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5-22: "Finals Week 2: Performances" 2006.03.21

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Joe R

Joe R

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 7:13 PM

One song I recognize. Just one. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:00 PM

Was it just me or did Kat’s makeup and hair make her look remarkably like Jessica Alba?

I am officially in love with Elliott.


Sam Mills

Sam Mills

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:58 PM

I thought this week was a complete reversal from last week's crap. Bravo American Idol, I really enjoyed most of the performances this week. By the way, Ryan Cabrera and Constantcrap, leave me alone. Go away. I did love the little girl though.

Mandisa: Absolutely brilliant. I thought she looked stunning. It amazes me that she's not a clear frontrunner in this competition.

Bucky: Bland and forgettable. Mumbled his way through it and it's too bad because I want to like him. He won't let me.

Paris: This was probably the best I've heard her. I loved her throughout this song and she reminds me of a less annoying Fantasia when she sings.

Chris: WOW! Now, I might not be the most impartial observer in the world, but I just saw Walk the Line for the first time this weekend and adored that movie. I wasn't expecting Chris to be able to pull this song off the way he did, but I was amazed. Despite not being much of a fan of his, I thought he had the best performance of the season so far. Is he a one-trick pony? Of course, but I’m starting to like the trick. Again, it might just be the new Johnny Cash fan inside of me talking though.

I did absolutely hate how he took credit for that version which was just a ripoff of the version on the Best of Live’s CD.

Katharine: God, I have such a crush on her. She somehow gets more adorable every week.

Anyway, let's get the weekly fashion adventure out of the way first. I thought her dress was alright. Not as atrocious as previous weeks, but there was just something that wasn't quite right.

Now to the performance: It...was just alright. I voted for her 5 times last week, but it was just too forgettable this week when compared to some of the other performances for me to pick up the phone and vote for her. It was weird having the disconnect between Simon and me. I love Katharine and naturally want to love her performances, so I was shocked when he praised her like he did.

Taylor: Just like Katharine, I couldn't get up to love his performance even though he's one of my two favorites. Probably the worst performance of his I've seen. It was too bland of a song arrangement for him.

Lisa: *thoughts during Seacrest interview*--She's so going home.

As for her actual performance…another meh. Better than her usual meh, but still meh. I think she’s going home tomorrow, especially since both Kevin and Kellie gave passable to good performances.

Kevin: Is it a good sign for him or a bad one that I burst out laughing just by looking at him before they went to the commercial break after Lisa sang? Again, I just can’t get over how much he reminds me of my baby brother.

Wait…if you’ve never fallen in love then what the hell was with Part Ti…you know what, forget it.

In fact, I could write about 10 pages about this kid, but I’m just going to say that I just don’t understand it. I don’t get this kid and I didn’t like his performance. However, it was at least tolerable, so I’m sure he’s going to be around for at least another 3 or 4 weeks which both saddens and frightens me.

Elliot: Did you really just have the balls to say you weren’t fond of Barry Manilow before you met him? *votes for Elliot for 2 hours straight*

His actual performance was one of his better ones that I can remember and I’ve never been a fan of his. I thought he did a good job even though I can’t say I really liked that song.

Kellie: Dude, Simon so wants to bone her. The looks he kept giving her were hilarious. Anyway, I’ve hated the Pickle since Day 1, but this might have been the first time I’ve enjoyed one of her performances. I thought she did a pretty nice job even though it was still just painful karaoke. But this girl needs to stop taking Paula’s pills. The stupidly fake Jessica Simpson crap needs to stop. Here’s a hint: We can notice if you get progressively dumber as the weeks go by. We can tell it’s an act. I mean…did she honestly say “I thought I was a jacket”?

Ace: Another guy I don’t get. Painfully average vocals with very little stage presence. That’s really I have about that.

By the way, can Paula even count to 34?


the fresh maker

the fresh maker


Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

Wow, Mandisa. You killed that. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaooooow. [/Naima]. She looked sexy. She had great showmanship. Her makeup was perfect, and she showed great range and versatility. She brought on a little growl, too. I noticed Simon was smiling during her performance, and his neck was oh so subtly grooving with the music. He did not pick her to be one of the Final Three, so I am quite happy that not only did Simon love her performance, but he thought she was sexy too. That has to be one of the best AI performances I’ve ever witnessed, well beyond that of a contest. That was just classic. WOW.

This has been the best Paris has looked and sounded. She got upstaged by Mandisa, though. (Yikes! Maroulis with highlights!) Katharine was also on Paris’s level (despite that loud, rank note). Of the men, I would say Elliott was better than Chris, even though I liked Chris’s performance. Manilow was the best thing to happen to his showmanship.

It’s not fair for anyone to follow Mandisa, even though I agree that Bucky’s performance was karaoke. Loved the mic theatrics though. I’m surprised Simon said he was better than that (I agree) because I don’t think Simon wants him around much longer. Why tell America he has more potential, so they’ll keep him around?

Chris has never compromised because he’s a one-trick pony, and that’s all he can do. Don’t get me wrong; boy is real, real good at turning that trick, and it was a brilliant decision to switch up “Walk the Line” like that.

Who knew that Taylor could be so boring? He also kept brining his mic down, so I couldn’t hear the ends of his lines. Not a complete mess, but you know, stop SHOUTING AT SIMON. I completely zoned out during that interaction/debacle.

Kevin was better than Taylor and Bucky, and he got the pimp split screen. I agree with Paula. I agree with Paula! He does have a lot of moxie. Nice backhanded compliment, Simon.

