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Rank the Seasons

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Posted Jun 20, 2004 @ 4:10 PM

1. The Australian Outback (Kucha, Ogakor, Barramundi)

I happen to agree with a lot of people here that this was the best. Every single person had something memorable about them, and every single episode has some detail I can remember. The pig slaughter, falling in the fire, finger-waving, the flood washing the camp away, bartering for rice, Evil Jeff Varner, and Eviler Jerri; it was all memorable for me, apart from the boring last episode.

2. Pearl Islands (Drake, Morgan, Outcasts, Balboa)

Man, I love me some shoe-stealing Rupert! The Outcast twist is easily the best to date. Everyone created the drama while at the same time having some kind of strategy up their sleeve. The "dead grandma" ploy had me rooting against Lemon Top more than any other contestant, even Amazon Roger. Also, the quitting of Osten and the Morgan sitcom put the icing on a very delicious cake.

3. Borneo (Tagi, Pagong, Rattana)

It feels a bit dull compared to some later seasons, but you have to give it props for basically inventing reality TV on the major networks. Richard pretty much made the season and founded the winning strategy. How he figured out it was better for him to throw the last immunity challenge, I'll never know.

4 (tie). Marquesas (Maraamu, Rotu, Soliantu)

This season ranks lower than some of the others because it didn't focus enough on the personalities and instead allowed tribal politics to carry the day. Nevertheless, we got Most Improved Player Kathy, the All-Star-in-Training Boston Rob, and the Rotu-4 alliance shooting themselves because of one little challenge. The reunion show is still the worst ever, though.

4 (tie). Thailand (Chuay Gahn, Sook Jai, Chuay Jai)

The polar opposite of Marquesas, and also why it's tied with that season. Unlike Marquesas, Thailand used the personalities instead of tribal politics to carry it forward. But also unlike Marquesas, Thailand has the best reunion show ever instead of the worst. Some of the memories include Ted/Ghandia, Summer Camp vs. Nursing Home in the first act, the duping of Shii Ann, best winner Brian, and an interesting gimmick in the elders picking their tribes.

6 (tie). Africa (Samburu, Boran, Motomaji)

Also tied with its polar opposite, Africa is slightly underrated, but still nothing to write home about. It has the best cast out of the seasons, but also the worst location. The producers having to give the S16 their food made things blander as well. However, we still got our fill, namely the young/old split, Clarence spilling the beans, and Mama Kim beating two guys young enough to be her kids in the final immunity challenge.

6 (tie). Amazon (Jaburu, Tambaqui, Jacare)

How is it Africa's polar opposite? Simple - best location, worst cast. The scenery definitely made this season; otherwise, it just felt like boring filler. The gender split was a nice idea, but was thrown out of balance by casting according to stereotypes; the men were macho in the best-case scenario and chauvinistic in the worst, while the women gave the classic "must have men by our sides" vibes that was lost 50 years ago.

8. Vanuatu

Yes, I know we haven't seen it yet, but it can't possibly be worse than...

9. All-Stars (Chapera, Saboga, Mogo Mogo, Chaboga Mogo)

May we soon forget its existence.





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Posted Jun 22, 2004 @ 11:12 PM

I guess I'll copy my comments in the Reflections thread here. This is from worst to best, as I seem to be the only person on the boards who likes to list things that way.

All Stars (Chapera, Saboga, Mogo Mogo, Chaboga Mogo): It was nice not having to spend the first couple episodes just getting to know everybody. Unfortunately, that's the best thing I can say about it. Horribly predictable and dull from beginning to end, with way too much food as well.

Vanuatu (Lopevi, Yasur, Alinta): The second lamest merged tribe name, and the first ten episodes were dull as hell. The exciting last few were too little too late to save this season from mediocrity, though they did boost it just above All Stars.

Africa (Samburu, Boran, Moto Maji): It had the least amount of survival stuff. Since the local wildlife was off-limits, the producers actually had to give the contestants all of their food. Also, Brandon the walking gay stereotype really got on my nerves after a while.

Thailand (Chuy Gahn, Sook Jai, Chuy Jai): Only Robb and Shi Ann kept me awake during much of this season, the most memorabel part of which was the least creative merged tribe name the show will ever have. The over-reliance on puzzle challenges was another turn-off.

Borneo (Tagi, Pagong, Rattana): I loved it at the time, but since then it's far been upstaged. The lack of plotting from many of the contestants makes it kind of dull now.

Marquesas (Rotu, Maraamu, Soliantu): It may have had the most forgettable winner, but this season was a great comeback after the lows of Africa. For the first time the tribes were completely reliant on their surroundings for food and water, and it was great fun after the overly simplified "survivals" that had come before.

Austraila (Kucha, Ogakor, Barramundi): A marked improvement over season one, with lots more actual survival stuff (the big storm is the biggest real survival moment in the show's history). The experiment of extending the game three days was a big mistake, though.

Amazon (Tambaqui, Jabaru, Jacare): Plenty of scheming and plotting, and the constantly shifting alliances, mostly due to Rob's machinations, made this a highly enjoyable season and the best up to that point. Only the final outcome stopped me from ranking it first.

Pearl Islands (Drake, Morgan, Balboa): To date the best overall season, IMO. Full of people you loved and people you hated, some of whom even switched over the course of the season. All that, plus an outcome that was actually satisfying did much to bring back my faith in the show after the calamity of the Amazon finale.

