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Renée Rienne [a.k.a. Élodie Bouchez]

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Posted May 4, 2006 @ 5:42 PM

Were my eyes deceiving me, or did Elodie Bouchez get dropped from the opening credits? I had thought that she was in them, picture and all. And then last night she was taken out and given "special guest star" status? Poor Renee. She died thinking that Sydney killed her.

Elodie Bouchez was removed from the opening credits and replaced by Amy Acker when the show came back from its hiatus. Not sure why, though, but I guess since they were killing off Renee, and Amy Acker had impressed as Peyton, they decided to make the switch.

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Posted May 6, 2006 @ 6:29 AM

Also, there's the fact that by the time The Horizon came around, Amy/Peyton was getting exponentially more screen-time than Elodie/Renne. I suppose one could blame the writers for that, but I don't really mind--Renee, like Sark, seems to thrive in short, cool scenes; extra screen-time would have only served to ruin her, I think.




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Posted Jul 5, 2006 @ 5:08 AM

I guess the writers wanted to keep Peyton alive, which wasn't a bad idea in itself as I like Peyton (we needed someone bitching for us) but I guess it was for their stupid "triumvirate of evil" spin off idea.

They rewrote the story once again and they decided to get rid of Elodie as they didn't know what to do with her. It's a shame because we didn't have time to know a lot about her and her story with Vaughn, with her father, what the "Prophet Five" manuscript was about.

Oh, sorry, I forgot it was Alias and that plotlines could be dropped as soon as they are created.

So, just kill her and take a chip off her corpse and she has done everything she could do for the plot.

Stupid writers.