I’ve learned something: Jazzy + Urbanized = Boybanding It.

I’m glad that Manilow worked with the contestants again. (But he didn’t know “Walking After Midnight”?) Manilow Night during season 3 was so enjoyable for me because he helped arrange the songs in ways that fit each individual’s voice and style….and he told them to think about what they’re singing! Tonight was no different. Too bad they don’t have more guests like him and Stevie Wonder.

Lindsey Cardinale? Jasmine Trias?

If I have to pick who’s going home, I’d say Lisa. Although she can sing, she doesn’t have the same level of energy and spark the great singers do, and I don’t believe she has a fanbase to sustain her.

I enjoyed the night more than I thought. A lot of the performances were quite strong.


True Dat

True Dat

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

What wonders will emerge tonight on this schlockfest known as AI? Barry Manilow appears to witness the carnage. Tsathy, are you in the mood for pickles?

1. Mandisa: I Don't Hurt Anymore (Dinah Washington) - Mandisa looks elegant and delicious tonight. Saucy, bluesy, and just fine. Nicely controlled throughout and belty when it needed to be. Dinah could certainly belt and Mandisa did Ms. Washington proud. I love her. Simon thought it was a "sexy" performance and he "absolutely loved it." I wholeheartedly agree. I also agree with Randy. The rest are gonna have to bring it to match that performance. The best performance I have heard this season (with the exception of Paris's "Billie Holiday during the initial auditions). This was Mandisa's "Stuff Like That There." Wow! 9.9

2. Bucky: Oh Boy (Buddy Holly)- Got a little off pitch on the first verse. This is a high energy song and Bucky is kinda plodding through. Handled the key change okay, but he's gotten off-pitch again. He was a little bit "off" throughout. Okay, but not good. I'm underwhelmed. Bucky is such a nice guy and you want to root for him, but unless he's got some great surprises for us later on, he'll be gone soon. 7.0

3. Paris: Fever (Peggy Lee)- Barry is amazed with the depth and power in Paris's 17 y.o. voice. I agree. Marcel waves in her hair and a flower behind her ear. I know people don't like Paris, but this kid's instrument blows me away! When Paula talks about singers "coloring" a song, folks should listen to this performance to understand Paula rambling. The nuance and the knowledge that Paris is able to use to change a song to fit her performance is unreal for someone so young. People may hate her, but this kid has my heart. Wow! 9.9

With Paris's performance, Bucky just got the most unlucky spot on the show. To be sandwiched between Mandisa and Paris's performances showed just how vocally weak he is in comparison to real singers. Poor Bucky.

4. Chris: Walk the Line (Johnny Cash) - Chris attempts to change the song and is all kinds off pitch at the start. Now as we get to the middle of the song, we hear more of Chris's true vocals and he has a decent voice. And now we are back to screaming and it doesn't sound so good. Chris should have continued to sing this song softer and I would believe that he was a singer and less of a screamer. Glad that Chris tried to switch it up, but I want to hear him "sing" a song. The first half of the song was a nice change. The second half was more of the same scream, scream, growl we've heard every week. Randy applauds Chris for staying in his box. It was good, but not great. 7.9

5. Katharine: Come Rain or Come Shine (Ella Fitzgerald)- If she wants to lose the pageant girl robot vibe she should have stayed the hell away from this song. Every third pageant singer does this song. There were several points where she was drowned out by the band. Rank last note. The performance was good, but not great. I can hear her vocal training but she doesn't move me. The girl is a good singer, but for me, she was crushed (NPI) tonight by Mandisa and Paris. There was more energy in their performances. She is a very good singer, but leaves me a little cold. 9.0

6. Taylor: Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)- Barry recognizes Taylor's natural talents and great high tenor voice. Says he's one of the best male vocalists on the show. That's high praise. I do wish Taylor had picked a more vocally challenging song because he has the chops to do it. For the first time, I didn't bop my head to a Taylor performance. That was not the song for him. He is a fun performer and you can tell he has such love for the music. Randy agrees with me on the song choice and the lack of challenge to Taylor. Paula, STFU and have some manners and let Simon speak. Taylor's still better on an off night, than Bucky on a great night, but it was the song choice that made this not so good. 8.0

7. Lisa: Why Do Fool's Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers)- Like the changes in the song, but the arrangement sounds funky. This is the second week in a row that Lisa's arrangement didn't really fit what she is capable of vocally. I think Barry may have changed the arrangement too far from the original. This kid is doomed by song choice. She may very well hit the seal again. I feel bad for her. She's only 16 and this is her dream, and she is talented, but Paris has ****TALENT!**** while Lisa has talent! 7.5

8. Kevin: When I Fall in Love (Nat King Cole) - And Nat King Cole is waiting under the seal with Tsathy to devour this fucker. He can sing ....in a high school glee club sorta way. Yes he's in tune, but the soullessness, blinky eyes, raised eyebrows, furrowed brow is fucking hilarious to me. Ooooo, Kevin hits a couple of rank notes and my husband shouts, "Bad Chicken!" He was a feather better than Lisa 7.7

9. Elliot: Teach Me Tonight (Al Jarreau's version/ original by The DeCastro Sisters)- Elliott picks the most difficult song of all the contestants. That's a challenge. Elliott does an amazing job. He hit every nuance and key change and syncopation. The male performance of the night and a hair's breadth behind Mandisa and Paris. Delicious! My bandmates actually stood up in my den and applauded! Randy is really in my head tonight and says exactly what I just wrote about the difficulty of the song. Now he's talking like a musician. Paula, "MNSKJIGUGDUHVGFDOFVAGHVAO!" STFU! Simon loved it. For me, Elliott is hella talented. 9.8