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Posted Apr 19, 2005 @ 12:21 PM

Wow, I disagree. I loved Survivor All-Stars. If I were going to rank the seasons I would go:

1. All-Stars
2. Pearl Islands
3. Amazon
4. Vanuatu
5. Australia
6. Borneo
7. Thailand
8. Marquesas

Right now Palau is hovering somewhere between Vanuatu and Borneo.

I saw a comment here about ranking the actual Survivors.


I go Ethan, Hatch, Romber, Jenna Morasca. Any thoughts.





Posted Apr 19, 2005 @ 1:09 PM

If you are talking Richard Hatch, I think one has to distinguish between Borneo Hatch and ASS Hatch (pun intended!) He was like two different people on those two shows. Every quality that made him amusing and fun to watch on Borneo, was so exaggerated by the time he got to All Stars that it made him annoying and practically unwatchable. I couldn't wait for him to get the boot.

I also Loved All Stars and am liking Palau pretty much too. I can't really rate the seasons fairly though, since I missed Thailand and Africa somewhere along the line.


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cousin oliver


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Posted Apr 20, 2005 @ 1:11 AM

1. Oz Outback (I loved me some Colby and Elisabeth...then, not now)
2. Borneo (for being the first)
3. Palau (so far, so good)
4. All Stars (for the amazing run of Amber and Rahb)
5. Amazon (except for how it ended)
6. Pearl Islands (because of how it ended)
7. Thailand (dull season, deserving winner)
8. Africa (the first one I gave up on a few episodes in)

didn't watch a single episode of - Marquesas and Vanuatu




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Posted Apr 21, 2005 @ 9:55 PM

1. Australia
I liked many of the characters and plots. They had to do some actual surviving back then, instead of getting everything handed to them.
2. All Stars
I know this wasn't a lot of peoples favorite, but I got into it right away, because I loved the fact that the first episode didn't bore me since I knew all the players. I liked how Rob pretty much controlled the game and he and Amber cruised into the final 2.
3. Palau
I know the seasons not over, but so far, I like it a lot. I like all the characters that are still there and it wouldn't bother me if any of them won.
4. Borneo
I really didn't watch much of it, but from what I remember I liked. The reason I didn't watch much of it was because I was only 11 at the time and I wasn't really hooked on reality tv yet.
5. Marquesas
I didn't mind it. I didn't really like the way it ended, but I enjoyed the plots.
6. Amazon
I really don't remember all that much about it, except it was the pretty people vs. the so called ugly people. I remember Jenna M. winning and Jenna and Heidi stripping for peanut butter. I remember Rob C. and his scheming.
7. Thailand
This was a pretty boring season. I know I watched it, but I don't remember anything that happened.
8. Vanuatu
Most boring season ever. I'm glad Survivor made a comeback.

Didn't watch Africa or Pearl Islands.





Posted Apr 21, 2005 @ 10:50 PM

I'm leaving Palau off the list, because it's only about half over, and if tonight was any indication..... it's slipping.

Colby, Colby, Colby, and the other people were interesting too..... :)

Back when people were shocked by the idea of an alliance and called it evil! Loved stupid Sean.... loved Jenna.... hated Richard, Sue, and Kelly. But oh, well. Plus just the novelty of it. I think it was the first reality tv I ever watched!

Colby, Colby, Colby (just kidding). Loved seeing some of my favorites again. But they almost ruined it with that fan thing giving Rupert a million dollars..... yuck!

I really enjoyed this season, except the winner. But I don't really remember too much why. The seasons are all blending together!

Loved Ethan. Tolerated almost everyone else. If Kim had beaten Ethan, I probably would have stopped watching Survivor! First tribal switch was cool.

Loved Matthew. Hated Jenna and Heidi. Really didn't care for this season.

Pearl Islands
Rupert drove me crazy by the time he was gone. The Outcast twist was awful (except I got to watch pretty Burton more). Johnny Fairplay was evil but awesome..... laughed harder at dead grandma than anything else on the show ever! Hated Sandra.

I had to edit this post because I forgot Thailand..... that pretty much sums up the season. Two highlights- hot Ken and Robb choking Clay. Robb choking Clay proved that sometimes, two wrongs do make a right!!!! (I know, I'm evil!)

Wake me up when it's over. Oh, it is over?

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Posted Apr 22, 2005 @ 12:21 AM

1. Pulau Tiga. The original CANNOT be topped. Even though in hindsight the strategy is woefully naive... I think with most reality shows the first season is one of the best because it's all so fresh and everyone's naive about how the game works.

2. Amazon. For the first twelve and one-half episodes, it was my favorite season. And then came the finale, which was like being hit with a shovel.

3. Marquesas. I just thought all around it was an interesting cast, the ending was unexpected, and the shifts in power kept me intrigued.

4. Outback. It ran out of steam at the end, but the first two-thirds were excellent, and I still think it's the best season pre-merge save the original.

5. Africa: Decent casting, but some really, really, stupid gameplay. The scenery was definitely unique.

6. Vanuatu: Yeah. I know. Zzzzz. But I LIKED it. Compared to PI, ASS, and Thailand, at least I liked the cast. It was to Survivor as the London season was to Real World, but, you know, this was the first cast in a while where I found more than two or three of the post-merge castaways to be tolerable. The pre-merge period was pretty dull, though the post-merge episodes were pretty good.

