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1-3: "A Bright New Day" 2009.11.17 (recap)

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Posted Nov 21, 2009 @ 4:03 PM

Oh! Also if they poof into dust when you kill them, how did that not blow their cover? If the implication of the pile of dust that Ryan immolated him that would be badass though... unrealistic but still. Badass.




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Posted Nov 22, 2009 @ 3:40 AM

Why would any V be attracted or in love with a human? Gul Dukat aside, I don't think I could be attracted to a giant lizard no matter how great his personality.

My guess is that that aversion fades as you (and your culture) become more accustomed to aliens. Assuming Earth isn't the first sentient planet the V's discovered (which is to say that they're lying about that), it's possible that their culture is just used to the idea of different-form aliens. I guess at that point, your culture just sort of becomes like Jack Harkness - you find beauty in any form.

Also, the sleepers have been in human form for years, and even the Vs on the ship are impersonating humans, even the ones way out of the way of where tourists go.

Why did Dale marry Joslyn?

Because a habitual bachelor who is never sighted with a girlfriend despite being likable and attractive raises eyebrows? It's probably easier to marry someone who doesn't want kids than keep up the appearance of being a bachelor and having to put up with Erica fixing him up on dates or whatever.

The number one priority of Ryan and any V resisters is to give a full rundown of their alien customs, physiology, culture, language, fucking NAME!, and weaknesses. Why are Ryan and them calling them Vs like their human. They need to come up off the info. How is their species structured, etc. etc.

Because until the closing of this episode, that resistance wasn't really unified (and at this point, its unity is symbolic and fragile). The number one goal of Erica and the Priest isn't info on the Vs, it's info on the resistance. If there is a resistance that's been active for years, it's likely got that kind of info, so re-connecting with that resistance is their priority.

if they poof into dust when you kill them, how did that not blow their cover?

They're also hard to kill, so it's unlikely that many of them died in a public way. The *poof* death is actually easier to cover up than them leaving a lizard body, since all they have to do is die somewhere private, and then there's no way to prove they were an alien (or even that they're dead as opposed to missing).




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Posted Nov 22, 2009 @ 5:30 PM

I can't wait to see who John May is. It reminded me of John Connor . . . in the Terminator films. Is it a prerequisite of hero types to be called John?

As for every resistence leader beign named John . . .

Starting with the first and the best = John Galt.





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Posted Nov 23, 2009 @ 1:52 AM

It's funny because I'm more interested in the Vistors and the Fifth Column than I am about the humans. Anna is just creepy. Marcus is starting to look more and more like a Fifth Columnist, and did you see his reaction to Erica before she saved him from the planted shooter. It looked like love a first sight for him. Then there are the two known Fifth Columnists Ryan and Joshua, for whom no explanation is needed. I would like to know why Joshua became a Fifth Columnist. He was in awe of Dale's contact with humans.

The humans bore me, but it might be the writing. It's almost like the Vistors and the humans are written by two separate people.

The writing is definitely off. It's getting better but I find the writing especially sloppy when it comes to Erica and the FBI, Tyler, and Jack.

I was also intrigued by Marcus' bedazzled look at Erica. If he were human I'd say it looks like love at first sight, but since he's not, maybe he recognizes her from somewhere else or she resembles someone he used to know. There's definitely something there, and I'd be really surprised if he doesn't turn out to be a 5th Columnist.

As for Joshua, I thought his interest in human life was a scientific curiosity coupled with the ability to empathize with non-V sentient beings. He's clearly fascinated by humans and their culture. Maybe V-human hybrids already exist and he's one of them.

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Posted Nov 24, 2009 @ 12:01 AM

LuluBates if you're reading this, your recap is missing a pretty important part of the episode. You never mention that Joshua was revealed as a Fifth Columnist and that he killed Dale.

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Posted Nov 24, 2009 @ 10:31 PM

I want a T-shirt that says "The Fifth Column says hello. *stab*"

I am liking this show a lot. Hello all, BTW. I'm a hard-core Heroes poster (approximately 98% of my posts are on that board) but with that show likely coming to an end soon I've become interested in the new sci-fi series this year, particularly this show.

So far I am liking all of the separate stories and how they integrate into each other; in fact, just to be fair, I generally love ensemble sci-shows with arc-based stories in general.

I also ship Erica and Jack, despite the wrongness. They at least make a good Underground Resistance pair. The teenage son continues to annoy. We get the fact that he's "a troubled teenager without a father," show, so how about showing something redeeming about him? I hope that Priest Jack becomes a father figure to him so he becomes less annoying.

And about his bangs: if we're lucky Sylar will come in and cut them like he did Peter's.

I am also internally cheering for the fact that this show recognizes diversity, and has Vs posing as an African-American...banker? and a Hispanic auto mechanic. In fact, I wonder if that is part of their plan: if the Vs implement their plans with lots of minorites, maybe people would be more likely to overlook or hesitant to investigate them? Though we also haven't seen a "turned" female V yet, and I'd like to know how many of them their are or if they even exist.

And I'd also like to get at least a little backstory before the break on the history of the Turned Vs: why? How many are there? Are they predominantly male, and if so is it because of something in their culture (because females are the traditional heads of state and household)? How many of them because of love, and how many because of other reasons? etc.


John Potts

John Potts


Posted Oct 26, 2010 @ 10:01 AM

After a rushed pilot and a crawling second episode, I think this managed to hit the right "Goldilocks" pace. I like the way that Anna shows pretty good PR skills (and works on how to say "I am sorry for your loss" - which says to me that the conversion of the grieving mother was genuine, not that she's been replaced). I thought that the Spycam-in-the-Jacket thing was actually quite clever, too - hidden in plain sight. Though as somebody else pointed out, you have to wonder why they don't use the JacketCams to identify the Resistance. I didn't have a problem with the Vs whisking the "assassin" off to their detention, though it would have made more sense for Erica's boss to say something like "This is their Embassy, we have no authority here."

Really would like some high level military/political opinion on the Visitors though - surely there will be some "Evil! Kill it with Fire!" types among them (and they'd actually be right in this show) as opposed to evil reactionary types who are doing it simply "For the Evulz". Even if all they got to do was point out how hopelessly outclassed humanity is when facing the Visitors (they hold the high ground and clearly have better tech than us).

ZachPrukowski Because a habitual bachelor who is never sighted with a girlfriend despite being likable and attractive raises eyebrows?

Well my first assumption would be that he was gay - which depending on when he first arrived, would probably be a better cover. Unless Alien/Human hybrids are the goal, of course.