10. Enos Pickle: Walkin' After Midnight (Patsy Cline)- Why didn't she pick "Crazy?" The makeup gun was set on whore! Our drummer shouts, "And now she's just twanging because she can!" My hubby says,"Patsy Cline had soul. I don't hear any of that in her voice." They are very smart! That was lifeless and uninteresting. She was decent, but she isn't talented enough to carry Elliott's jock. 7.0

11. Ace Gyllenhaal: The Still of the Night (The Five Satins)- Started out off pitch. Stays off-pitch through most of the song. The eye fucking can't make the pain in my ears stop. A gorilla came in on that last false-etto and smashed my teevee and slapped my husband. I secretly wonder what performance the judges just heard. Bucky was better. 6.8

My rankings.
1. Mandisa - 9.9
1. Paris - 9.9
3. Elliott - 9.8
4. Katharine - 9.0
5. Taylor - 8.0
6. Chris - 7.9
7. Kevin - 7.7
8. Lisa - 7.5
9. Bucky - 7.0
10. Dull Pickle - 7.0
11. Ace - 6.8

Should be in bottom three: Bucky, Kellie, Ace
Will be - Bucky, Lisa, Kevin

Lisa is outta there.

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

Mandisa was awesome.

Bucky, though not my favorite vocalist by FAR, is growing on me personality-wise. That bit when he moved his hands along where he knew his name would be was actually really cute.

Paris was awesome.

When they cut to the first shot of Taylor dancing on the stage, I swear my first thought was “when did Pee Wee Herman get so old and ditch the bow ties??” Don’t get me started on my dislike for Taylor Ticks.

Katherine was AMAZING….she is still my favorite, and I’m still kind of confused as to why none of the media or head honchos or whatever haven’t talked about her amazing talent more than they have. But whatever.

Lisa drives me crazy, please get off my tv.

As soon as I saw Kevin sitting on the steps I picked up my magazine and tried my best to ignore him. Ugh. Although I will say his hair looks much better now that he’s not slicking it down on his forehead with his sweaty little pre-pubescent hands.

I think Elliot looked positively handsome tonight. Seriously, I’d date him. Aside from that, I have ALWAYS loved his voice, and I stand by that. I think he’s great, and he’s my favorite guy….but I do kind of see where he doesn’t really connect with his songs sometimes…like his eyes are vacant or something. It’s odd, because you can tell he’s an emotional guy. Either way, he has my vote.

Kellie Pickler. Her tiny mouth drives me nuts.

Ace Young…..oh man. He had me at Father Figure, was losing me last week, and I’m afraid I had to let him go tonight. It was nice while it lasted, Ace. Now please go wash your hair.




Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

That was the most fucked up two hours of my life. Damn. What happened to Pickler?




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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

As soon as Ryan said something about Chris mixing up Johnny Cash, my heart sunk into my stomach. I knew Chris couldn’t pull off that Cash rhythm. If I have any sacred musical cows, Johnny Cash is it- it took a long enough time for me to warm up to the idea of Joaquin Phoenix singing Cash- it’d take me even longer to warm up to Daughtry doing it.

So, Chris Daughtry? You are DEAD to me. Ya hear? DEAD. You have no versatility. You just sucked all the life out of fantastic classic song. It was Johnny Cash’s lyrics but none of his charisma or emotion. And you did not just come out dressed in all black. You were my second favorite, but not anymore. Everything I love about Johnny Cash singing “I Walk The Line” was lacking in that performance.

I knew Kellie would do Patsy Cline- it was telling that Manilow didn’t even know “Walking After Midnight” but he got the point of the lyrics faster then Kellie, who didn’t even know the song was from this era. And she ruined it. No emotional connection to the song (you don’t flirt and wink when singing “Walking After Midnight!”), and none of the vocal richness of Cline’s voice. And the singing to Simon was obnoxious. As was the minx/mink/am I a coat? business. Can we cut off her mic all the time? Please?

In conclusion, Chris and Kellie made my soul hurt.

I loved Mandisa and Paris (both were stunningly dressed too). Bucky was good but not the best of the night (although his quote about not expecting famous people to be nice was funny, and I think he realized after he said it how far he stuck his foot into his mouth with that.) Katharine was gorgeous. Lisa was the best she’d ever been. The Elliott love is beginning to sink in for me as well- he looked really good tonight (love his eyes), and sounded great. God dammit, Chicken Little totally charmed me tonight. Not enough to vote for him, but he was legitimately cute and not annoying. Ace was much better tonight as well- and I loved that blue shirt that matched his eyes.

Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Stupid suit and shoes aside, you’d have had to scoop me off the floor in a bucket after that. Still, I’ll admit, not as good as last week. He actually embraced the whole fifties theme- fun and cheesy and energetic. The sax thing was gold. I love just bopping around to that song, as well- not a vocally challenging choice, though. Overall, the performers who ran with the fifties idea were my favorite- I’m talking to you, Daughtry.

Overall, though, this show was entertainment gold. I love the fifties so much, and consider it a pity I was born 50 years to late to really rock a poodle skirt. (Although I go to a community sock-hop every year with my sister just so I can).

M respect level for Barry Manilow shot up 1000% after seeing this show. And the Sammy/Ryan stuff made me squee a little.





