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Schoolhouse Rock: I'm Just A Bill

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Posted Oct 31, 2012 @ 6:00 PM

Ok, how have I been a TWoPper for six years and not known about this thread?

I'm another one who watched the show first-run. ITA with everything mentioned, especially the willingness of the producers to challenge kids(the base-12 number system in "Little Twelvetoes," "place it on its side and it's a symbol meaning infinity" at the end of "Figure Eight). I think I even wondered to myself "Why is Chubby Checker white?" when I first saw "A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing."

I remember asking my mom for the 4-VHS set for Christmas, and she thought I had lost. my. mind.(I did get them, though.) I have the 30th-anniversary DVD now, but I discovered a couple things on YouTube that I wish had been included:

Multiplication Rock original end credits:


"Multiplication Rock is brought to you by your very favorite general, General Foods."






Posted Jun 24, 2013 @ 9:46 PM

I ordered a set of these off eBay for a coworker of mine in the late 90's.  She now has kids who watch it!


I loved Bill, Conjunction Junction and Electricity.  Think I'll go get my own set!