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Diagnosing Grey's Anatomy: How Would You Write the Show?

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    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 2:30 AM

Hey guys! I figured since there has been a lot of complaints about the writing this season and in past seasons that I'd make a thread for people to get stuff thats annoying them off their chest and post how they would write the show. Whether it be this season, next season or what would have made Seasons 1-4 better, what storylines would you change to make the show better and how would you write them?

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    Channel Surfer

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 7:00 AM

I guess I would rewrite since season 3 after the episode 7. At this point I think I would have make Meredith/Derek way more connected. Try to make Derek know deeper Meredith and vise-versa.
I would have make him step up in front of Ellis Grey.
I would probably also make Meredith stronger and don't let her father slap her. She would have defend herself when he was attacking her around the end of season 3.
Rose would never existed.
Also, I wouldn't let Meredith take anyone crap.
I would never paired Georges and Izzie together when he was married a couple a episode ago.

I would have focused more on real madical case, and ethic case.

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    Channel Surfer

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 8:02 AM

The past is already done and can't be changed. For season 6 I would ff to their fellowship with Meredith, Cristina, Alex and a fourth resident in a group with Bailey as their boss. They will have emergency cases that needs to be solved together as a group. If they found out that the patients has a brain problem the resident with the neurology fellowship will get to work with Derek on the rest of the case. The residents will all have their own research project arc. It will fix the shows group dynamic. Izzie and George will apply for a fellowship somewhere else.

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Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 8:45 AM

This show is so heavily reliant on it's ships that coming up with believable, compelling drama I'm sure isn't easy. However with 2 and a half seasons left I think the writer's can make the most of it.

Meredith and Derek:

Key to this couple right now is keeping Meredith strong and confident and "sticking" to Derek. It is a good time to have him descend on darkness and inner turmoil. And while that is happening would I want him to try to pull away from Meredith? For the sake of drama - absolutely. However would Meredith simply allow him to pull away and not say anything? Absolutely not. Keeping a common thread of her consistently to try to reign him in and "save him" from himself would make for some compelling drama. I think it's important to show how much she loves him.

Would Der descend into alcoholism? Possibly. Of course there would have to be a trigger. Getting fired/suspended from SGH may be a good one. What would Der do if he suddenly didn't have his work anymore? I think he would fall to pieces (or Vodka). However does he eventually get his job back? Well he would have to fight for his old job because the Chief has hired on a new Head of Neurosurgery. And the new guy and Derek won't be getting a long any time soon.

More later...





Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 9:02 AM

If it had it my way, every season would have equaled one year so instead of the residents finishing their second year of residency now, they would be finishing their fourth or fifth year. The timeline needed some logic.

By season 2 or 3 we would have known what happened to Alex, seen either his mother or father and what his family dynamic would have been like. It's unreal that at this point Owen's parents may appear before any one from Alex's past has appeared. This needs to happen before the end of the series.

Meredith would have been stronger during season 3, no near death experience. Meredith and Derek would have have broken up at the end of season 3. No Rose.

Kept the George and Izzie friendship the way it was. Have him become more mature after his father's death, not completely crumble. It would have been nice to meet Izzie's mother and get more of her backstory as well.

In general, there would have been a bigger emphasis on medicine and the Fab Five would have remained the focus on the show and how they dealt with their careers. Not so much on who they sleep with in the hospital. More medical dramedy, less medical night time soap.




    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 6:51 PM

I want the Fab Five to be the main focus of the show again. I want to see them interacting more with each other and see everyone do more stuff outside the hospital in general. I mean not a single Halloween- Christmas- or New Years party so that they get to dress up for once instead of same old situations at the hospital and the scrubs?

I miss situations like when everyone was helping Alex study, Cris and Izzie performing the illegal autopsy, Cris and Izzie being friends at one point, Alex and Mer bonding, the intern party at Mer's house, everyone pretending to love Christmas for Izzie's sake, their conversations in the basement hallway, etc.