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

We open the show, and Mandisa is shouting at me, as usual, but I love her anyway. Paula is making no sense, and calling Mandisa a horse (I mean, can she do that?). Has Ryan been reading the re-name the contestants thread? "Mandiva" had to be some kind of a shout out.

Bucky, my love for you was really growing, but the switching the mic from one hand to the other was really distracting. Glad to have lost the Clairol hair, but I have to agree with Simon on the performance tonight (sorry... and doubly sorry if you go home tomorrow instead of the Pickle or Chicken Little).

Memo to Paris: Lose the dress, keep the voice. OMG, did Randy just say "dope"? Someone get the man a thesaurus, STAT. Does Paula even know what "impeccable" means? I doubt it.

Chris: “We’re going to try something different tonight.” And by different, he means the same old trick. God, they even got Barry to pimp him. Can’t we just send him back to 1995 already? Memo to Paula, keep your damn panties on, woman.

Excuse me for a moment; just the sight of Constantine makes me have to shower.

And now, Kat Scratch McPhever will be eye-fucking us. Damn, now I have to go shower, again; though I have to agree that she was great. Damn Paula, aren’t they all your favorites?

Taylor bores me, especially after the McFever. And the white shoes made him look really, um, “special.” ITA agree with Simon on this one, it wasn’t good. Paula, Simon is right, it isn’t a dancing competition, otherwise, Kevin would not be here (actually, given that it is a singing completion, I’m still not sure why Kevin is here). Moving on.

Why do fools fall in love? Why is Lisa here? That was easily my least favorite of her performances, and I have pretty much hated her since the top 24 started.

I hate the sitting on the stage thing. I hated Kevin’s hair. His singing was musical wallpaper. He doesn’t have to go home this week, but for the love of all that is holy, please let it be soon.

I like Elliott with the facial hair. Love him. Love Simon for giving credit where credit is due.

Sorry, I’m having trouble believing a) that Kellie didn’t know Patsy Cline sang in the 50’s and b) that Barry Manilow had never heard of “Walking after Midnight.” I don’t care if he is from Brooklyn. Whoa, Bob, who in the makeup department did Kellie piss off? That blush job was enough to scare small children, and by small children, I mean me. Paula calls Kellie a tigress; I wonder why the hell she is saying Kellie resembles a river in Iraq. Then I realize that Paula has no clue what the Tigris is and she is actually referring to a female tiger, annnnnd I still want her to shut it.

Last of all, Ace. Little creeped out by how excited the little girlie was about seeing him. Little creeped out by Ace himself. Not a fan of his singing, or his falsetto. We get that you can sing like a woman, now stop it; didn’t you notice how fast we got rid of Sway? Why the hell did he get the damn pimp spot?

Only Paula would give two thumbs up to being called part of a dysfunctional family.

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    Couch Potato

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

So, Paula seemed surprising lucid tonight. On the OTHER hand...whose cup was Kellie drinking out of? Cause Girl was acting like she had no FUCKING clue where she was after she sang. She just kept saying “It’s a pick-kuhl. Look...a pick-kuhl. Some one has a pick-kuhl!”

Yeah, she is SO the Scott Savol for me this year. I liked her at first but I need her to leave...STAT. Very irritating. I even liked Scott longer than this last year.

merrycherry701 - I am right there with you. I don't know how much I can downplay my love for Elliott to my co-workers anymore. They already think I am strange.

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    Loyal Viewer

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

Man, that was long.

Quick notes:

Mandisa is GORGEOUS.

Bye bye Bucky.

How skeevy is Constantine? I mean really, he looks like he hasn’t showered since his season.

I almost love Covaith after his song. Almost.

And yay! Elliot is getting cuter. I, of course, will love him no matter what, but he was looking all sexified tonight. The little bit of extra hair really makes a difference.

Kellie apparently has never used blush. I guess they don’t have it in that little town she’s from. “let me paint this here pink stuff on my fayce, I’ll look purty like one of them there circus clowns”

I hate Ace. Paula, on the other hand, does not.





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 9:59 PM

Mandisa - While I hated the song for some reason, it was her best venture into the non-screamy part of her range (read: her lower register).

Bucky - Reminded me of JSIV's "Crocodile Rock." Definitely not a good thing. I agreed with Simon. And it didn't help that Paula and Randy backtracked after Simon's critique.

Paris - It's great to love Paris again. Sounded like it would've been better live though.

Chris - Whatever, judges. What 90s grunge/rock band cover will Chris use next week? Too be fair though, I went to yahoo and searched for "I Walk the Line" covers, and wikipedia spat this out for me, so I have no idea what it sounds like.

Katharine - Completely in her element with this song. Awesome. I hope she causes the upset in Simon's F3 of Kellie, Chris, and Taylor, namely ousting one of the first two.

Taylor - I think Taylor's great, but I thought it was meh. I like stuff he can emote with this soul voice, and this wasn't one of those songs.

Lisa - I love how the only thing of note I can remember about her now is that she was in the Bottom 2 last week. A boringly repetitve song for a boring and repetitive singer.

Kevin - There's a fine line between innocent and cheese-tastic, and I think Kevin walked it as well as he could. And again, I liked him better than I did some others tonight. Simon does his "you've taken it like a man" in hopes it'll get Kevin the boot.

Elliott - I wish he'd clean up his vibrato, because it bugs me sometimes. Nice, easy to listen to, and the phrasing was very good.

