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SciFi.com Preview: The Nooner Club (SPOILERS)

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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 4:35 PM

Romantique this

chip in his head (heh...nice one, Ron!)

moment brought me out a little.
First I thought "ahah, hilarious, Ron is so funny"
and then "wait, does Adama know about ChipSix (and the others) all of a sudden?"
and then "I'm so right. the chip characters are a manifestation of the final five" (my current pet theory)
and then I'd missed part of this incredible scene between Tigh and Adama. So on balance I actually found it a little distracting!

Luckily I get to watch again tonight.

Oh, and you are right, the Lee-holding-up-his-dad moment was amazing. That was the most physical contact they've ever had on the series, right? The occasional man-hug or hand-shake notwithstanding.




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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 4:37 PM

You've got to wonder what's going to happen to Kara at this point. She went to war on the notion that she'd been there, seen it, touched it, seen the glory that was a habitable home. What is going to be said of her, thought of her, as those in the know - those who took a flier on her bid to follow the music - contemplate that? I really like the idea that, somehow, it was Kara Thrace who somehow unwittingly annihilated Earth, though I think it unlikely. Somehow her jarring peacefulness from the last few episodes is really much more notable now - she thought she'd won this battle to convince the Fleet, and then, nothing?

We should also revisit the Hybrid's prophecy. Did Kara Thrace really lead them to their end? She was certainly near to all the events that lead to humanity's arrival at Earth, but did she lead them there? I see Three as a candidate for this by identifying the Four. I see Saul Tigh as a candidate. But I can't help feeling that somehow Kara has "bought her own press" so to speak, only reinforced by the fact that it was she who saved Tigh from the airlock.




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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 4:50 PM

To paraphrase Chip Gaius at the end of Downloaded, I have never loved any show more in my life life than I love this show now!

Just a few snippets that literally caused a physical reaction on my part were: right when Saul M.F. Tigh was going to fess up to Bill - I completely held my breath with both my hands slapped over my mouth waiting for it, mentally chanting "don't do it, don't do it - but you have to do it, I love you, do it!" And you gotta love Bill for pointing out that he can't possibly be a Cylon because he's bald - I nearly choked on that. Tigh standing in the launch bay before he egged Lee on, staring straight ahead with all the dignity in the world for being the man he wanted to be caught my breath again (hello, lighting geniuses!!!). And the shot of Starbuck's face after they drag Anders away - the complete betrayal and realization of what exactly that means (first Leoben with the doll house, and now Anders) she was so very decimated and alone in that moment, but then bad-assedly compartmentalized and focused on the task at hand. She hasn't been used much this season in a non-Crazy way and that just reminded me of why I first loved her character. Don't even get me started on the Roslin giving the final order - biggest lump in my throat ever ... with both hands in the air cheering, mind you.

I'm just thankful that a) I wasn't at work today, and b) nobody else was around when I watched this ... gives me the chance to real it in a little bit before regular broadcast tonight when I have to share this most awesome episode with others.




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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 5:03 PM

Baltar thanking Laura and his plea to D'Anna...those scenes were unexpectedly affecting as they must have been to Laura and D'Anna. But that moment where he raises his hands with his followers was just such a cheesy moment

Minor nitpick: After the injury he suffered last episode, I have to imagine that lifting his arms has got to be an excruciating experience for Baltar.




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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 5:42 PM

Oh My.

The look on Saul's face when he was saying "D'ana will back down if you threaten to throw me out of an air-lock".

Pure awesome.





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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 7:40 PM

Yes, jeet, but you could argue that he was "moved by the spirit" that any pain he felt in lifting his arms was ignored - a fanwank, I know :-)

And cmf161, I am so with you...this episode has truly cemented this show as my favorite show of all time. Just when I thought I couldn't love this show any more, we get this amazing episode. I can't wait to see it again on a bigger screen tonight! I too had my hands nearly covering my face, holding my breath throughout that Adama/Tigh moment. There was A LOT of intensity throughout this episode.

And psyche679, yes, that is the most physical contact we've seen between Lee and Adama...and just thinking of that on top of seeing Lee having to calm his own father from falling apart and thinking about how Lee must be falling apart as well. Just...gah!

And Tigh - why hasn't Michael Hogan gotten any award recognition?! He was also so amazing...and even as we understand and feel Lee's need to hit him, we still feel sorry for Tigh, who has lost his best friend in the world. Even if they ever reconcile, things between them will never be the same. (Random question - did we ever learn what Tigh's callsign was when he was a pilot? I assumed he used to be a Viper jock because of the squadron insignia, 3 Vigilantes, in his room.)

ETA: On second thought, I'm going to move that random question to Tigh's thread.

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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 8:23 PM

I just watched it together with a friend of mine.

The ending was hard.

Adama breaking down over the realisation of Tigh being a Cylon was tough and touching. And Tigh's look to Lee at the airlock, totally tough.

Roslin and Lee about the presidency, nice one.

Dualla sighting with Gaeta, interesting.

The last scene, one cam, all our characters in there...

I'm in shock, really, great stuff.

Thank you Ronald D.Moore. So far so good.




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Posted Jun 13, 2008 @ 9:29 PM

That would only assume a first strike scenerio, in which you are trying to take out the other's military and command structure in one swift attack, but for the second-strike party, the targets would be civilian, in order to deter any possible first strike considerations.

Having seen the last scene again, part of me does agree with earlier sentiment that New York City might be a good possibility, again because of the bridge remnants at the very last second, as they pan around the cityscape. I know it would be cliche, but hey, NYC remains the favorite City to find after the apocalypse, no? (They did it, they finally did it!)

The show is about 9/11. Where else were they going to land?

Shh! Let me have my dream that it's in my home state!

Seriously though, it's probably NYC.