    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 7:24 PM

HA! There is so much to clean up, I wouldn't know where to start.

First of all, I would never have introduced Lexie and the interns. They are a waste of space, and it's clear that none of the Fab 5 are really capable of being a good teacher to them.

Addison would be back permanently. None of this crossover shit...she never would have left in the first place.

Gizzie would never have happened, and Callie and George would have their lovely little O'Callie babies with no Erica Hahn or Arizona Whateverherlastnameis in sight!

LVAD-gate would have caught up with IzzMe and she'd be kicked out of the program. Back to the trailer park for you, Bethany Whisper!

And yeah, I'd not do the NDE, or the bomb dude, but I'd so keep Dr. Wyatt. And Owen. He's HOTTTTT.


Be Very Afraid

Be Very Afraid

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 8:11 PM

I agree with a lot of what's been said here.

First of all, I would have kept a proper timeline. Season one probably wouldn't have been enough to finish their intern year, so they would finish that at the end of season 2. So they'd be finishing up their 4th year of residency this season. By now, Bailey would be an attending.

Gizzie never would have happened. George and Callie never would have happened. There would be no Callie.

Mark never would have stayed in Seattle. Addison never would have left or would have gone back to New York with Mark, not to a stupid spinoff.

No NDE or Rose.

MerDer might have broken up at the end of season 3, then the season 4 reunion would happen. They would have much more in depth screen time this season than they have had.

I never would have introduced Lexie or any of the other interns, especially Sadie. They are a huge waste of screen time.

I wouldn't keep stunt casting to try to pull the ratings up.

George wouldn't have failed his intern exam.

Izzie would be busted for the LVAD and kicked out of the program. That way there would be no dead Denny. There would have been repercussions for Burke and Cristina over the tremor. At least suspended or banned from the OR for a certain amount of time.

There would be much more Fab 5 interaction. Actually it would be Fab 4 since I'm kicking Izzie out of the program. More lunch scenes, more scenes in the basement, maybe more scenes outside the hospital (definitely more scenes at Joe's and more Joe).

I'd like to see Meredith and Derek actually go out on some dates, not just have sex and be together at the hospital.

Ellis Grey would still be alive. She was awesome. And she would have interactions with Derek too, now that MerDer are together.

Susan Grey never would have died. And Thatcher wouldn't have become a drunk. I may have never introduced them at all.

Dr. Wyatt would still be here and MerDer would be in therapy together.

I'll probably think of more.

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Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 8:38 PM

As the show stands now would anyone do a time-jump of a year or two?

I think the interns had potential to serve a purpose. The residents need doctors lower on the chain to empower them. Otherwise the attendings and senior residents will forever have the upper-hand in this show.


Be Very Afraid

Be Very Afraid

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 8:42 PM

I wouldn't mind a time jump of a year or two as long as they did what DH did and have one episode to show how it happened. And as long as I don't miss out on a MerDer wedding.

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Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 9:01 PM

Okay, so this is my first post on here, and what a loaded question! Not that my opinion will ever mean anything to anyone, but here it goes:

Things I would change about the past:

- No Gizzie...just, no...

- No Rose...what was the point?

- Mer's NDE...at least if it had been handled better, but the way it was? Nah.

- The return of Dead Denny...there are no words.

- Mark and Lexie...they sort of remind me of a sweet father/daughter couple...is that what they're going for?

Things I'd like to see in the future:

- Relationship stability- yes, it is possible! There are happy married couples out there and it WOULD still be interesting to watch! Mer/Der need to get married and have those "crappy" babies already! Alex and Izzie need to get married. At least these original couples need a nice "happy ending."

- Don't bring in any more new characters, develop the ones you have! More about Izzie's daughter, Alex's past, more of Derek's sisters, etc. They have so much to explore there, but seem to choose to bring in new characters instead.

- Bring the light-hearted Grey's moments that just make the show! We want more of the lunchroom-esque stuff, or fun times at Mer's house with the group just hanging out, or George freaking out about tampons!

