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Your teams for an Amazing Race All-Stars 2...

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Posted Mar 11, 2013 @ 6:50 PM

Given how Survivor brought Francesca back (only to be fucked over by fucking Philip . . . again), do any one-and-done teams seem worthy of a return? The only ones I can think would be are Avi & Joe (TAR6) and Ryan & Chuck (TAR7).

Bi'lal & Sa'eed of TAR10, definitely. They were simultaneously the victim of a bad taxi and an ill-planned elimination twist.

After John's cockiness almost singlehandedly causing his team's elimination, I thought of that recurring idea of bringing back Racers that would like to run with someone else. Of course, few teams would agree to that and most likely we'd end up with another forced couple like Eric & Danielle again in that case.





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Posted Mar 13, 2013 @ 12:26 PM

I was thinking of Bilal & Sa'eed, as well as Vipul & Arti. I found it incredibly sad/funny that the show casted teams from seldom-selected ethnic groups (Arab, Indian), and both pairs were gone by first episode's end.

I know a lot of people forgot about Ryan & Chuck, but they were barely beat in the first leg by Ron & Kelly, the ex-POW and his barely-holding-it-together girlfriend. I think things might be different for the better had the country boys prevailed. However, I'm thinking that they'd get swept aside by -- at minimum -- Bopper & Mark. Even if their race wasn't really that great, they were a breath of fresh air in TAR20.





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Posted May 7, 2013 @ 5:58 PM

Obvious question . . . which TAR22 teams would be welcomed back for a second try? Dave & Conner are a given. Yes, they used a Fast Forward and an Express Pass to get two first-place finishes. No, there's no guarantee that they would've contended long-term had Dave not hurt himself. But he did, and they're cool enough to warrant a second try. Sure, Dave cries a lot, but I'm not annoyed and I don't think him any less of a man for it. Max & Katie could come back, if only because their status would go from "Newlyweds" to "Married." Mona & Beth would be fun . . . the only competition for the "older female friends" slot would be Brook & Claire.



ETA: I should probably put down Joey & Meghan in ink. They would totally get the Goth slot. Maybe Joey could grow up, though I kinda doubt it.

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Posted May 7, 2013 @ 7:52 PM

Possibly Chuck and Wynona, but they'd have to fight Mark and Bopper for the Designated Hick Team slot. I can't see both of them being there. Assuming the same rules as last time - no winners (no real big loss) and no teams from before the previous All-Stars (TAR18), I can see:


Andy & Tommy

Bill & Cathi

Justin & Jennifer

Art & JJ

Mark & Bopper

Misa & Maiya (for the way they got booted, as well as the 'second chance for first boot' slot, a la Francesca on the current Survivor)

Jaymes & James

Natalie & Nadiya

James & Abba

Caroline & Jennifer

Joey & Meghan

Chuck & Wynona

Pam & Winnie

Dave & Connor


That's fourteen already, but there's a couple of "one, but not both" choices there - aside from Mark/Bopper and Chuck/Wynona, I can't see us getting Misa & Maiya, Natalie & Nadiya, and Pam & Winnie at the same time. Of course, they'll probably fuck it up and bring back, like, Amani & Marcus to get more NFL-fan viewers, as though "people who are only watching because the game ran 40 minutes overtime" isn't a large enough demographic as it already is.


If anything, that list suggests they need to look back further and do a Survivor: Heroes vs Villains-style retrospective of the show's entire run. For one thing, the "but people won't remember the old teams" excuse they were peddling before TAR18 is bullshit, given both how the earlier contestants on that Survivor season (Colby, Jerri, Sandra, Rupert, Tom, Boston Rob) were significantly more enjoyable to watch than, say, Danielle, Candice, and Tyson, and the fact the early seasons are now on DVD. I mean, sure, that's a fairly decent list. But given the choice of that list and one containing, among others, Colin and Christie, Ken and Gerard, and Rob & Brennan, I know which one I'd pick any day.




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Posted Jul 12, 2013 @ 2:34 AM

I'm going for the teams from any season that haven't been back yet.

1. Rob & Brennan (Season 1 - 1st) - 1st winners earns them a spot

2. Tian & Jaree (Season 4 - 6th) - The first all-female team to ever look like even a possibility to win.

3. Kris & Jon (Season 6 - 2nd) - See if they're still god's gift to everything

4. Fran & Barry (Season 9 - 5th) - My favourite oldies ever

5. Terence & Sarah (Season 13 - 5th) - Them leaving meant it was a cakewalk for Nick & Starr

6. Nat & Kat (Season 17 - 1st) - The original female winners

7. Andy & Tommy (Season 19 - 4th) - One of the best teams ever statistically - could do without the hero edit.

8. Brendan & Rachel (Season 20 - 3rd) - I hate them, but I can't deny that they make good TV.

9. James & Jaymes (Season 21 - 2nd) - Great guys, eye candy.

10. Abbie & Ryan (Season 21 - 5th) - Easily the best team that season. Should have won if not for the plane issues.

11. James & Abba (Season 21 - 6th) - Loading up on S21 because it was fantastic and these guys went out prematurely.

12. Pam & Winnie (Season 22 - 7th) - Could easily be a million dollars richer if they knew that a bird was an animal

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