7. Pearl Islands: Didn't get into the cast AT ALL. I am very glad Sandra won, because she was the only person I found vaguely interesting, but, really, this was not a Survivor season so much as a morality play contrasting Fairplay and Rupert. Since I find neither man particularly compelling, and we were also saddled with the whole outcast concept and sadsack Lill and the spectacularly underwhelming Darrah... feh.

8. All-Stars: An awesome idea on paper. It was not that good in practice. Virtually every single contestant I tuned in to watch went early, and the assortment that remained post-merge... bleh.

9. Thailand. What awful, awful, casting. There is nothing that sinks a reality show season like a bunch of boring assholes. (See, to me, Vanuatu was far superior because the boring people were generally not assholes.) I'm like Mr. Survivor Trivia Nerd and I can barely remember who was on this season.

Palau, I'm thinking, will most likely finish somewhere between third and sixth on my list.




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Posted May 16, 2005 @ 10:50 AM

From worst to best:

Note: Have not seen Amazon or Borneo (intend to watch on DVD this summer), so can't include those. Based on what I've read on this board and others, I'm thinking both will be in my top half.

(Tie for last) Vanuatu: Almost didn't watch Palau because of this one. Couldn't care about most any of the players or respect their game play. The arts and crafts also grated my nerves. Was this Survivor or Girl Scouts?

(Tie for last) Thailand: I know I watched this season, and it's sad that the only person I remember is the Shii Devil. The location also turned out to be disappointing in terms of survival.

ASS: I thought the change of dynamics would be interesting, but I became bored about halfway though the season. Agree with what others have said about most of the contests being more interesting/enjoyable to watch the first time around. Might watch the last episodes on DVD this summer since TAR renewed my interest in Romber--Boston Robb reminded me that he can be good TV.

Pearl Islands: Rupert and Jonny Fairplay, annoying but memorable contestants, saved the season for me. Thought that some challenges were, well, challenging and that the Outcast twist (insignificant as it became) was amusing.

Africa: Had it not been in Africa it might have been higher on the list because it turned out to be (as many of the contestants have said) depressing. Nothing against Africa, but it stunk that players couldn't really interact with the surroundings (though in a more cynical world that would have truly been Survivor). Nice casting. Ethan is one of my favorite winners though I don't think he's necessarily the best to ever play the game.

Marquesas: Having a hard time ranking this one because I know I really liked it but can't recall too many specifics. I remember Boston Rob and Kathy spicing up game politics and remember "too much drama" with V.

(Runner-up) Palau: Renewed my faith after that Vanuatu crap. Great casting and nice twists (2 no-play contestants, no merge, exile island, etc.). ITA agree with what's been said on other boards: Palau proved that TPTB don't always have to cast a villain. Only things that kept it from being my fave was too many food rewards and the Hotel Koror--much too plush for Survivor.

(Best) Outback: Got me hooked even though it's crap Tina won. Truly memorable contestants, moments, game play, and surroundings--in other words, had the complete package.





Posted May 20, 2005 @ 6:32 AM

I had a hard time choosing what would be my favorite season, but in the end, I'll go with Outback. The fact that I remember every single player from that season, in the exact order in which they were booted off, certainly indicates that the season was the most memorable one for me. This season had great casting, save for a few exceptions (Nick who? Mitchell who?). And the ending (Coby picking Tina) was the most unpredictable conclusion to all the seasons by far.

Second Place - Borneo. This one comes in second because of Richard Hatch's brilliant gameplay, and Susan Hawk's speech that every single scorned jury member has attempted to match in subsequent seasons (Jerri and Tammy come to mind). But I hesitate to call it the best because of the predictability post-merge, and Sean's stupidity.

Third Place - Palau. Good points: Great cast, I seriously didn't dislike anyone with a passion this season (heck I even liked Katie early on). And most of my pre-game favorites made it to the merge. Also, the challenges in this season were mostly original and un-recycled...I was especially glad that we had no "Get To Know Your Fellow Castaways" immunity quiz. The schoolyard pick-em at the beginning was a welcome change, albeit somewhat cruel. Bad point: Ian quitting in favor of Katie almost ruined the entire season for me.


I hate all the remaining seasons because all of them featured "twists" which I thought were lame and/or unfair. As much as I'd like to see improvements in Survivor, some of the twists that Burnett has introduced just didn't work for me.

Tribe switcheroo - This twist actually rewards castaways who are not smart enough to form alliances from the start. Africa was the first season which featured this, and I completely hated it. Frank and Teresa were the beneficiaries, and Lindsey and Silas were the scapegoats. The Marquesas version, featured the same thing...it gave a new life to Vecepia, and to a lesser extent, Rob and Sean. People who were lousy players (strategy-wise) before the switcheroo.

Pick a tribe from Survivor Thailand - Why the hell should you allow two persons to choose the composition of the tribes, for the simple reason that they are the oldest people in the bunch? The producers practically set the tone of the season right there. Lame, lame, lame. The schoolyard pick-em in Palau was better executed, and it gave us an early glimpse of the kind of player the castaways were at that point.

And the worst twist ever....Pearl Islands' outcasts - The whole point of this game is to survive your tribemates. The whole point of this game is not having second chances. That all went down the drain when probst suddenly called Lil and the rest back in, and giving them temporary immunity to boot! At least the jury members were smart enough to vote for the real Survivor.




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Posted May 20, 2005 @ 9:41 PM

1. Borneo

Simply because it was the first, and the purest. And had the second best winner ever.