- George and Lexie...remember when Lexie was IN LOVE with George and then became a stripper at McSteamy's hotel room the next week? I think I may have missed a few weeks in between there.

- More "cute" scenes...Mer and Der dancing it out? Adorable. Izzie asking Alex to "go steady"? Swoon-worthy. More, please.

- More of Alex in his black wife beater shirt...what? That's weird, how did that get out of my head?

Okay, so that's my humble opinion...that was fun, even if it will never do anything more than to help me get it off my chest!




    Video Archivist

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 9:25 PM

I've see the time jump on so many shows now that I am sick of the idea. It isn't new anymore, it's just stupid and tries to fix bad and lazy writing IMO.

I'd kill off Izzy, George and Callie would have annulled their marriage instead of the cheating crap, no Izzy and George, no stupid ferry crash, Ellis would still be alive, the Chief and his wife would still be broken up, we would know more about Alex and perhaps have Alex/Addy as a couple, Addison would still be on the show, Rose would have never existed, Lexie would be less annoying, George would not have a super penis and Hahn would have stayed as a bitchy doctor with limited screen time. She was awesome in the LVAD episodes and they ruined her. Plus I love Brooke Smith, bad writing or not.

But most of all.....NO DEAD DENNY!!!!!




    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 9:40 PM

I can't take credit for this, and props to the poster who first said this (I'm just sharing) but wouldn't it bring things full circle if Derek and Meredith had to do their clinical trial procedure on Izzie?





Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 10:47 PM

Well, first off, I'm not going to try and repair what they've done. I'm going to go forward from where we're at now.

1. Bring back the lightheartedness of Sunday nights. We had darkness, but there was humor surrounding it. Just because you're competing with CSI doesn't mean you have to be CSI. ABC put you against CSI because your Sunday night formula made it a contender. Go back to that formula.

2. Meredith is dark and twisty. Derek? He's not. He's the annoying guy with the perfect hair who eats breakfast and muesli and sniffs hair. He doesn't get tired of death and he thinks every day is a 'great day to save lives'. I hate the man, I hate the Mer/Der relationship, but if it's going to be Grey's Anatomy and you expect it to be successful, you can't decide five seasons in that your knight in shining whatever is going to be a dark and twisty creature. It doesn't work that way.

3. Continuity.

4. Bring it back to the fab five. I don't care about unnamed interns, number 4.1, secret intern cutter societies. Showing them in a teaching capacity, fine whatever I get it. Use extras and quit wasting my budget on recurring interns that I don't care about.

5. Continuity.

6. Give Cristina a meaningful relationship, show her growing without 'losing herself'. Give her a combination of a Burke and an Owen. Somebody who wants more, but realizes that she has to come to it on her own. The last thing she needs is another Meredith (thanks, Sabra) and the last thing she needs is a broken man that she has to rescue all the time. She has issues too that needs to be addressed. Sandra Oh has acting abilities that rank with the very best and has been awarded for said talents. Use them. Please.

7. Thank you for Kevin McKidd. Show him naked. A lot. Show off his acting ability. Give him meaningful scenes that don't all revolve around the PTSD. Give him growth, give him a few sessions with Dr. Wyatt and find other sources of drama for him because it's getting old. Quickly.

8. Continuity.

9. Write Lexie Grey out of the show. Give Mark a woman. Say, I don't know...maybe Addison. That's right. Addison. Give up on Private Practice, it's never going to work. Blow up Oceanside in a special 14 hour event, have them all get syphillis, who cares. The three people watching it won't miss it that much. Bring back Addison, make her the Chief of Surgery, send the emo chief off into a corner to cut himself and put her with Mark Sloan where she belongs.

10. Learn how to spell Sloan. Is it with an 'E'? Is it without? One season, it says Sloane, the next it says Sloan. Quit confusing your fans. Seriously. And on that note, continuity.