Kellie - Sounded good to me. While I don't think she in anyway deserves the Top 3 Simon or the voters have seemed to given her, this was good and I can see why she's there. Okay, fine, the utter silence and head scratch after "learn anything new this week?" was funny as hell.

Ace - Even gets a pimp brat (who's better at Kellie's schtick than Kellie herself). Idol rule: If you're in the bottom 3 the first week, you'll get the pimp spot next week (K-Lo, Amy, Jessica, Ace). And this was the least deserving performance of the pimp spot since Savol's "Dance With My Father." Boring song, bland singer = Zzzz.

Should Hit the Seal - Bucky, Lisa, Ace
Will Hit the Seal - Kevin, Lisa, Bucky
Should Be Booted - Lisa or Ace
Will Be Booted - Lisa or Kevin

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:00 PM

So 2 hrs of Manilow Patented Key Changes later, and my ears hurt.

Ace was horrid again, the Pickle was twangier than Patsy Cline ever came close to being on that song (and I have a hard time believing that Manilow NEVER heard that song before), Lisa and Kevin were very much high school musical, again, so it was like the anti-last week. All the best at the beginning where they could all be overridden by the latter-half catastrophes.


I did absolutely hate how he took credit for that version which was just a ripoff of the version on the Best of Live’s CD.

Thank you! I knew it sounded familiar but couldn't place it.

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Oh, Barry, Barry, Barry. I love you to pieces, but just come out of the closet already. You are as gay as a picnic basket.

Wow, Mandisa. That was hot stuff. I guess if Elliott can’t win, I wouldn’t mind if she blows Chris or Kellie out of the water in his stead. And she looked so gorgeous, too, with the head full of loose curls and that smokin’ dress. But what the hell did Randy mean when he said he “didn’t know who was waiting in the wings“? The other 10 contestants, Jackson, who’d ya think?

Spoiler was wrong, Bucky does “Oh, Boy,“ not “Jailhouse Rock.“ Good choice, although he‘s just not that thrilling a performer. Cute spin of the mic at the end there. The Jesus hair, I’m not loving so much.

Paris does “Fever” again? She still seems like a little girl dressed up in Mommy’s clothes, playing grown- up. Too precocious. Although she did sound powerful. I just wish we could turn off the cartoon mouse speaking voice. And the hair was atrocious!

The King of Siam---I mean, Chris --“respects Johnny Cash’s creativity,” but is going to do his own version of “I Walk the Line.” Because he is a clueless asshat, is why. Sacrilege! Chris is a pathetically limited dullard who hasn’t got the first idea of how to break free from his tiny little alt-rock world. I love that Barry basically told us just that in the clip, but politely, with merely a hint of a sneer. Of course, though, the judges foamed at the mouth over his dreary, predictable performance, which sounded EXACTLY like every other one he has phoned in, with Simon actually declaring it a “refusal to compromise.” Good God, it’s like ipecac for my soul!

Kat McPhee. Oh, I lovelovelove “Come Rain or Come Shine”! She’s a little sharp in spots, but otherwise she does a pretty good job. I also thought she was going to fall out of the side of her dress. Why can’t she find the right clothes? Boy, Simon “loved it,” like he “loved” Mandisa’s performance. Did he take some of Paula’s drugs tonight?

Taylor looks very cute in the light blue suit and sneakers. The song isn’t very compelling, though, especially in contrast to Mandisa and Kat‘s jobs. Serviceable, is all, I’d say. Why was Simon getting all gooey about him on TV last night? And now he pans the performance ? WTF?

Lisa Tuckerin lulls us to sleep with “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” God, she’s boring. And what’s with the pedal-pushers? She wore a different pair in the results show last week. Not a flattering look for anybody.

Chicken Little clucks next. “When I Fall in Love,” which Barry declares in practice “not innocent enough,” heh. In performance, with his baby blue polo shirt and Kewpie doll ‘do, it’s so innocent, you think his testicles are going to descend when he finishes. Blech to the max.

ELLIOTT! First of all, the goatee is very cute! Second of all, he seized “Teach Me Tonight” like an intercepted pass, hurled it in a perfectly smooth arc through the goalposts from 100 yards away and won the game for the old school as the crowd roared its love! I dunno sports metaphors, whatever. He killed, mah babies! Ya know what I mean, Yamin! Finally, Simon says something coherent, too.

Kellie. Patsy Cline has been killed in a fiery crash yet again. What was that weird pronunciation of the words? Lahk Ah du-yew? Fuh yew? Nix Pickler! Evict Pickler! Yick, Pickler.

Ace. Ha, Barry says “we” all melt when Ace does falsetto. I repeat, Barry, hon, at least crack open that closet door, it must so stuffy in there! Anyhoo, “In the Still of the Night.” Was that really “urbanized jazz”? I was not impressed. He bores me. And that chunk of hair in his mouth was distracting.


My Way

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:02 PM

OK, maybe it was just me, but Chris sounded REALLY off pitch in parts. I thought there were some seriously rank notes in their. I like the arrangement, but I'm sure that was covered by some random rock band and I give all the credit for the good stuff to Barry not Chris. Tongue Bath by the judges still.

a ripoff of the version on the Best of Live’s CD.

I knew it!!! God Chris. You are starting to make me hate you. Don't do that.

Taylor didn't annoy me during the song as much as he has in the past, but he still bugged me every time he wasn't singing. Still hugging himself, still doing obnoxious shit like singing Mandy to Barry and bugging the Sax guy (who was great). Still Taylor.

Mandisa, Paris and Katherine can stay (although Kat was seriously high school play girl to me tonight).

