat Five." It's actually kind of sad that his artificial leg contributed to his downfall when he couldn't get the proper footing to cling on to the pole.

Jonathan Penner- Without him, Cook Islands would have been a nightmare. A division of races resulting in a primarily white alliance near the end? That would've backfired for CBS's social experiment. It's a good thing he was there to flip, essentially giving the finger to Raro. He also gave interesting interviews, like being a "complete bastard".

I'm also always a fan of the good looking nice guys, even though many weren't very strategically effective. I would have added Brad (Cook Isles), Dan (Gabon), Ryan O (Pearl Islands), Brendan (Tocantins), Nick (Outback) and Mick (Samoa) to the list of Not Top 20 But I Would Totally Hang Out With Them Anyways.





Posted Feb 27, 2010 @ 4:46 PM

Ian- Another smart, goofy guy. He was competent in challenges and had a great sense of humor about things. His relationship with Tom was endearing, especially the part where they tried to one-up each other with the food. If only he didn't fall apart during the last few days.

Oh yeah---I always forget how much I enjoyed Ian. Thansk for reminding me!

It's also interesting how many more might have made my Favorites List had I just seen them on their first seasons. Occassionally, my opinions about the contestants improve with repeated exposure and as we 'get to know them better' (for example, I liked Rob a lot even back on Marquesas, but it wasn't until All Stars that he became my absolute favorite).

However, far more often, with these people familiarity breeds contempt for me, and I almost inevitably like them less when they return for a second season (after reading and buying into their own hype!)

By the way, can we use this thread to rank our BOTTOM 20 of all time, or should we start a whole new thread for that? Sadly, I have so many possible candidates for those coveted '20 least favorite' spots that it will be very tough to narrow it down!

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Posted Mar 7, 2010 @ 12:19 PM

My list is slanted towards players that were good strategists, but some are on here because I just intrinsically like them and want to hang out with them for no concrete reason. For those who were on multiple seasons, I put the one where I first grew to love them as their season.

1. Courtney (China): Easily the funniest Survivor, I could listen to her snark on her teammates all day. Plus she actually earned a runner-up finish by playing such a shrewd social game that nobody ever considered voting her out after the first tribal council.

2. Rob (ASS): Great in all aspects of the game, Rob is a huge threat yet somehow keeps the target off of him until it's too late. I loved his dominance of All-Stars, and his not-too-serious attitude about the game. Maybe it's the Boston accent, but he just cracks me up with his confessionals, and I appreciate a player that can laugh at himself.

3. Amber (ASS): She played a smart social game, doesn't take things too seriously, and is generally good at all aspects of Survivor. People forget that during the ASS challenges with the balance beam walking, it was BOTH her and Rob that totally dominated the challenge for their tribe. Amber was close or won a number of ICs post-merge in both her seasons. I think her fun personality came out more of TAR, where she was goofing around quite a lot.

4. Yau-Man (Fiji): The MacGuyver of Survivor. He did amazingly well at challenges, had a solid strategy throughout the show, and was always a gentleman. One of the genuinely nicest Survivors, he was voted off only because everyone knew he would win in front of a jury. He strikes me as one of those guys you can't help but like.

5. Eliza (Vanuatu): An underrated strategist, she got to the final 4 during her first season without any strong alliances. I always enjoyed Eliza's comments and expressions, and didn't understand why her tribemates always seemed to dislike her. My favorite Eliza moment: "IT'S JUST A STICK!"

6. Candice (Cook Islands): Strong, smart, and a thoughtful strategist. Can't say I approved of her choice of alliance partners, but seemed like she was always thinking several moves ahead, even if she made some bad decisions. I also like that she doesn't play emotionally, which is a common theme for most of the players on my list.

7. Johnathan Penner (FvF): I loved that he was all about the numbers and strategy, and was always thinking several steps ahead. Not sure why he was hated so much by others, but I always enjoyed his confessionals. He turned the Cook Islands season on its head, and might have done the same in FvF had he not been forced out of the game.

8. Stephen (Tocantins): A masterful strategist who should get a lot of credit for JTs win. Stephen was clearly out of his element, but didn't complain and was able to form a number of alliances to cruise through the game. How often can the minority alliance post-merge get into a position where they aren't even in danger of being voted off and no moves are made against them? Unlike others in the dominant alliance in previous seasons, he remained humble and nice throughout.

