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If I were a Timelord/Companion...

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Posted Jun 22, 2010 @ 8:45 PM

If I were a Companion, the first thing I would do is dig through the TARDIS records and read up on the Doctor's past adventures, especially focusing on enemies and the fates of past Companions.





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Posted Mar 20, 2011 @ 4:59 AM

Thread revival!

I haven't really considered what I should do were I the Doctor, but I've always thought that if the Doctor took me on as a companion, the first thing I would do is start carrying 'round a taser and a baseball bat. A taser would be great for when I'm grabbed from behind, but I imagine it would be ineffective against many villains. So when they're not bothered by electricity, or I want something with a little more range, I pull out the bat. It's unlikely either of them would actually kill something (not unless I was trying to, anyway) so I reckon the Doctor might allow me to get away with carrying them around, but they should be enough to hinder the villain while I make a run for safety.

On that note, I am totally on board with this TARDIS gymnasium idea. If I'm going to be running from things that want to kill or shoot me, I'll need to be in shape.

I would be asking incessant questions about all the Doctor's previous companions, simply out of curiousity. Then I'd want to go and visit some to exchange Companion-y experiences, get advice, see how they're dealing with life after the TARDIS, and just because it'd be lovely to meet them after hearing all about them. I would also ask about the Doctor's great enemies, for preparation's sake.

I would carry a backpack. It seems like a good idea to take the stuff I usually pack for draining - torch, water bottle, something to eat, jumper and a book, in case I get stuck with nothing to do. I would also bring a pocket knife, a lighter, a first aid kit, and one of those screwdrivers with all the different attachments, because you never know when those sort of things are going to come in handy. What if we need to take something apart?

Clothes aren't a problem, I already wear practical stuff that'd be fine to run or climb in.

When visiting the family, I'd check the date on the paper before actually going inside, so if we've arrived late we can just go back in the TARDIS and try again. Although really, I doubt I'd feel the need to be visiting my parents, it'd probably be just my Grandma (IDK what I'd tell her though) and sometimes my roommate.

I'd see if we could keep a TARDIS pet, simply because I don't really like not having something fuzzy around to cuddle and play with.

I would ask to take short trips 5, 10, 20, 40, ect. years into the future, just to watch science advance from where we are now to something much more futuristic, and to see where society's at in a few decades. I would also use the oppotunity to pick up everything Joss Whedon ever makes and watch it early. And to see if Deb ever finds out about the title character's little hobby on Dexter, and... Well, you get the idea.


Edsel Love

Edsel Love

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Posted Apr 17, 2011 @ 1:34 PM

If I were a companion, I would play hard-to-get with Captain Jack for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!




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Posted Aug 31, 2011 @ 3:27 PM

Here I go! *rubs hands together*

If I were another Time Lord (Lady)...

My TARDIS Would be a pocket watch (AND NO NOT LIKE A CHAMEILON ARCH)

If I picked up a companion, I wouldn't tell them anything. just for the fun of it.

I'd be called The chemist. call me chem.

If I were a companion...

I forth? not fifth. er... I agree with the TARDIS Gym. just saying.

I'd bring a backpack. yes. with...

  • A few "emergency suplies"
  • extra shoes. you don't know when yours will be burnt to a crisp
  • eyedrops. you know why.
  • A notebook and pen. and a sketchbook. for drawing The doctor.

I'd Wear a fez. fezzes are cool.




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Posted Sep 3, 2011 @ 9:36 PM

I would have the Doctor take me to Beatles concerts. ALL of them. Shea Stadium more than once.