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1-8: "Shrink Wrap" 2006.11.19 (recap)

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John Potts

John Potts


Posted Apr 16, 2008 @ 7:04 PM

I was wondering why we didn't get more of a reason for the psychiatrist's actions than we got (beyond Dexter's comment on his "God Complex") - normally Dex is eager to know why his chosen victims did what they did. Maybe he was just too pleased at his own breakthrough to be that interested. Though it was nice to see that he was actually a good shrink (other than the whole killing his patients thing!), since he had Dex pegged pretty accurately.




    Couch Potato

Posted Apr 16, 2008 @ 8:03 PM

On the Showtime website there is a section under special features called Dexter Victim Files. It could be a spoiler for you though if you haven't seen all the episodes. It shows all his victims. It gives each victim's occupation, Dexter's motive, why the victim deserved it, etc. "Mother issues" is the motive given for why Dr. Meridian killed his women patients.




    Channel Surfer

Posted Apr 16, 2008 @ 10:27 PM

Erm... mother issues? I saw that. It's a fan wiki, so it's not always so accurate. *shrugs*
I would have appreciated some last words...




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Posted Apr 3, 2010 @ 11:05 PM

Just started watching this show on DVD. I knew Rudy was the ITK from the first second I saw him. I figured they purposely cast an actor who looked like Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker, then styled him to emphasize it. Kind of a bummer to not have much mystery.




    Couch Potato

Posted Jul 28, 2010 @ 12:18 PM

I think it's honestly funny how stupid Deb is being.

She was so very annoying and needy in last night's episode that I wouldn't be totally upset if she were done away with.

True dat. You don’t even know how relieved I was when my Rudy leeriness was confirmed- I was thinking, “Yeah, flove the show, but not so much if it’s gonna be Deb being the ‘tough, yet damaged and sensual’ routine. She’s gotten too (hate to say it, but…) "standard girlyish, with "standard complicated girl" issues character. It sucks, but so far (and I just got done with the second DVD of this first season! LOVE IT!) her character has done a 180 in terms of how I like her.

The first couple of episodes, I really enjoyed her character (even that shaky voice thingy she does), her look and her manner, especially when she was in her cop uniform- it was a slightly hunched over masculine demeanor that, often times, a woman on the force would begin to (probably, also unconsciously) develop as an effect of the type of work, as well as, being surrounded by men…flash forward to her silently blubbering after sex, her doing the self-deprecating, approval seeking routine, i.e.- “How hot is crying after sex?” and then her whole little “Is that retarded? **looks down in fake shame**" re: something she was telling ITK about herself (maybe the “I haven’t told people about you because if we break up, then I’ve really lost something” scene?), the whole “I just f-ed my boyfriend AND we’re having dinner(?) latah!” annoying line when she got back from having her leg casted (real word?) by the ITK. **vomit** it was just too obnoxious and…not Dexter material, as someone else mentioned upthread.

I mean, I’m glad that she was promoted, and maybe I did have a bit of a girl-crush on her in the beginning with her hair back and in all of her uniformed glory, but I liked her character much better when she was still doing undercover, John stings now she is all glammed up. I guess I could've used more episodes of her doing more grunt work, while being "up and coming".

And, BTW, I agree with the poster who stated that her cop instincts/reflexes weren't really up to par during that "Afternoon Delight...with ulterior motives scene" with Rudy.





Posted Mar 18, 2012 @ 12:56 PM

I mean, I’m glad that she was promoted

I'm not. At least they've started showing that she has some good instincts because for a while there, all I could think of was "you're getting Dexter to do the work for you so that you can get a promotion/transfer that you haven't actually earned."

It was really pissing me off. And the fact that she (IMO) rode his insights to her promotion and now gets bitchy when he contradicts her theories now that she's a detective is so off-putting. His insights were good enough to get you to where you wanted to go but now that you've got the position it's all "fuck off, Dexter. What do you know?" Ugh.

I'm glad she's screwing the Ice Truck killer. Girl needs to know that her instincts can be waaaaaay the fuck off.

I call foul on the ITK having a giant walk-in freezer in his snazzy apartment, complete with dead body parts and such in it. Guess he never has visitors over? I mean, what if someone went in there to get a bag of frozen peas for dinner? Good lord! At least put some food in there to pretend it has a function beyond a morgue! At least try to fool the people, you know? And is that the kind of modification that you can make to your condo/apartment? Doesn't that shit need approval? What explanation did he give?

Otherwise, I think it's kind of darkly brilliant that Mr Choppy Chop is a prosthetic limb guy. It's just such a beautiful combination. His day job is to add pieces to people and his night job is to chop people into pieces. Wonder if he ever uses the parts as models for prosthetics...could that be why one of the victim's limbs had been trimmed to the bone on one end?

I also found the Rita/Dex sex scene quite hot. I even awwww'd a little bit when he expressed surprise that she would want to have sex with him again. His uncertainty and selfconsciousness were cute.

Good lord. Am I really rooting for a serial killer? What has this show done to me?

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Posted Jul 29, 2012 @ 1:08 AM

Tony Goldwyn, who played the shrink, is now playing the President in Scandal.

I think this was a turning point for LaGuerta, as she starts becoming likable around this episode.

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