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You might be an Apprentice Addict if...

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Posted Oct 25, 2006 @ 2:11 PM

...when you start applying for Apprentice-styled contests even when you already enjoy your job.




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Posted Oct 26, 2006 @ 11:50 AM

...if you spend time imagining "what if" scenarios. What if, last season, Theresa had taken Charmaine to the boardroom in Week 3 and Trump had decided to fire Charmaine?

Week 4 - Post Grape Nuts. PMs Tammy and Dan. Dan would choose Bryce's "chugging" concept, since he likes Bryce, and GR would win. Synergy would make the same stupid mistakes, and Brent would get fired. Same end result.

Week 5 - Norweigan Cruise Lines. PMs Roxanne and Bryce. Bryce would foolishly select Lenny's "castaway" idea for the video, and GR would lose. Bryce would have taken Lenny and Lee to the BR because he doesn't like them, and Trump would call him out for not bringing in Tarek. Bryce would make the deadweight argument about how they don't contribute. Bryce would get fired.

Week 6 - Arby's Chicken Naturals. PMs Sean and Lenny. Lenny would be down two team members, as Lee and Dan would be celebrating Yom Kippur. This would leave him with Tarek, Theresa, and Leslie, with only Leslie liking him in the slightest. GR would lose and Lenny would get fired without a final BR.

Week 7 - Boys & Girls Club. PMs Michael and Leslie. GR would actually win this task instead of Synergy, since Leslie most likely would have been a better leader on this task. Michael would bring Andrea and Tammy to the boardroom for giving him a hard time at the hardware store, but Trump would call him out for terrible leadership. Michael would get fired.

Scenario No. 1:
Week 8 - 7-Eleven. PMs Andrea and Tarek. Synergy lineup would have been the same, since Michael would have been fired instead of having been transferred. GR at this point is Tarek, Dan, Lee, Theresa, and Leslie, with only Tarek and Theresa having lost as PM. Synergy would have gone with the low price point, and GR would still have priced theirs higher. Lee would ask for a lower price, but Tarek wouldn't listen. GR would lose and Tarek would bring Lee to the BR. Tarek would get fired.

Week 9 - Ameriquest. PMs Allie and Lee. Synergy would make the same mistakes. Lee would delegate to Dan, Leslie, and Theresa, and they would win, despite the totally different team makeup. Synergy would go to the boardroom and Andrea would get fired, bringing the same end result.

Week 10 - Hair Cuttery. PMs Tammy and Theresa. The Sean-Tammy romance would still blossom and Synergy would still win. Theresa would make the mistake of not focusing on product and she and Lee would have a huge argument in the boardroom. However, only Theresa would get fired.

Week 11 - Outback Steakhouse. PMs Roxanne and Dan. GR wouldn't focus enough on selling food, so they would lose and Dan would get fired.

Week 12 - Microsoft/Wal-Mart. PMs Tammy and Sean. Lee and Leslie select Sean for GR, he leads, and they win. Tammy still steps up to prove herself, figuring that without Sean, she needs to assert herself. Tammy gets fired.

Week 13 - Embassy Suites. PMs Allie and Leslie. GR wins, mostly because of Lee and Sean. Both Allie and Roxanne are fired for the same reasons, so same end result.

Week 14 - Interviews. Lee, Sean, and Leslie are all 2-0 as PM. The execs prefer Sean but are torn between Lee and Leslie. In the boardroom, Lee and Leslie have a huge fight (much like the one they really had weeks earlier), and Trump likes Lee's passion and finds Leslie not assertive enough. Leslie is fired.

Finale - Sean and Lee would choose the same events with the same teams. Sean would win.

Scenario No. 2:
Week 8 - 7-Eleven. PMs Andrea and Tarek. As in past seasons, Trump decides to reshuffle the teams, given that they are of equal size at this point. Each PM chooses two candidates and sends them to the other side. Andrea quickly ditches Roxanne and Allie. Tarek gets rid of Lee, and after some deliberation, Theresa.

The new Synergy is PM Andrea, Tammy, Sean, Lee, and Theresa. The new GR is PM Tarek, Dan, Leslie, Allie, and Roxanne. Synergy goes for a lower price and Andrea lets Lee close the deal at the lower price, so Synergy wins. Despite the selling power of GR, the team loses and Tarek brings Leslie and Roxanne to the BR for selling the least, but Tarek gets fired.

Week 9 - Ameriquest. PMs Lee (Synergy) and Allie (GR). Synergy wins, running like a well-oiled machine once again, and Allie and Dan have a tough boardroom battle. Allie gets fired for being a poor leader.

Week 10 - Hair Cuttery. PMs Theresa (Synergy) and Dan (GR). GR chooses Sean for their team, making GR PM Dan, Sean, Leslie, and Roxanne. The Synergy lineup is PM Theresa, Lee, Andrea, and Tammy. GR wins and Synergy blasts Theresa in the BR for being a terrible leader. Theresa is fired.

Week 11 - Outback Steakhouse. PMs Tammy (Synergy) and Roxanne (GR). GR wins, focusing more on selling food. Tammy is fired.

Week 12 - Microsoft/Wal-Mart. PMs Sean (Synergy) and Leslie (GR). Lee and Andrea choose Sean to return to Synergy, and Leslie leads Dan and Roxanne. Synergy wins with a better concept, and Leslie is fired.

Week 13 - Embassy Suites. PMs Andrea (Synergy) and Dan (GR). Synergy wins for focusing on functionality, and Dan is fired.

Week 14 - Interviews. The final four are Lee (2-0 PM), Sean (2-0 PM), Andrea (3-0 PM), and Roxanne (2-0 PM). Sean is the clear favorite of the four, with a good education, a good track record, and excellent business experience. The executives like Andrea's business-savvy and management skills, but they question her team skills. Lee is considered to be smart and to have potential, but a weaker leader than the others and a bit inexperienced. Roxanne is considered smart and talented, but not with the right kind of experience. Lee and Roxanne are fired.

Final Task - Andrea and Sean. Sean takes the Taj Mahal task, and Andrea takes the Ice Hockey task. The teams are:

Andrea - Tarek, Dan, Leslie. Andrea has not worked with any of them, but she recognizes their skill sets.
Sean - Lee, Tammy, Allie. Sean has worked with all of them in the past, and he chooses them for their skill sets and camaraderie. He and Allie never fought because they switched teams after Week 7.

Ultimately, Sean is hired for managing his team more even-handedly and for having a balance between education and experience. Also noteworthy is his 7-task winning streak starting in Week 8. After the reshuffle, he never loses again.

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Posted Feb 13, 2007 @ 7:27 PM

When you cry yourself to sleep, knowing that Carolyn is really gone.