11. It's not Stevens' Anatomy. If she wants to whine about how crappy the writing is, don't give her any. If she wants to bite the hand that feeds her, retract it. You have other more talented actresses you could be writing for. Besides, the only thing you're doing is having her masturbate to hallucinations of a dead man. I can do that. You wanna pay me $100K an episode? I won't bitch or moan. I promise. Well....I'll moan because it goes with the whole masturbating thing, but you get it.

12. Cut back the cast. The Chief can go, Lexie can go, Random intern #109 can go, along with random intern #1-17. We don't care about them.

13. Medical stories. Spontaneous orgasms, hillbilly families in car accidents, ex husbands and ex wives getting their piercings stuck together. That was some good shit. Go watch a few episodes of the discovery channel and pick up a story. Hell. Give Addison a woman with octuplets who has six other children. (And then give that woman a psych consult...)

14. Quit hitting us with anvils, seriously. We're not 14. We get it. We don't need it spelled out.

15. Peter Horton.

16. Continuity.

17. Keep up with the good music. My iPod thanks you. At least you haven't fucked up the sixth intern. Yet.

18. Quit jumping the shark. I know that you've been eaten, spit out, eaten again, excremented and eaten again, but seriously. One can only survive being shit so much before they become an obstruction. You're gonna kill the shark and the poor thing just doesn't deserve that. You can have a drama filled hour without trying to kill a shark. Save the sharks man!

19. If you kill it, leave it dead. Seriously. The first time I watched Denny kinda hanging out with the interns unnoticed, I was amused. Now I'm annoyed. Especially when he's taking up Cristina and Owen's screen time.

20. About Cristina and Owen, I'd like to remind you that Grey's Anatomy is about sex. It's been about sex literally from the first scene. If you're using Cristina fuckin' Yang for and Owen Hunt for Unresolved Sexual Tension because you don't have anything to hang onto MerDer for, I swear to God you're going to regret it. For further reference see item #1. Part of that formula is sex. Lots and lots of sex. And random making out. Especially with these two, but with others as well. You can't have random syph outbreaks without lots of sex.

21. Continuity.

22. Fire Shonda. Or duct tape. Duct tape is good. Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver. And it doesn't only have to be for her mouth. You can use it to tape her somewhere far away from a pencil, crayons, paper, laptop, whatever it is that she's using to destroy her show. Just keep the bitch away. Far, far away.

23. For the love of God, for my sanity, please just let Meredith and Derek get married, live in their house of candles and annoy the shit out of each other for a very long time. PLEASE. Save the angst for the interns. Off screen.

24. Continuity.

25. How about some advancement. You want me to believe in 5 seasons they haven't even made it two years? Let them advance, let them choose paths. Let them shine in their specialties. They're supposed to be surgeons and they're still reduced to holding clamps and suction. Give them real medical story lines and let us see them shine. I'm excited to see each of them do a solo surgery. Let us see that, please. That after all, is what this is about. At this rate, the series will end with them in their third year and we'll never get to see them as true surgeons.

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    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 14, 2009 @ 11:29 PM

All I can say is, I would not write the show, not a creative bone in my body. Can BNScrubnurse write it? Your post was more entertaining than last weeks episode ;-)


TWoP Mars

TWoP Mars


Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 1:34 AM

This thread is sort of whimsical and listy, so I'm moving it to the whimsy subforum.


muddy waters

muddy waters

    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 4:07 AM

Where the heck is the "whimsy" thread located?

Can't we please just leave it where it's easy to find, because it's a reflection on our interpretation of spoilers and the reviews of the actual shows. Honestly, this is one of the best threads that has been active lately.

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    Channel Surfer

Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 5:18 AM

Where the heck is the "whimsy" thread located?

Grey Chatter





Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 11:27 AM

Word to BNScrubnurse's post.