2. Thailand

Because seeing an incredibly dominant tribe completely run by the most dominant winner ever was actually fun, if for just one season. This season was for those of us who wanted the editing to reflect what was actually going on, instead of lame manufactured surprises (like the Colby/Tina alliance). And Brian just rocked.

3. Palau

Ditto. Only difference is that the winner was "nicer" or some such.

4. Marquesas

This gets bumped up because it offered us the first time the outsiders banded together to take out a dominant alliance. Hurt by the editing, which showed us none of Vecepia's gameplay.

5. Africa

Great cast, terrible location. Thankfully, the paranoia about previous votes did away with the previous vote tie-breaker.

6. Pearl Islands

I loved Rupert. For a few weeks. Then I came to my senses. Fairplay was the best villain the show's seen, and Sandra was the best female winner ever. It dropped a few slots due to the horrid "Outcasts" twist that should never be mentioned again.

7. Vanuatu

Too much of this season was miserable, due to the poor decision to once again split the tribes by gender. Hopefully we won't see that again. Redeemed by Chris' victory and Final TC performance.

8. Australia

I used to think I really liked this one, until I started watching the DVDs. I pure and simple can't stand Tina. Just can't stand her. The maze challenge was done poorly (why couldn't Kucha sit out extras, making it easier to navigate?) and the accident was tragic. Tina should never have whiffed the Final Four, but now she acts like she's the Queen of Survivor. I also hated the final episode, with its entire hour of "Let's Bash Keith!" plopped in for no real reason.

9. Amazon

Would have ranked in the top 4 if Jenna Morasca hadn't won. She single-handedly managed to destroy any pleasure I would gain from watching this season again.

10. All Stars

Ugh. Just, ugh. Deserving winners (although I still think Rob should have been #1), this was just a miserable season. Three players had their reputations as great players shot to hell (RobC, Kathy, Lex), the winners were predictably voted out for stupid reasons, and the jury was just miserably self-righteous and pathetic. Add in the stupid "Let's Give Rupert Some Money" contest, and this season was a nightmare.





Posted May 20, 2005 @ 10:40 PM

My rankings (although they switch every now and then) can grouped into categories.

Great Seasons: The first two seasons were such fun and were so new that they'll alway rank highly for me

1. Outback: Even though I haven't watched it since it aired, I remember loving the Outback and enjoying the contestants, especially the whole Jerri/Colby fallout. Plus, I saw all but one episode of this season, which is why it beats...
2. Borneo: I started watching just around the merge, but I was quickly hooked. I will always love Sue Hawk's speech during the speech. It was just a fun way to get into the show.

Breaths of Fresh Air: My next group are all seasons that happened after boring ones, so they revitalized my affection of the show, even if I didn't always agree with the winners.

3. Marquesas: After three seasons, I was wondering if Survivor would still stay strong, and so I was very pleased with Marquesas. I liked the 4 person Maraamu underdogs, and my impression of Kathy went 180 (and did another turn during ASS, but that's another ranking). I didn't like Vecepia winning, but I enjoyed the season a lot. Plus, it was pretty... before island scenes were overused.
4. Palau: Perhaps on reflection I'll move this season past Marquesas. I liked it a lot, esp. after Yawnatu, but I did want to see Ulong win just once, or Stephenie to go farther, or people to see that Tom should go with the first chance they got. But oh well. He was an amazing player, and he deserved the win.
5. Amazon: I thought Amazon was fun, especially since it offered a new type of locale, something we wouldn't see again until Guatemala. Jenna's win was odd, but I didn't let it bother me as much as Vecepia's had. Plus the men vs. women wasn't as tiresome as in Yawnatu or in the Apprentice.

Decent Seasons: My next two were alright seasons, but they didn't have that extra kick of following crappy seasons.

6. Pearl Islands: Rupert got a bit old, and Johnny Assplay must never be on my television again.
7. All Star Survivor: I did like ASS, actually. Sure, Romber's win was as predictable and as preventable as Tom's, but I really liked coming into a season knowing all the players from Day 1. The Sue/Richard debacle was a low point, though.

Boring Seasons: Name says it all.

8. Africa: Africa never really appealed to me, and I hated Big Tom.
9. Vanuatu: Yawn, is it over? It is? Finally! As a gay man, I was sad to see the guys vote off all the cuter, younger guys so early on.
10. Thailand : Even writing this list out, I kept counting 9 and was wondering which season I was forgetting. Thailand bored me through a lot of the way.


Suzi Q

Suzi Q

Posted May 21, 2005 @ 9:48 AM

I tend to rank them by the people
1. Borneo- Rudy
2. Outback- Colby and Elisabeth
3. Pearl Island- Rupert
4. All Stars- more of Rudy, Rupert and Colby. But I love Kathy, Boston Rob and Ethan too.
5. Marqueses- Kathy and Boston Rob
6. Africa- Ethan and Big Tom
7. Palau- Tom and Steph
8. Vanuatu- Didn't care for a lot of people on here.
9. Thailand- I didn't care for a lot of the people on here either.
10. Amazon- Jenna was the least deserving winner of Survivor ever! (and I'm from Pittsburgh and I didn't even root for the hometown girl)




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Posted May 21, 2005 @ 6:32 PM

8. Australia
I used to think I really liked this one, until I started watching the DVDs. I pure and simple can't stand Tina. Just can't stand her. The maze challenge was done poorly (why couldn't Kucha sit out extras, making it easier to navigate?) and the accident was tragic. Tina should never have whiffed the Final Four, but now she acts like she's the Queen of Survivor. I also hated the final episode, with its entire hour of "Let's Bash Keith!" plopped in for no real reason.