9. Erinn (Tocantins): Another underrated strategist, who was able to go from 2nd out on her tribe to the final 3. There is lots of talk about JT/Stephen/Taj making Timbira implode, but Erinn completely infiltrated the Stephen/JT/Taj alliance and had a final 2 deal with Stephen. It was also awesome to hear her making fun of Coach. "Who is this jackass?!" was one of my favorite lines ever.

10. Kelly (Africa): Another snarky contestant who had the misfortunate to play with the crazy bitter jerk known as Lex. I still don't understand why Brandon switched alliances and doomed his own tribe + Kelly. Aside from the snark, Kelly knew what she was doing in the game and seemed like a fun person.

11. Earl (Fiji): A very likable winner who was able to form the alliances he needed to win despite being down in numbers post-merge. He may not have been the most exciting, but I like the thoughtful way in which he played the game.

12. Michelle (Fiji): She was always smiling and unbeat, but somehow didn't seem like a vapid airhead while doing so. She was also able to survive all the women on her tribe being booted and had a great chance to make it to the end.

13. Brian (Guatelama): Another nice guy who was a Survivor superfan and good at strategy.

14. Christy (Pearl Islands): She was one of the strongest women to play the game, almost winning the bag holding strength challenge for her tribe. She was also very, very dorky, which is always endearing.

15. Crazy Matt (Amazon): It was highly amusing to watch him get played by Cesternino, then turn the tables at the end. I also kinda liked him because he was the outcast who made it to the end.

16. Todd (China): He had some great snarky confessionals, and played an excellent strategic game.

17. Gina (Marquesas): She seemed very nice, and was the opposite of Sara, who I hated. I'll admit she wasn't particularly interesting, but I still took a liking to her.

18. Cindy (Guatelama): I'm not really sure why, but I just liked her attitude in general. She enjoyed the outdoor elements and went far in the game, only to be ejected because Rafe had a hissy fit about her not giving away a car that she desperately needed.

19. Paschal (Marquesas): A nice guy who was willing to ally with someone he disliked to advance himself in the game.

20. Yul (Cook Islands): Although I found him rather boring, I can't leave him off the list due to his impressive use of the HII. He built allianes in such a way that his alliancemates were content just handing him the win, which I respect.

Honorable mention: Colleen, Gervais, Gretchen (Borneo), Elizabeth, Rodger, Colby (Australia), Kim P (Africa), Butch (Amazon), LeeAnn (Vanuatu), Tom, Ian (Palau), Sally (Exile Island)





Posted Mar 7, 2010 @ 3:08 PM

TVGuy, our opinions so often seem to be scarily similar!

10. Kelly (Africa): Another snarky contestant who had the misfortunate to play with the crazy bitter jerk known as Lex. I still don't understand why Brandon switched alliances and doomed his own tribe + Kelly. Aside from the snark, Kelly knew what she was doing in the game and seemed like a fun person.

I know many dislike the Africa season, but I'll always like it, not only because it's 'old school Survivor', but because it gave me not one but TWO of the (sadly) rather short list of younger female contestants I've truly adored and could relate to: Kim P. and Kelly G. Then again, Africa DID also give us Lex, who's right down there with Parvarti and Russell and Fairplay on the list of contestants whom I loathe with a fiery passion...


I can't believe I forgot to include him on my list. I'm a liberal, lifelong NYC-residing female who's therefore about as demographically different from Roger as I could possibly be, but I can't express how much I liked, respected and was touched by the guy.

16. Todd (China): He had some great snarky confessionals, and played an excellent strategic game.

I was just babbling earlier in the Best Survivor Ever thread re. how underrated a winner I think Todd is. The game has so frequently come down to Alpha males and/or young, attractive females that I loved seeing such an atypical (for this show) winner. I thought he was clever, amusing and, while I get the complaints about him being smug, for me there was such obvious insecurity/vulnerability underlying it that I didn't mind.

1. Rob 2. Courtney

Heh---this is the same order in which I'd love these two to finish this current season, though that seems awfully unlikely!

Looking at these lists, it's amazing how many of the IMO genuinely nicest guys somehow didn't make the cut for this current Heroes tribe, while IMO many of the people who WERE chosen to be Heroes are rather dubious 'heroes' at best.