Bucky wasn't at his best. I wish he would have sung Are You Lonesome Tonight.

I loved Ryan's suit.

Lisa Tucker is still boring. She's out of her depth. She had serious Dorothy shoes too.

Fucking Pickler, singing Patsy Cline. Whatever.

And now for E! Elliot? My love. Aww! Barry brought it out of him because he was fucking hot! The stylist who chose his facial hair and the yellow shirt and tie deserves hugs and kisses forever. I really felt some emotions from him beyond his love of song. Beautiful.

Barry is really good at what he does. I wish he did it every week. Everybody always sounds better.

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    Couch Potato

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:00 PM

" ...dancing."
"It's a singing competition."
"You just can't dance."
"It's a singing competition"






Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:00 PM

Mandisa--90% awesome. The belting is phenomenal, but when she goes into her lower register it bugs for some reason. Almost like she's not supporting it properly, and it sounds strained at times. Looked fantastic. That's the way to go sleeveless, babe.


Paris--sounded to me like she was gargling through most of it. And I don't know, Paris and "Fever" just do not go together.

Chris--Definitely, DEFINITELY not the best he's sounded, but...he looked yummy! Also, one-trick-pony, blah blah blah; I think Simon put it well with his "refuses to compromise" line. Damn straight, and honestly, why should he?

Kat--I can't put my finger on why, but I didn't like it. Too cloying by half.

Taylor--half excellent. Half barely a song. I still can't stand watching him.

Lisa--is going home.

Kevin--I jutht can't thtand it any longer. Pleathe make it thtop. He looks like a little baby owl.

Elliott--The Al Jarreau version?! CHEATER! Kidding. Not his best either, IMO, but he always sounds lovely. They're cleaning him up nicely, too.

Pickles--Barry didn't know "Walkin' After Midnight?" I guess that's a case for not criticizing Idol contestants for not always knowing their stuff. Anyway, she sucked ass per usual, and had on way too much blush. "I thought he was calling me a jacket!" HATE. She makes Paula look like a genius and Simon look like a damn fool.

Ace--for once I was actually expecting something good from him, when I heard what he was singing. My mistake. So nasally up in his nasal. Why doesn't he just belt it out more? That part sounded good. The rest was dreadful, and that last note woke my cat from a sound sleep.




Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:00 PM


Unlike the judges I liked the first half of Paris' performance, when she WASN"T SHOUTING.

Bucky was...ugh.

Didn't like Chris rewriting 'I Walk The Line'. Homeboy needs a new bag of tricks.

McPhee was phenominal.

Taylor was ok. Not his best, though he had fun with it. He'll get by until next week.

Lisa was mediocre at best.

Kevin was surprisingly not terrible.

Elliott was ok, though too reminiscent of Al Jarreau's version.

Pickler made me doubt the existence of a merciful God.

Ace was crap.

Should be gone: Bucky
Will be gone: Bucky. Please, for the love of Jeebus.




    Channel Surfer

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Buddy Holly without the guitar? Why even bother?
My husband and I looked at each other as Kelly Pickler was singing and said simultaneously, "she looks like a drag queen." I found how awful she looked really distracted me from her awful awful vocals. Also, I think Kelly Pickler has a friend in the sound booth. Perfect time for her mic to go out. Shut up about the fucking mink. It's not a two week gag for chrissake.
And the judges quibbling was just annoying.

Edited for improved Pickler kvetching.

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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Three things:

1. There is no good goddamned reason why this show was two hours. They totally blindsided me with that and they could have cut out all the bullshit and had a one hour show.

2. I cannot stand Kellie Pickler. Every week she surprises me; I always think that I can't possibly hate her more, and then she opens her stupid mouth and I get angered all over again.

3. Spacecitymarc, did you like Katherine's dress?





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Mandisa – Not sure what the deal was with that weird winamp visualization she had in her background but the performance was great. I thought she took what could have been a boring song and made it exciting.

Bucky – Can he ever just stand up straight? Do he’s knees always have to be bent? That’s not stage presence. I didn’t care for it. There was a section where I didn’t really understand what he was saying and his hair just freaks me out.

Paris – I just don’t think that song is right for her, and that colour of dress didn’t seem “right” for the song. When I think of “Fever” I don’t think of Yellow, well unless of course it’s Yellow Fever. Good voice, but I would have picked a different song.

Chris – Good, but boring. Very, very boring.

Katharine – I didn’t hear STAR in that performance. I heard Above Average, but nothing that made me go wow.

Taylor – If I turn away from the television, I like it. If I watch him perform I don’t. Which I guess bodes well for any future radio play.

Lisa- I think this is a different Lisa than in the past. It looks like she’s trying a little harder to have a good time, picking a differently timed song or something. I think it works, but I was never a large fan of her in the first place.

Kevin – Why the hell does he keep his hand in his pocket, until the very end and his “closing reach”? He wasn’t completely terrible this week, but I still want him to go before anyone else.

Elliott – What’s with the tie? What’s with the untucked shirt? What’s with the tie? It’s been all of five minutes and I can’t remember a single note he sang. Kudos, Elliott, kudos.

Kellie – I didn’t hate her singing this week so that’s an improvement but I wish she wouldn’t talk when the judges are critiquing her, and she needs to hire some new sign people.

Ace – Someone needs to chop off this guy’s arms, it’s very bothersome the way he flails them about like he’s Evgeny Plushenko at the Olympics. His voice is painful at times and I think I would do a little dance if he was to leave, but I think I will not need my dancing shoes any time soon.