I totally agree with you about your opinions of the show in general.

Also, I remember watching that season & I was pretty indifferent to Tina until that final night when she and Colby spent the entire night trashing Keith. This was the second survivor, remember so it was all pretty new & I thought they were displaying very poor sportsmanship (and hadn't they been claiming a bond because of their so-called Christianity?).

I've hated both Tina and Colby since.





Posted May 21, 2005 @ 9:38 PM

Hmm, interesting. I should rewatch the Outback to re-evaluate my list.




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Posted May 21, 2005 @ 9:51 PM


1. Borneo- The first season and none of us knew what to expect. It had a great cast full of interesting characters and the right person won at the end. This season will never be topped.

2. Australian Outback- I may have to rewatch it to see if I still love it as much, but back in 2001 when it first aired I loved it. It had an awesome cast and a cool location. Plus one of the best female villians ever.

3. Pearl Islands- Great cast, great challenges, great theme song, loved the pirate theme, and it was unpredictable practically week-after-week (after Ryan O's boot). Outcast twist wasn't a favorite of mine, but this was still a kick-ass season.

4. Palau- After watching two dull seasons of Survivor, this was a breath of fresh air. Loved the cast (especially my girl Stephenie), the challenges were awesome, and the war theme was neat. I didn't like the school yard pick 'em at the beginning, but at least it saved us from having to listen to Wanda all season long. I didn't like having twenty castaways though.

5. Amazon- I liked the boys vs girls twist (not so much in Vanuatu though), but I was glad when they mixed up the tribes. It was unpredictable week-after-week after Dave was voted off. The winner was what put it down this low.

6. Marquesas- Don't get me wrong. I loved this season, but the main reason why it's this low is because of who won. Pre-merge was awesome and so were episodes seven and eight. After eight it just got predictable.

7. Vanuatu- It was so boring at the beginning that I thought I was going to have to give up Survivor forever, but then it got good. After Leann's boot the season got pretty good. I didn't like having eighteen contestants though.

8. Thailand- Boring cast, boring challenges, boring twists, just boring overall. At least the right person won.

9. Africa- Worst location ever. I need to see this season again because I'd probably rank it above Thailand.

10. All-Stars- Ugh... Don't even get me started.





    Couch Potato

Posted May 22, 2005 @ 1:19 AM

from worst to best:

Vanuatu & ASS (tie)

Vanuatu was a bore and had no one, absolutely no one, that I felt like rooting for. This season almost turned me off Survivor.

ASS displayed some of the most deplorably moralistic attitudes to ever rear their ugly heads on this show.

If I had to choose, I would say ASS is just slightly better than Vanuatu.


Predictable, but a couple colorful characters that seemed to shine above the sad sacks surrounding them. Also, while I know I'm in the minority, I was actually intrigued by the Ghandia drama. I wanted to understand the kind of mind that would try to benefit from abuse.


I know, I know. The first, the purest, yada yada. However, it just doesn't stand up to the rest with naivete of the majority of players and the cheesiness that oozes from every pore of this season.

Africa & Pearl Islands(tie)

Africa had a surprisingly interesting game and one of the most colorful collection of players. The drama involving Lex, Teresa, Kelly, Clarence, and Brandon stretched over several episodes and informed on the Final TC. Utterly fascinating. However, the lack of day to day activities left us with many dull segments in every episode, as the players basically just sat.

Pearl Islands would have been placed higher, since it had an awesome unpredictable game and a handful of fascinating characters. (Who will ever forget Lil?) However, I feel that the Outcast twist really did twist the rules in a way that could honestly be called "unfair", a word I rarely use about this show, since it typically doesn't apply. Add in the obnoxious RUPERT SHOW and you have a marred season.

If forced, I would give Africa a higher placement than PI.


The most true survival situations, everyone left a distinct impression and someone who actually took an active role in playing the game won. However, the game was predictable and the editing tried to paint Colby and Tina as being nice people. And in re-watching the season, I have to say, Jerri was annoying, but not the Uber-bitch I remember her being. Clearly, the editing was just a little more over the top. I just wish I hadn't fallen for it at the time.


Great characters, nice location. What makes this season really jump for me was its placement after Vanuatu, the fact that an essentially predictable game was in reality quite unpredictable, and the number of new, intriguing situations were introduced. Exile Island was something I could see being done again. That would make everyone want to try a little harder. Ulong's deterioration was utterly fascinating. However, stupidity on the parts of players like Coby and Caryn allowed this game to be taken a blatant power player. Really great season, but could have truly phenomenal.

Marquesas & Amazon(tie)

Bad winner aside, the unpredictable game, the first and truly only overarching character arc, and the great dynamics and characters make this season a classic.

Again, bad winner aside, for all the same reasons.

Also, both seasons had what I considered to be the most gorgeously lush locations.

If forced, Amazon would be given the first spot thanks to Rob C, the greatest player EVER.

YMMV, of course.




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Posted May 22, 2005 @ 3:06 AM

I used to rank Outback much, much higher.

And don't get me wrong, it's got huge drama. The Mike accident, the flood, the forest fires, the pig kill. There are great elements.