Even though some of my personal favorite survivors are hardly the nicest, salt-of-the-earth types---(Rob M, Rob C, Todd etc.)---I'd have loved to see a Heroes tribe comprised of Yao Man, Yul, Earl, Roger, and, yes, Ethan (am I alone in really liking the guy?!) and maybe even my gorgeous and IMO sweet-spirited eye candy, Erik from China!

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Posted Mar 7, 2010 @ 7:47 PM

Okay, here goes. 20 plus a bonus pick, because... well, you'll see:

21. Matthew: For all the praise that Rob Cesternino gets as a "student of the game", he got beaten by the real student of the game, a guy who had -- quite literally -- no knowledge of the game going in other than that it involved camping, and who learned everything he needed to in order to do well while paying attention to the other contestants in the game.

20. Jaime: Needed a better poker face, yeah, but she honestly didn't deserve the Dumbest Contestant Ever mantle she held until James was booted three weeks later -- she saw the shuffle as an easy way to vote off two of the strongest former Fei Long and to not only claw Zhan Hu back to 5-5 at the merge, but to make it more likely they'd be able to win the crucial first Immunity Challenge and get their choice of Fei Long to boot. And it's worth noting that when she found James's HII, it was pitch black out there, so she couldn't have possibly known about the writing on the back of it.

19. Colleen: It's really because of her that the show took off, and she deserves credit for it. She'd be higher up on the list, were it not for the abomination that was The Animal.

18. Helen: Not a terrifically warm personality, but she was the one and only highlight of that appalling season. Doesn't hurt that it appears Eliza (#21 on my list) modelled her facial expressions and jury questioning style off of Helen.

17. Jeff: Snarky, hot, and more than a little ambiguously gay. What's not to love?

16. Kim P.: I remembered almost literally nothing of her, but what I do remember, I remember loving. And rewatching the season for the first time last year just strengthened my love.

15. Twila: An awesome lady who doesn't fit the usual casting edict, doesn't care what people think about her, and doesn't think winning the money is worth bothering to apologise for playing the game as it was meant to be played. If only there were more contestants like her.

14. Frosti: Because his singing "Starving artists! On the dragon! Balancing on barrels for Jeff Probst!" will never not be funny.

13. Adam: Wait. Hear me out. He cultivated a strong alliance of four to get to the merge, one that was likely to go all the way to the end, and one in which he was by far the least odious member. When outsider Jonathan switched on the Raro four, he and his buff body somehow managed to last longer than weak links Parvati and Candice, as well as Jonathan himself. He came within a few seconds of beating the Aitu four -- proven puzzle wunderkinds -- at what Probst called the toughest puzzle in Survivor's history to that point, guaranteeing him a place in the final four and probably also a decent chance at the final three. In addition to being a major physical threat, he was proven to be much smarter than the show gave him credit for -- despite apparently being self-obsessed, he won the challenge all about remembering useless facts about the game. Again, he's not the nicest person they've ever had, but he got within spitting distance of the final, and Aitu basically did nothing to stop him.

12. Brett: Despite being practically ignored until the double Tribal Council episode two weeks before the finale, he was in the top three for the Most Popular Player prize. That'd be enough to get him into the top twenty alone, but consider that where Adam would probably have gotten to the final and lost, Brett would have definitely won -- and almost certainly unanimously -- had it not been for a freaking gust of wind.

11. Jenna (Amazon): You know something weird? You know the Coconut Chop challenge they tend to do some variant of every couple of seasons? Not only is Jenna the only person to win it and then go on to win the season, she's also the only person to win it and then score even a single vote in the Final Tribal Council. And that's gotta be worth something, even before you take into account her unexpected challenge prowess, her managing to overcome being in a minority, and her behaviour since the show.

10. Aaron: Hey, sometimes, I just like a magnificently sculpted ass.

9. Michelle (Fiji): And, sometimes, I just like awesome people.

8. Becky: The true strategic mastermind of the Aitu alliance, she managed to make it to the second last day without ever having to reveal she wasn't any good at making fire. Were it not for the jury's desire to make the Final Tribal Council a Yul-Ozzy dick-measuring contest, she could have given them both a run for their money.

7. Nick (Outback): To quote Nick himself, "once you go dark meat, you never go back". Yep, that about sums it up. Casting black contestants isn't something the show gets right very often, but this is one of the few occasions they did.

