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Jeremy Gilbert: You Can't Keep Saying No to Me

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    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 8, 2013 @ 3:03 PM


I would say at least we got a scene with Jeremy shirtless, but it had to be freezing, or at least chilly, outside so Steven probably had to bundle up in between however many takes it took him for that first scene.

True but it helped with the photography, you know having perky defined nipples to show of the High Definition.... On the other hand they could have found a warm weather island to shoot on and had him in his underwear like it was a David DeCoteau film.... the hard decisions of a TV production team! Though I will say one thing not related to my personal enjoyment of Steven’s body, him being shirtless actually got a believable performance out of Kat Graham that she was attracted to him! I have always felt it was a one sided coupling in terms of acting and SRMcQ was the only one trying to sell the relationship since you know the writers weren’t and Kat was incapable. In fact it makes me wonder if last week the first time Bonnie has seen him shirtless as we have no clue how far that relationship got even though they also tried to sell it as a big deal for the characters!

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