But I'm seeing things through a lens shaped by 10 seasons of Survivor now. And Debb's not that bad. And Colby's not quite as impressive. The drama over the rice? Please, they don't even get food at all anymore. The pig was impressive, but Tom killed a shark. Jerri's not that big a villain after we've seen Fairplay and others.

But most damaging, the gameplay's really weak. Ties were broken by that stupid previous votes rule. So Mitchell goes home because he got a vote earlier, leaving Tina's group in charge. And Jeff goes home because Kimmi wouldn't shut up, leaving Tina's group in charge. And they still tried to hand it back to Kucha by voting off Jerri too early.

But my favourite example, and something that annoyed me no end in the commentary track: The episode where they were down to seven people, after Jerri had gotten voted off. The commentary is done by Keith, Tina, Amber and Rodger. Amber actually mentions that she went to Elisabeth and Rodger and offered to switch sides, giving them the majority and enabling them to vote off Colby, Tina, and Keith.

She goes on to say Rodger didn't want to do it. And instead of asking Rodger why, Tina jumps in to go on about something else, and we miss a chance at some real insight.

Here I've thought for years that Amber was a ghost on S2, but she was playing hard, and we didn't see it, and now we can't even get an explanation why because of that harridan Tina. Argh!




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Posted May 22, 2005 @ 7:33 AM

Here I've thought for years that Amber was a ghost on S2, but she was playing hard, and we didn't see it, and now we can't even get an explanation why because of that harridan Tina. Argh!

That's a shocking let-down (for the DVD edition). I remember wondering why no one was fighting the inevitable -- apparently someone did. I was wondering how Amber suddenly became such a powerful player, maybe she always was?

I think the editing for that entire series let us down. I don't think I'd feel as weird about S2 if Tina had been edited in a more Boston Rob (of course since she isn't funny or self-aware at all, it probably wouldn't have been as entertaining) sort of way. Was she open at all about her deviousness during the course of the show? Or did she keep everything bottled up until that last night with Colby?

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Posted May 22, 2005 @ 8:56 AM

1. Borneo - the word "alliance" was invented by King Hatch
2. Pearl Islands - villains/heroes, controversies, and Sandra winning
3. The Outback - drama, good charcters, and Colby picking Tina at the end instead of unlikable Kieth
4. Palau - my girl Steph, and a deserving winner of Tom
5. Marqueasas - the POWER SHIFT
6. Amazon - Rob C's overall game, unpredictable
7. Africa - the first Twist was introduced
8. Vanuatu - Cris winning against all odds
9. ASS - a total waste!
10. Thailand - forgettable!!




    Channel Surfer

Posted May 22, 2005 @ 11:52 AM

1. Borneo: admittedly a sentimental favorite, but set the stage for everyone to follow. I loved to hate Richard; enjoyed the Tagi alliance. And Sue Hawk's jury speech is classic!

2. Amazon: incredible casting: Jenna and Heidi's silly sorority girl bonding; Matt's "creepy" antics; an underdog to root for in Christy, and Rob Cesternino, one of the best and most entertaining Survivors ever. I hated that Jenna won, but it didn't mar the season for me.

3. Palau: watching Ulong crumble was fascinating. More intense physical challenges. Seeing two Survivors leave from the very beginning, for not being picked. Fabulous casting, again: I loved the Tom and Ian alliance/bond (it made the show for me), and Stephenie's girl power. The player most deserving actually won! Palau was splendid, especially considering that Vanautu was such a bore.

4. Africa & Marquesas: I was sorry that Africa is/was so lowly regarded among Survivor seasons, b/c the location was unique and the cast was pretty diverse. Lex and Big Tom were standouts for me. I liked Marquesas even if I don't remember specific details.

6. Australia: I know that the majority of fans have the Outback ranked much higher, but I didn't like the cast as much as in Borneo so I never warmed up to it. I didn't like Tina, I thought Jerri was annoying but not fun enough to love to hate. I don't get why everyone loves Colby so much.

7. Pearl Islands: What I remember most was "good guy" Rupert and "bad boy" Johnny Fairplay. I thought both were overrated. Hated the Outcasts.

8. Thailand: Brian was sleazy, but it was interesting to see someone fool everyone so smoothly. Shii-Ann's folly regarding the merge was memorable. I liked Helen's toughness.

9. All-Star Survivor: I had been looking forward to an All-Star edition as soon as it was announced, but it was completely ho-hum. The most interesting people from previous editions were booted early, and it lacked drama (with the exception of Lex vs. Boston Rob). I like Boston Rob, but ASS dragged on seemingly forever.

10. Vanautu: Boring, and then some. No one for me to like or root for whatsoever. Considering that I didn't like ASS or Pearl Islands much, either, I was losing faith in Survivor. (Again, thank God for Palau!)


Tegan Jovanka

Tegan Jovanka

Posted May 22, 2005 @ 10:29 PM

I will go Worst to Best. Keep in mind I haven't seen some of these seasons since original broadcast.