I'd also like to see all the doctors working the same shifts all the time end. Doctors don't work 9-5 and all doctors are not in the hospital at the same time, esecially residents. Its something ER used to its advantage and I would like to see GA do this as well. Not in every episode but ER would show doctors working and doctors at home. We'd see Greene working on patients while Carol and Doug were home. We'd see Pratt dealing with an overload of patients while Luka/Abby were shopping for maternity clothes/having sex in the dressing room, home with their baby, home together after a bad day, etc. We'd also see episodes where a doctor would show up mid-show or leave mid-show because their shift was starting/ending when they were not the focus of that specific episode. Couples at times also had to deal with being scheduled for completely different shifts. We saw the doctors outside the hospital, being a couple, dealing with children/aging parents/housing and their relationship/marriage. Even though ER had no title character there were clear leads throughout the seasons yet the personal & professional stories were told for each major character throughout their time on the show and not just in a 3 episode very special arc. It also helps with the following:

A) alleviates having 3 patients and 12 doctors. We now have doctors wandering the hall or having sex 3 times in a day in an on call room like Callie because they seemingly have no patients to work on.
B) giving some time to the various couple relationships for private conversations that don't have to occur in a stairwell, love scenes outside the hospital, etc.
C) allows each main character to have a professional life and a private life. Yes they cross but even doctors have time at home.
D) allows the character to interact with visiting family members without having them sit in the waiting room all day waiting for a conversation or worse, having them come in on a gurney.
E) everyone doesn't have to live in the same house to show characters at home

ER had far more scenes of the doctors at home and dealing with families, relationships, etc. In the end it was more effective of showing characters that had depth because we saw them as doctors and as people. We saw how being doctors effected them as people/their relationships and we saw how they person they were effected them as a doctor. Especially at this point in the series GA needs to move along with giving the major characters depth and show a little more of their lives. The 3 patient anvils a week for the 12 doctors is getting to be a tiring formula. Having some at work and some at home in episode (not all, some episodes) would IMO move things along character wise faster and get the stories told before the show comes to an end.

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muddy waters

muddy waters

    Couch Potato

Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 12:39 PM

Thanks Serriay




    Loyal Viewer

Posted Feb 15, 2009 @ 8:05 PM

Chops to Shonda for concept, characters, hilarious hot sex, and often, dialogue, but:

Bring back the lightheartedness of Sunday nights. We had darkness, but there was humor surrounding it. WORD Scrubnurse and continuity and advancement. Core frustrations.

I would add, the point, I think others have been making that cramming every character into every episode to move the story forward doesn't work for me. I'll remember them if they're not in one or two episodes...it allows for longer scenes, more dialogue and hopefully for me more understanding of their actions rather than WTH happened.

Big mistakes: Rose, Sadie, Hahn, Denny re-run (if needed, 2 or 3 episodes), Ava forever, cross-overs (O.K., you need them for ratings for PrP), Gizzie, Interns supervised by 2nd year residents (if you had to have Lexie couldn't she have been a transfer or assigned to Bailey), high school (surely, this isn't the prime demo), endless MerDer angst (way tooooo long), Meredith bashing (way tooooo much).

If we could time jump, then I want to see MerDer married and dealing w/ relationship and work issues, welcome to Owen. I watch for Meredith (I get that she doesn't magically get over her issues but diary was just more of the same), but SO will always be a stand out. Let's see all the Fab 5 move forward in their careers and out of the hospital sometimes, there used to be some fun bits about "real life" - grocery shopping, Cris' motorcycle, the ferry; George and his naivete, Izzie balancing her over What happened to the Chief and the loss of rating for the hospital. Either move forward with Mark or lose him, same with Callie. You can keep them on retainer.

Earthquake, been waiting forever, also annual awards banquet, out-of town consults, conventions/training, etc. It's called variety rather than new cast.

Shonda and the writers are creative and extremely well paid, no reason why this show can't be written as an "organic" story or almost like the wonderful novel it seemed in the beginning. S5 is better than the mostly forgettable S4. I don't actually like to do it but there is a reason why I do not watch live, but rather download and ff.