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Gigantor: His Power Is In Your Hands

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Posted Nov 2, 2005 @ 1:57 PM

Anyone else catch Gigantor (the space age ro-BOT!) on [cartoon network]. Its on in the transition period between [adult swim] and Cartoon Network proper, paired (quite brilliantly) with the Big O.

The show was... interesting. I can see why the folks at [as] were pimping the show in their Sunday bumps. Its really bizarre. I caught the Tuesday morning episode on my TiFaux. The theme song is a total trip with this very modern line of music for the lyrics on top of bopping jazz flute. Basically its the story of a space age robot who looks like a chicken wearing a turtleneck who is opperated, for some reason, by a boy, of some sort. The boy's sidekick is a scientists who may be his father or mentor or something. They both seem to be in the willing employ of some investigative agency which may or may not be INTERPOL but who also may or may not employ a character by the name of Dick Strong. And yes, its a silly thing to laugh at, but when you have a scene where everyone is shouting "DICK STRONG?" which then climaxes with the line "We'll never see Dick Strong again!" its hard not to give into the silly. Besides, the bad guys dressed like penguins and were lead by a guy who was sort of like a cat and their strongest weapon was a water canon. Admitedly, they were at the South Pole, but still. As goofy as the villians were, though, they killed like thousands of people in the one episode I saw without a lot of fuss, so points for that I guess.

Oh, and the best thing? It all takes place IN THE YEAR 2000! Ha! Gotta love that.




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Posted Nov 17, 2005 @ 2:14 PM

I love this show. It tickles that tiny part of me that worships this old, campy stuff, the part of me that digs Godzilla movies. I really need an mp3 of the theme song.