6. Lydia: So what if she's not great at challenges? She gave every challenge her all, and managed to successfully transform herself from a likely target for her tribe's first boot into someone so popular she had to be stopped while the other three members of the final four had their chance. And she did it all through hard work, which Probst would no doubt be quick to point out and idolise if Lydia was a man.

5. Alex (Amazon): Alex is one of the rare inclusions where just one particular event qualified him for the list. In this case, it's that he's a straight guy, in a tribe entirely full of heterosexual men (as far as we know), and he still made a stand against Roger's latent homophobia. There's an old proverb about how true friends fight on your side even when it's futile, and Alex in this argument really is the epitome of said proverb. The fact that he's now married to Kim Powers is just bonus awesome.

4. Jamie: Like Bluezombie, I would totally also be going slightly mad out there, especially if I was in a situation as hellish as the Guatemala setting was. And Bobby Jon needed to be smacked down a bit after coming into the game far more arrogantly than someone who failed to make the merge the previous season should have been allowed to, so Jamie's always got a little place in my heart just for that, the same way Lill has for winning that final challenge and saving us from Fairplay winning Pearl Islands. Also? Hot!

3. Jerri: She's right. The world just isn't fair. Loved her in the Outback, loved her in All-Stars, and now I'm loving her again in All-Stars II. But she's not getting into the top two on the list, because I said so.

2. Craig (Australian Survivor): Because I can, really. It's a shame they went with Heroes Vs. Villains as the concept for All-Stars II instead of an America Vs. Everyone Else thing, because there is no doubt in my mind Craig would have been cast, and would have done exceedingly well. It would have been worth it just to see a Craig-Colby showdown.

1. Teresa: Someone who wound up in a minority alliance on a tribe in a minority at the merge, and still managed to make it farther than any of them through the sheer class and gravitas she exuded, rather than brute force and arrogance the way Terry did? WIN!




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Posted Mar 7, 2010 @ 10:32 PM

I know many dislike the Africa season, but I'll always like it, not only because it's 'old school Survivor', but because it gave me not one but TWO of the (sadly) rather short list of younger female contestants I've truly adored and could relate to: Kim P. and Kelly G. Then again, Africa DID also give us Lex, who's right down there with Parvarti and Russell and Fairplay on the list of contestants whom I loathe with a fiery passion...

I think my dislike stems from the fact that all I can remember of that season is the endless amount of time I had to listed to and look at Lex. Had Brandon not been stupid and given us a final 5 with Kelly, Kim P and Teresa, I would probably have loved the season.

I thought he was clever, amusing and, while I get the complaints about him being smug, for me there was such obvious insecurity/vulnerability underlying it that I didn't mind.

Todd was very similar to Courtney, except that he was more cut-throat and smug. Normally smugness bothers me, but for some reason it didn't with Todd.

Heh---this is the same order in which I'd love these two to finish this current season, though that seems awfully unlikely!

If both of them are in the final 2/3, it will feel like a reward for putting up with the forest troll for two seasons. I'm cautiously optimistic for now.

Looking at these lists, it's amazing how many of the IMO genuinely nicest guys somehow didn't make the cut for this current Heroes tribe, while IMO many of the people who WERE chosen to be Heroes are rather dubious 'heroes' at best.

They're probably afraid all "nice" guys/gals on the Heroes tribe wouldn't make for interesting episodes. I actually wonder how many players were asked back but couldn't make it (evidently Yau-Man was).





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Posted Mar 17, 2010 @ 10:04 PM

This is really tough because there's a lot of people I like. Up until my Final 2 these are in no particular order.

Rudy-Borneo/ASS: Because he's old, made it far the 1st time, & had some awesome lines.

Angie-Palau: Yes, she started out kind of whiny, but she was great in challenges & managed to do a pretty good job in wriggling herself into a good alliance until Steph switched her vote.

Christa-Pearl Islands: Yes, she was aligned with the odious Rupert, but she kicked butt in challenges & had a lot of creative ideas with her hair. Plus, she seemed to be the most strategic in her alliance with Sandra & Rupert.

Jonny Fairplay-Pearl Islands: This is strictly for taking down Rupert.

Burton-Pearl Islands: See above.

Tijuana-Pearl Islands: Seemed like a sweet girl who was also in on the Rupert vote.