10. Thailand

Wretched, full of the worst of ugly people (inside and out), as well as a garden-variety of mental disorders. I have never hated BOTH teams in any season but Thailand and All Star. The stench of Ghandia (she took Survivor to its lowest point), Sook Jai's self-destruction, the pointless switch tease, the boring fake merge, Clay, the bad comic relief of Granny Clampett (Jan), the BRAIN DEAD players, and Brian, who was so damn smarmy and self-satisfied that I could never root for him even when I grew to despise everyone else. That jury, especially Helen, humiliated themselves and as much as I have tried to burn her agony out of my brain, I never fully have. The challenges SUCKED. Oh look, there's a puzzle, and...push a cricket ball through a fishnet, and...wow, everyone gets to lug stone pyramids and cart fish, and...more puzzles! The only good parts of the season for me were Jake (the sexiest older man ever on Survivor, even if his strategy was a failure), Shii Ann's arc, Penny's ouster, Robb's maturation, and that incredible shot of some of the Sook Jai ladies smearing paint across Ken's MASSIVE pecs. As an aside, if you look at the episodes, you will never see more filler in any other season. Episodes 5 and 8 are PURE FILLER, almost start to finish.

9. ASS

It was nice to see Jerri get her revenge on Colby. Even better to see Rob C get his ass handed to him. There was a sweet irony in Amber surviving solely because of Jerri's loss that you can't find on any scripted show. Other than that, I can't put into words how painful it was to watch one person after another permanently ruin their reputation, in front of millions of viewers no less. And watching months of Tom, a mushmouthed, reactionary, insensitive Foster Brooks, ooze a trail of slime across my TV AGAIN was sheer hell. Rupert, Tom, and Jenna Lewis making it that far in the game tells you what a huge mistake this season was. All Star was also the season that glorified quitting and gave us the first Survivor episodes that were truly wretched from start to finish (Sue's last episode, Ethan's last episode). And did they film through dirty bathwater? Everyone looked FILTHY and NASTY.

8. Vanuatu

Men vs. women, boring. Tedious challenges. Famewhores galore, most personality-free group of any season (Chris, Dolly, Bubba, Mia, Lisa, John P, John K, Chris, Julie, etc.) Vanuatu did return to the tradition of having a villian (Ami) who was fun to hiss at without crossing any legal or ethical lines. They gave us Twila, the most complicated and endearing female contestant ever, and Chad, the sexiest and kindest man I've ever seen on the show. Was that worth all those months of Scout and Eliza, or that near-unforgiveable jury speech from Sarge? No, I don't think so. This was a season produced by people who no longer cared. It was obvious. The best thing about Apprentice and Contender tanking is that it ensures Mark Burnett will never let Survivor slip as badly as it did during Vanuatu.

7. Amazon

I don't know if any other final 5, save All-Stars, has had so many loathsome people. Rob C proved himself the ultimate hypocrite as he smirkily trash-talked everyone around him, with the justification that this was all a game, yet when he was outplayed he suddenly became the most bitter of them all. I got so tired of his bad stand-up routine and his smirks and his much-indulged (and later smacked down - the best thing Boston Rob has ever done for the public) view of what a fantastic player he was. Amazon had some good episodes but that whole season was just constant sneering and jeering of most of the people involved. The editors invited us to make fun of everyone, to hate everyone, and aside from Butch, the "good" people were dumped out of the game in humiliating ways. I hated that jury, their pettiness and their spite in giving Jenna Morasca a million dollars because she was in their clique, because she was their mirror image. Amazon was like high school hell, and the only season where the bad guys won. I also blame this season for Fairplay.

6. Africa

Good cast, bad location, too much emphasis on tie votes. Lex, Frank and Teresa were the only redeemable qualities. I also find Lindsey fascinating, and her last few moments poignant (sorry Erin), on multiple viewings.

5. Pearl Islands

The pre-merge episodes were kick-ass. Cute guys, lots of twists and turns, and seeing Drake implode was superb TV. Then...the Outcasts. Morgan came back from the dead; they deserved better than that sour old crab Lillian coming back and pissing all over their game. The endless airtime for camera whores supreme Rupert and Fairplay are big demerits. Most of the conflict was gimmicky, producer-driven, and artificial. As a result there was no story arc in this season. It was forgettable. Thank God Sandra won, because otherwise this would be somewhere around #8. Seeing the jury tear Pill to shreds was so, so, SO good.

4. Marquesas

This was a GREAT season, full of the hottest guys, the most memorable twists (twists that were generated from the players, NOT producers, which is why I put it above Pearl Islands), and some of the all-time best-edited, most riveting story arcs (especially Kathy). Then it all fell apart with the last 2 episodes, the race-baiting at final 5 and the Vee horrors at final 4. Ugh.

3. Outback

The post-merge episodes were boring but there was some great natural drama like the flood which put a spike in otherwise humdrum personalities. There was a purity in this season, things like Kucha bonding, Elisabeth/Roger's friendship, that I didn't see on the show again until Palau. The finale sucked, and I was glad Colby and Tina were given their comeuppance in ASS.

2. Borneo

A fairly amateurish season, with lots of filler pre-merge. Things heat up post-merge, breaking our hearts when Gretchen goes (the most emotionally raw TC ever), then we see Tagi fall apart. Juicy, live-wire drama. Open vein television.

1. Palau

It's almost IMPOSSIBLE for any show to come back from the dead after 9 seasons. That's what makes Palau all the better. This season was like an apology from Burnett to the fans, righting so many previous wrongs. The casting? Impeccable. Editing...OK but problematic, since they didn't show us enough about Katie to explain why people hated her. The challenges? Phenomenal. Almost no duds in the whole season. The finale was slightly anticlimactic, and the episodes around the time Coby and Janu left are almost unbearable, but those are small complaints. This season had killer story arcs. A season with a clear beginning, middle and end, instead of throwing shit on the screen and seeing what sticks (as was the case in Pearl Islands). I don't know how Palau will hold up but I know that this is the first season in years I was riveted to every week. Seeing selfish, shortsighted players punished by a lack of a switch was genius. The only part I wish they could take back was booting 2 people in one episode. Bad concept, mediocre execution.

