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I Didn't Just Wake Up With a Craving: DW Dreams

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    Couch Potato

Posted Jan 8, 2012 @ 9:59 AM

Brought over from the TV Potluck board:

I was with Amy and Eleven (no Rory, which is a shame), and for some reason I was immortal. So Amy and I are having our adventure with the Doctor, as you do, and then he did something stupid -- but ultimately brilliant and noble -- and almost got himself killed, as he does.

I was shaken by Eleven's near-death, so I decided I wanted to pass my immortality to him. Now, I've never watched Torchwood, so I don't know if/how there's been a canon resolution to how the immortal Capt. Jack can die as the Face of Boe. However, after re-watching "Gridlock" I fanwanked that an immortal being can't be killed, but he/she can surrender (pieces or all of) the everlasting life force to sustain a planet or species or something.

In my dream, surrendering immortality isn't a unilateral decision; I had to track down this monk and ask his permission. For some reason, our meeting took place as we sat side-by-side on a school bus seat, and the conversation happened telepathically. The monk was telling me that no, I couldn't do that, I was sitting there getting teary and angry, and when he got up and walked away from me, I yelled after him, "I could hear worse things than angels singing!"

It's one of those things that made PERFECT sense at the time, and now ....