Darrah-Pearl Islands: Went on her random immunity streak, was attractive, & was one of the people who voted out Rupert. 'Nuff said.

Trish-Pearl Islands: She tried to get Rupert out. That's enough in my book.

Rob C-Amazon/ASS: How he managed to make it to the Final 3 when he kept flipping is a miracle. He made good comments, had good strategy, & I enjoy his podcast. Plus, when he got voted out in ASS & mouthed, "Fuck." He is one of the few people to show the pain of getting voted out.

Jerri-Australia/ASS/H v. V: I don't think she was ever as bad as people made her out to be. She's aging very well.

Stacy-Fiji: She was the one who came up with the split-vote that took down Edgardo, thus giving us one of the most entertaining TC's evah!

Keith-Australia: Watching Keith out there was like watching my dad.

Brett-Samoa: He made it a little difficult for Russell to make it to the end. He also seems like a really nice guy. Plus almost everyone had a secret alliance with him.

Danni-Guatemala: I don't think she gets enough credit outside of certain Survivor communities. She played an awesome game, was instrumental in getting rid of Blake, & she finessed her way into the majority after watching her entire alliance get picked off after the merge.

Sally-Exile Island: I just think she's crazy hot, sweet, good in challenges. Triple threat in my book.

Alexis-F v. F: Same as with Sally, only I thought Alexis, after Tracy, was the only fan with the ability to win. I don't think Natalie could have with the way she played the guys, while I think Alexis could have because she kept her hands clean.

Kim P-Africa: I'm glad there are so many Kim P lovers here. She seems so genuinely sweet, even though she was one of the peeps to clique up on Samburu. She had a lot of spunk & was cute as a button. I hope she's doing well nowadays.

Kelly G-Africa: She's awesome. I don't find her incredibly attractive, but I find her incredibly smart, plus she went to Duke, & she tried to stage a resistance against Lex.

Kelly S-Samoa: I know most of you will think, "Who?" & yes. I am talking about the Kelly from Samoa. The one with the long, blonde dreads. Very attractive, was instrumental in the Yasmin vote (if I remember correctly) & Erik vote, & she did well in the challenges. Plus she's engaged to Brett. And she had one of my favorite lines from the show when Yasmin was moaning about being tired & Kelly said simply, "Go to bed."

Brian-Guatemala: Was very strategic & probably would have made the merge had the switch not happened.

Stephen-Tocantins: He made the best out of what he had. I think he should have won, or at least gotten a damn vote. I think I'd play a lot like him because we have the same body type & are both smart (not to toot my own horn). Plus, he dates my favorite contestant ever.

Erinn-Tocantins: She also made the best out of her situation & made it so much further than anyone would have expected. Plus the outcome of the season probably wouldn't have happened had she not flipped (though with the way everyone was sucking on JT's cock he might still have made the finals).

Tracy-F v. F: She was amazing. Classy, nice, strategic, & good in challenges. If only she hadn't had the wimpiest alliance from hell to drag her down, I think she could have gone far.

Erik-F v. F: Poor Erik. He deservedly gets so much shit. But he was such a fan & seemed to love his time out there so much (even if he did throw it away).

Jenna M-Amazon/ASS: I didn't see Amazon until after I had already been familiar with her through other appearances, but she has a great sense of humor & a lot of strength, inside & out.

My Final 2

Parvati-Cook Islands/F v. F/H v. V: I really don't know what else to say other than I loves her. Her flirting is pretty obvious but she has such an incredible ability to make things happen & get people to listen to her. And she doesn't take the show too seriously. And she almost cut off her finger!

Courtney Y-China/H v. V: She's hilarious. She has a hot face. She's a fierce model. She doesn't take the show seriously. She is able to not make herself a target despite her physical shortcomings. She's my favorite.

ETA: I forgot to add Sandra & Gina.

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Posted Mar 17, 2010 @ 10:15 PM

I take it you don't like Rupert! The top of the list was awsome, anybody who had anything to do to get Rupert out was at the top of your list.





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Posted Mar 17, 2010 @ 10:34 PM

Thanks, BK. Once I make the list of people I don't like, it's a pretty safe assumption Rupert will be on there. As will Jonny. And yeah, I'm not surprised you didn't say anything about Parvati being my 2nd favorite because I know you aren't exactly a fan.





