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3-12: "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?" 2008.12.14 (recap)

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Posted Sep 15, 2009 @ 10:22 PM

Wow... just wow.
Just watched the entire season over 3 days and I am amazed at what became of my once high opinion of the show.
Jimmy Smits? Man, that guy on NYPD Blue was fantastic (his death scene there made me cry), but on here he is an empty shell with an ever changing accent.
As for the plot holes, my lord there are just too many to list.
And, finally, I know it is a show and all but remind me never to visit Miami because apparently you can't swing a cat without hitting a serial killer in this town (or that precinct ... I know, I know, not Doakes but others think so)

The writing was very sloppy and an insult to Season 1.




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Posted Sep 21, 2009 @ 8:51 AM

I don't have Showtime so I only watch the show on DVD. I had to come here after only watching three episodes to see if that sinking feeling in my gut was something that would go away over the season but I see that I was right. Dexter has become domesticated and this show officially sucks. I'm not a Rita hater (I actually quite like her) but only bad things happen to shows after the leads have kids and get married.

Sounds like a series finale to me...


I don't even think I'm gonna finish out the season. I don't want to waste my Netflix on it.

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Posted Apr 3, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

Still working my way through the series. We zipped through S3 pretty quickly, I think.

The problem I (still?) have with Deb is that she's - quite often, IMO - a terrible cop. I'm glad that they at least give her moments of intelligence and savvy because I hated her in season 1, often rolled my eyes at her in Season 2 and have been so-so on her this season.

This woman has made some of the worst vagina choices possible: serial killer, hot gym guy, daddy substitute (AND BOSS), and then her own fucking C.I. One out of four was a good call (IMO) and that was the only one that she ended. Heh.

She's so desperate to get her shield yet - off the top of my head - she slept with Lundy, breaks the rules with the Skinner guy's property, sleeps with the C.I. on that case, attacks the Skinner suspect during interrogation blah blah blah and then has the nerve to be upset at Angel for him pointing out even ONE of these things? My God.

I really didn't understand her whole dilemma with Anton. She wanted to be with him but she was worried about the whole C.I. thing and how it would jeopardize her case. So, instead of (A) waiting to be with him or (B) excusing herself from the case so that it's not a conflict of interest, she fucks him and then bitches moans and frets the entire season. Brilliant. She's damned lucky that everyone relevant is dead because she'd have probably fucked their case. Kind of literally. But Debbie finally got her shield so she's fine NOW to excuse herself to be with him. You must feel so special, Anton!

She may have good instincts and yes she works hard, but she's a fucking hothead and unable to be objective; and we saw how well that type of behaviour worked for Doakes.

As bad as Deb's choices have been, Maria hasn't fared much better. Doakes was successfully framed to be the BHB, Ellen was murdered by Maria's former lover and good friend, then that guy was killed for good measure. Shit. I hope the cupcake thing between Deb and Maria is the start of a beautiful friendship. These women need friends.

Not a big fan of what they've done to Rita's character either. Sure, she's pretty (IMO) but the whole "Bridezilla" thing and the "I don't want a ring but actually I do" pissed me off no end. I really wanted him to present her with the engagement ring and for her to have been all "um, no, I said I didn't want one and I meant it. Deb was wrong. Hope you kept the receipt." ;) On a shallow note though: I thought her wedding dress was fucking gorgeous.

I've heard S4 blows all the doors off, so I'm very interested to know where they go from here...