A rather blah night, after Mandisa’s great start to the evening, it was just filled with meh and blah. Barry Manilow I think dished out some good advice, but something about him frightens me.




Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:02 PM

1. Mandisa, meh song. Well, the judges liked it. I like her dress. I like watching Simon how far off he is in predicting what isn't "marketable" (i.e. Mandisa and Taylor)

2. Bucky, that was not good.
His voice is so very "country" it just doesn't work for anything else. Or maybe it's the crappy band, the "little different arangement" didn't that song used to be a lot faster? Sounded like a record played on the wrong speed.

3. Paris, good song for her voice, if she was only 20 years older, so it wouldn't seem so....uncomfortable.

4. Chris, whoa...wow!
First time this show gave me chills....best total reinterpretation of a song since Johnny Cash covered Nine Inch Nails.

5. Katherine, meh, messed up the high notes.

6. Taylor, Simons right,unexpectedly meh, but, I think it's the band that's the problem, this was slowed down,drained of energy somehow, in exactly the same way Bucky's song was.

7. Lisa, forgetable as always.

The original versions of these songs 50something years ago, had so much more energy and "edge" to them, these all sound like Muzak versions.

8. Kevin, that was actually not bad, right kind of music for him, not a joke like last week.

9. Elliot, slow sleepy song again.

10. Kelly, what's up with stripper moves? What's wrong with the microphone? What's with that Worst of the 80s outfit? I don't want to talk about the song, the less said about that the better.

11. Ace, didn't he go last in another ep? Still meh.

Overall another dull episode,
Best of the night- Chris, noone else close, not even in the same timezone.
Most likely to go home-Bucky, don't make this poor guy go through anymore theme nights.





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  • Interests:Music (especially matchbox twenty, Maroon 5, Heather Headley, a few of the AI alums, and Mariah Carey - shut up), tennis, and ranting about television shows (duh)

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

I don't love Barry Manilow's music per se, but the man is awesome at what he does and I have alot of respect for him musically - he's just a knowledgeable class act.

Mandisa absolutely KILLED. Oh. My. God. That was amazing and she was perfectly right in starting soft and sultry before raising the roof. Fantastic. Plus she looked and oozed confidence and style. I love her.

Poor Bucky's segment lasted FOREVER. He wasn't awful but he wasn't terrible either. I mean, I don't hate the guy but I would never, ever listen to his voice outside of this show.

Paris was hella awesome, looked amazing, and just transported me straight to the era. I just can't fathom why the producers buried both her & Mandisa so early in the show. She was great.

I'm disappointed in Chris tonight. Last week I defended him but his "I Walk the Line" had absolutely no bearing in anything from the 1950s. It was completely stripped of the medley and I was just flabbergasted at the judges' praise. Chris is one of only three contestants I like (wow, those 3 were 3 of the first 4 tonight, heh) but I was not feeling him tonight.

To my ears McPhee missed all sorts of notes in the latter fourth of that song. Again, I go back to her tone - especially on higher notes - being grating to me. It was as if she was stepping on the Copy Cat from the Staples commercials in places. Ack. I liked that she remained true to the theme though & lost the maternity wear this week.

Spazlor sucked. I mean, in my opinion, that was not singing. It still sounds like to me that his tics and jerking of the mic away are to mask the fact that he doesn't have a strong enough voice to hold notes in places. And my God, Paula Abdul is a complete and utter drugged out nightmare. I can't stand her this season. HATE. for her and HATE. for this whole charade.

I feel sorry for LisaBot because she was working all her circuitry at 150% capacity and something was still not clicking. I thought from rehearsals with Barry, she was gonna light it up but it just wasn't there. It'll be a shame if she misses the tour because of damn....

Covais knows exactly the stuff he's pulling. That crap nonsense interview was right up his wheelhouse. I just can't say enough negative things about this worst of JSIV/AFed/Verraros (didn't he sing this song at some point?) performance. Randy, Paula, and effing RYAN just continue this bullshit and I don't understand why. I hope Lisa (who I don't really like) goes Vulcan on him when he basically screws her tomorrow night.

Damn Elliott. I know he was just being "honest" and said basically what I did at the start of this post but still, that did not come off well to my ears. Paula is so desperate for a male to win this competition, I honestly believe she is willing to prostitute herself in any way possible to make that happen. The performance was hypnotic and he's much improved from Stevie week but he may be a little too much of a quiet storm for this show.

Pickler looked positively ridiculous tonight. Get the eff out of Wet Seal for 50s night moron. Vocally, she was actually good but I have so much hate for her that I feel like it is too far gone. It hurts me that she is polling so well and I don't like Sprinkles but good on him for barely veiling his contempt for her shit tonight.

I loved Manilow's "smell of poo" face at the thought of Ace's arrangement and I think he really hated it but was towing the AI-must-save-Ace line. Right out of the gate, he was off the rhythm to my ears and again, major deductions for not looking the part tonight. He pulled himself back together and was decent overall. Dude is safe for at least three or four weeks even though that falsetto was the assiest of ass. It is alarming how disgusting Paula has became.

Lisa is so very gone. And it will be heart-breaking for her. Damn Covais.





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

I thought everyone but Taylor and Ace did a great job tonight. I think the one who had the greatest performance was Mandisa.

Anyone else think that Kellie has a naive innocence that brings about her overall attractiveness?





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:01 PM

What was with the Klingon's? (Lisa's) outfit? It was hideous. As was Kellie's make-up.