Posted Apr 10, 2010 @ 3:21 AM

So Courtney is currently being unbelievably awesome, and has pushed herself from 6th place up to secod place on my list. She's absolutely hilarious, and just so perceptive. She reads people unbelievably well, and is very witty and clever. I'd like to think she has a chance of winning, but I can't see it happening. But she's nearly toppling Eliza for my #1 slot at this point.




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Posted Apr 24, 2010 @ 10:40 PM

Here's my list. It's not a complete 20 because I haven't found that many that I've liked. Harsh I know. Might update it again when I do. No particular order...well the ones towards the end I love the most.

Stephenie - Watching her soldier on week after week in Palau really moved me. She dominated a lot in Guatemala and then fell short in H vs V because of a gigantic oaf named James.

Danni Boatwright - Competent winner. Came from behind to take top prize in Guatemala so I gotta give her props.

Jenna Morasa - I think I'm one of the few who didn't hate her at all, ever! I loved the way she played in the Amazon and was rooting for her to win.

Ethan Zohn - A very likeable winner. I loved his "good guy" game playing more than Colby's. He was smart, Colby wasn't.

Yul - Stratetic mastermind who managed not to offend almost everyone. That is some mad skills!

Richard Hatch - Gotta give credit where credit's due. I normally don't like the smarmy, "look at me I'm so great, I'll beat all of you" attitude but he was great and he did win. So there you go!

Todd - Love his gameplay, love his jury speech/answers. He is a slimy little sucker indeed but that slimy little sucker won!

Ozzy (pre-Micronesia) - Really wanted Ozzy to win Cook Islands. His athletic abilities still astounds me and has not been beaten to date.

Cirie - Ahhhh sweet lovable Cirie...and then she stabs you in the back!

Aras - Wanted him to win, he won, me happy.

Rob Cesternino - The smartest player to never win the game. Loved his commentary, his snarkiness, everything really.

Courtney - No one tops snarkiness. She's that awesome that she's willing to go head-to-head with Jiffy Pop. That's quite a feat. Loves how she knows it's just a game and she pokes fun at that constantly and gotta give her props for some highly entertaining one-liners.

Boston Rob - My love for Boston Rob is only "outloved" by my love for Parvati. He barely came up as a blip on my radar in Marquesas and it wasn't until after watching him in TAR that I went back to watch All-Stars and realized what a genius he was. The Robfather nickname is well and truly his to own.

Erinn - She really defied the odds in Tocantins. Outcast by her own tribe she managed to turn things around. Loved her observations on the tribe. She had me at, "Who is this jackass?!" She was smart too with some mad puzzle skills and one could only imagine how things would've turned out had she won that puzzle challenge in the F4 instead of JT.

Parvati - Heroes vs Villains really cemented my Parv-love. She was just meh and the "flirt" in Cook Islands but I really really respected her gameplay in Micronesia. She is a great social player, she knows the right buttons to push in people and she's a charmer that one. Natalie may have beaten Russell in Samoa but she never pulled a fast one over him like Parvati did. I guess you could say that she redefined the stereotypes for foxy boxers all around the world. Hee!




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Posted Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:20 PM

Since I did the bottom 20, here's my top 20 in no particular order til top 2 along with a few honorable mentions.

20. Peih-Gee (China): went from whiner to near winner.

19. Chet (FvF): Yes, he was a total spaz, but seeing him outlast that idiot of a bully Joel was enough to make that craptastic season for me.

18. Kathy (Vanuatu, All-Stars): Underrated player who should have won her season and went out way too early on All-Stars.

17. Angie(Palau): Any other season, she probably would have made the jury.

16. Yau-Man (Fiji): The epitome of class on a season that had almost none.

15. Shii-Ann (Thailand, All-Stars): Smart player who didn't take crap from no one and should have gotten further during both seasons.

14. Todd (China): One of the best winners ever. period.

13. Jonathan Penner (FvF, Palau): Hated him his original season, but grew on me later on.

12. Chad (Vanuatu): For someone who had a disabilty like his to get as far as he did certainly paved the way for Kelly B. this season and kudos to him for it.

11. Sandra (Pearl Islands, HvV): Won both times, didn't take crap from no one and played a fairly strategic game. nothing more need be said.

10. Christy (Amazon): She was deaf and she didn't let it stop her.

9. Mike Skupin (Outback): May have won if he hadn't been hurt. The original nice guy.

8. Margaret (Guatemala): Too nice for her own good, would have gotten farther if not for Judd.

7. Lydia (Guatemala):Another gutsy survivor.

6. Mad Dog (Outback): Left too soon, and a real character in a good sense.

5. Ethan (Africa, All-Stars): A winner in more than one sense of the word. Also a survivor in more than one sense of the word.

4. Rudy (Borneo, All-Stars): How could any one not like cute and crusty?

3. Cirie (Exile, FvF, HvV): Great strategic player.

2. Big Tom (Africa, All Stars): The original all-shucks player.

1. Rob Cesternino: The best strategic player ever, should have won Amazon. Hope he'll be brought back if there is ever another all-stars.

Hon. mentions: Ian, Bobby, Yul, Earl, Becky, Tina




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Posted Dec 13, 2010 @ 2:08 PM

1) Michael (Australia) - Very few people that have played this game have left such an impression in my opinion. He was born to play this game. He has the natural athleticism and drive to compete in challenges and thrive in the wilderness. He was edited to seem crazy and a little socially confrontational, but nearly everyone from Australia (even Ogakor) has vouched that he has a great personality and is very enjoyable. He's a wonderful person and a great competitor. It's a shame he got injured and removed, and subsequently found a purpose that led him away from this game. I'm happy because his prize was worth way more than the million.

2) Rodger (Australia) - Probably the most likable contestant in the history of the show. He was entertaining and had a great personality, and was fun to watch.

3) Penner (Cook Islands) - I love his personality and intelligence. He really understood Survivor and had a lock on the people he was playing with/against. I hated seeing him get injured in FvF because he's one of the few people that has what it takes to compete against Cirie.

4) Tom (Palau) - He led a tribe of complete misfits in Palau and turned them into the winningest tribe in the history of the game. He was a challenge dominator and played an almost-perfect social game. He would have recorded the first landslide FTC victory if it wasn't for Coby's bitterness towards him.

5) Cirie (Exile Island) - I just love her. She's the best player to never reach a FTC. She has a great personality and sense of humor, and she's very entertaining.

6) Kathy (Marquesas) - In my opinion, the deserve-ed winner of Marquesas. She played a great social game despite getting off to a rocky start with the Rotu tribe. She was athletic as hell and did really well in challenges.

7) Colby - I really like his attitude towards the game. He was a fierce competitor in challenges and smartly backed off a little in HvV to avoid another early-boot. His one-liners are hilarious.

8) Courtney (China) - Well this has probably been said to death but I adore her personality and attitude.

9) J.T. - I think he played a pretty good game in his first season and he deserved to win it. His likability and attitude was a lot of the reason that Coach and Tyson swung over and that set up J.T. and Stephen for easy money.

10) Yul - What's not to like?

11) Steph (Palau) - I blame her nastiness in Guatemala on that shitty season itself, Steph's still one of my all-time favorite female contestants. Her arc was enjoyable and she was great in challenges.

12) Big Tom (Africa) - Infinitely imitate-able and constantly entertaining.

13) Eliza (Vanuatu) - She's so witty and entertaining. She's one of the few people that I've liked on every season that she's been on.

14) Alicia (Australia) - I love her personality and her fiery attitude.

15) Lex (Africa) - Many people dislike Lex and that's fine, he's got that type of personality where people will either love him or hate him. He played Survivor with a lot of moxie. People think he's too entitled, well he dominated in Africa and he was in firm control in All-Stars until his blunder and betrayal.

16) Ethan (Africa) - He's one of the few genuinely nice guys that have been on this show. The reward with him and Lex in Africa still remains one of my favorite parts of this show.

17) Matty (Gabon) - This guy had a lot of heart and I really enjoyed his arc and how he changed throughout the season. He's a funny guy.

18) Rob C (Amazon) - Another person that played the best game in their season and did not win. I didn't like how he treated Matthew but his personality was hilarious and he was definitely entertaining.

19) Kim Powers - She's very likable and a sweetheart. It's a shame that she just doesn't have the "it" personality to ever come back for an All-Star season.

20) Coach - I'll take heat for this but I don't care, Coach is entertaining. They tried so hard to edit him into being crazy, delusional, and hypocritical; but as I have said many times I don't buy it. There's a lot of inconsistencies and most of them fall on the side of the production staff.