Mandisa on the other hand looked beautiful and Chris made my loins quiver even more than usual.

Overall, performances tonight were all much better than last week. Taylor bored me, but I thinK Kevin finally chose a good song for him. Tonight was the first time I liked Ace, usually I'm quite neutral towards him. I enjoyed seeing the contestants get some actual concrete advice from someone.

And I'm getting very very tired of Simon not being able to fit a word in edgewise. I wouldn't have the patience to put up with that. He's booed no matter what he says, good, bad, neutral, mean, or valid. Just... shut up, audience!

And for good measure: shut up, Paula.




    Channel Surfer

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:03 PM

I think Katherine McPhee looks like Catherine Zeta Jones. God, I love her hair.




    Couch Potato

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:04 PM

I was watching American Idol, and the most awesomest thing happened! Kellie Pickler's mic went out and I didn't have to hear her talk! Whee! What an improvement!





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Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:03 PM

OK. Before I bring the snark, I’m going to give a big, huge, total adoration stand up and clap your hands for Elliott Yamin. His hair, his tan, the tie, the teeth (they did something to his teeth), his confidence, and his voice were all on point tonight. He made everyone else look stupid. I love you Elliott.

The second best thing I saw tonight was the Ice Age 2 trailer.

Then, I filed my nails.

Then, the third best thing I saw was (and this really will keep me laughing for years to come) the screen flashing, “Kevin Covais’ family” as Jasmine Trias and her STUPID ASS flower were appearing. Genius. Kevin is Hawaiian. And annoying. And will last to the final 3 and torture us forever. That was a flash into our future folks, and it was ugly but it was true.

Barry Manilow said Ace made him melt. E tu, Barry?

One day, someone will have to explain to me why Kellie Pickler’s face has become so bloated. Is it because her brain is leaking from all the stupid? Because she looks puffy as hell. Slowly, as the season goes on, her eyes will be swallowed by the mouth part of her face. And she will be a big faced stupid mess warbling on Tsatthugua’s face. How I hate her.

Did anyone else notice how absolutely DISGUSTED Paula looked by Kellie tonight? “No Kellie. It’s minx.” “Yes Kellie, it’s a pickle with your face on it.” “Stop talking Kellie and just listen.”

Kellie, if Paula thinks you’re dumb, you might as well just quit life now. It can’t get any worse for you.

Oh wait. It can. Your boyfriend can be best friends with Ryan Cabrera. Oh wait…




    Couch Potato

Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:04 PM

I wonder what the hell went on before the show opened that put the look of sheer hatred and anger on Simon's face?

Mandisa - Lookin' good girl. Played up everything great about you and played down the low points. Sounded great but she should have put a little middle tempo between the soft start and the big finish. It was soft, big and the big finish didn't come off that big. Shut the fuck up Paula, all types of music are entrenched in the 50's she just had to pick the right one and she did.

Bucky - It was adequate but before he hit the final line he pulled this really great natural voice out and it was wonderful, for just those three words.

Ryan calling Simon out for his comments on talk shows is just putting the contestants on the spot and I know why Simon looked pissed.

Paris - Again just adequate like she doesn't understand the words. Looks the part though.

Chris - Did he belch when he said mine the first time?!*? Anyone surprised that he rocked it out? I was not impressed. STFU Paula, he does not grow, I see a mime making a box everytime he is onstage. Oh, look it's Connie. Hi Connie! Letting them use your fan base to pimp Chris, that is so not beneath you.

Katherine - Again, I was not impressed. Once again, I want to slap Paula.

Taylor - Taylor shouldn't listen to the handlers. He does so poorly when he is holding back. We will not speak of this performance again. Thank you Simon for the Paula smackdown, now if you could just slip her something to put her out permantly, I'd be a happy girl this week.

Lisa - Going home. That is such a fun song and she sang it like the robot she is. She got some crap ass camera work too. They must want gone.

Kevin - Wow, he did a great job. He follows direction and his look just before he ended that said 'I'm gonna do it' was really happy. I liked it and I liked Simon's beating around the bush opinion. Poison the boy with Jasmine flashes. Ewwww.

Elliott - Wow, Barry nailed how I've felt about Elliott the whole time. The stylists are working miracles on him. I know that this is gonna be unpopular but I thought he sucked. He sounded flat with no emotion and it seemed rushed in the wrong places. Someone throw Paula a fish and a ball to balance on her nose. Wasn't there a show where they took lousy singers and then told them they were great? When did AI become that show? He sounded better in the recap.

Pickles - Why are the openings to the girls song sound like they have just walked over from a dimension that plays only carnival music? Pod must have opened, she looked like an animatronic creature. Could barely understand a word she sang. Christ why is she giving blonds a bad name?

Ace - It's over dude, you suck. Elvis dumped the lip thing because it does not enhance anyones looks, learn from it, where is Billy Idol now? Your voice has no power and has no emotion. I can't believe that I thought you were good looking. Speaking of which. I still love you Connie, call me.

I love Taylor metering the audience reaction. Ryan, haven't you learned not to let children near the mic?





Posted Mar 21, 2006 @ 10:03 PM

Hi, Katherine's boobs. I don't even like girls and they were all I could stare at whenever she was on screen. (Oh, and she sang great too.)

I think Simon went easy on Kevin to reduce the odds of sympathy votes; I expect (hope?) the bottom three to be him, Lisa, and Bucky.

Oh, and can Paris just sing from now on, and not talk at all? My ears hurt.