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Posted May 24, 2005 @ 12:05 AM

From worst to best:

10. Vanuatu. I didn't like anyone, except maybe Brady. The weakest people all made it to the end and the strong were voted out early. Nothing remarkable ever happened. I gave up on this season after a while.

9. Thailand. I didn't watch it, but it sounds like I didn't miss much. Surely it couldn't have been worse than Vanuatu.

8. All-Stars. It was interesting to see all the returning castaways, but horrifying to see them all become so petty and so stupid. Lex became even more of a jerk, if that were possible. Kathy turned into a blubbering fool. Jerri got screwed, but lost my sympathy at the reunion. Rich was even more insufferable than before. Tom got mean and petty. Sue went crazy. And Rupert got an undeserved million. Bleah.

7. Africa. The first disappointing season. Too many annoying people like Lex and Brandon. They should try another location that's not a tropical rainforest again sometime, though.

6. Marquesas. It started out so good, with no more provided food, interesting tribes, a return to the original setting. But after Kathy's alliance took over, it got boring. Most undeserving winner ever.

5. Pearl Islands. Lots of interesting gameplay, and unpredictable from week to week. There were just too many unlikeable people, though (and I actually liked Rupert for a while). The pirate theme was neat.

4. Amazon. I missed the beginning, but the rest was great. Unpredictable, great characters, new twists, good setting. I can't believe Jenna won. This was a really funny season. Also had my favourite jury question (Heidi: "Is there anyone you think deserves to be up there besides you? Anyone else? Are you sure? [ME!]")

3. Pulau Tiga. I'm watching it now and it's as good as I remember. Still had some stuff to work out but this season was outstanding. The strategy was less important, and the actual surviving took a bigger focus. I like all the castaways more than I remembered.

2. Australia. This season had the realest survival aspect. There was the flood, the fire, Mike's accident, the running out of food. Also had some great characters, though not many to root for. I can't wait to see the DVDs.

1. Palau. This season impressed me all the way to the end. Not once did it become predictable. The castaways were smarter than usual and played hard. Ian and Steph are two of my favourite survivors ever. Did not expect to see Ulong reduced to one member, two people eliminated in a firemaking tiebreaker, a challenge lasting 12 hours, Ian's tragic deal, or any of the other surprises. I'm afraid it'll be downhill from here.




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Posted May 24, 2005 @ 5:54 PM

The Best:

1- Australia - Maybe I'm just in nostalgia mode and it wasn't as good as I remember... but damn, this season was gripping. Great characters (but none over the top), good, tough location, and a relatively non-shrill jury. The only weakness was the Pagonging (with safe detours for Jerri and Amber) at the end, but still great television.

2- Borneo - From a completely objective standpoint this season was tactically boring, but it set the stage for all the others. Hatch rocked the game the whole way through, but Kelly's immunity run at the end had me pulling for her. Loses to Australia mostly due to poorer production values and some fairly forgettable players (Dirk, Joel, Ramona).

3- Pearl Islands - On paper, this looks like a terrible season. Obnoxious players (Rupert, Fairplay, Christa) a ho-hum winner, and a twist that went to far in violating Survivor canon, yet some how it all worked. It was the second season in a row where week after week people who thought they were in charge of the game were sent packing by new alliances (Savage, Rupert, Burton). Also the pirates theme and the first episode shopping trip were pretty cool.

The Middle-Ground:

4- Amazon - I don't object to Jenna's winning as much as a lot of people seem to. Her immunity run at the end in spite of being sick was gritty stuff and after a season (Palau) in which men totally dominated the women in physical challenges it is nice to remember a time in which the women could compete. Rob C's strategizing made the game fairly interesting but there were't really too many other interesting people here.

5- Vanuatu - Very very underrated season. I think S9 gets a lot of hate on Twop because so many twopers are women who were bitter at all the good looking men getting the boot early. (Don't yell at me, a lot of posts in this thread basically admit that.) But the fall of Queen Ami, the little Chris that could, Rory's barely hanging on week to week until his luck ran out, Twyla's scheming, all classic Survivor stuff. I could have done with a slighly less shrill jury though. (Eliza, I'm looking at you)

6- Palau - I'm not quite as in love with this season as a lot of people seem to be. I found the brutal week-in week-out massacre of Ulong to be kind of depressing, especially with Angie and her incredible small bikini getting tossed. Once it got down to the Koror's, it was essentially "lets all get out of the way so Tom can win. Ian! Stop trying to win!" On the plus side, this season probably had the best challenge design of any season.

The Botton Feeders:

7- All Stars - I don't think this season was an absolute travesty, but it still wasn't that good. The first few episodes were great (I really hope they bring back the three tribe format in a later season) but somewhere along the way it got really tedious. Boston Rob essentially dominated the game to the point where it got boring, he had alliances on top of alliances and was never really even in danger of being voted out. The selection of contestants was also puzzling, but thats been talked about a lot. Also, the lack of any local theme (just being a rehash of the S7 location), uninspiring challenges and way too luxurious rewards made this dissppointing, but still watchable.

8- Africa - Because of this season I actually stopped watching the show until S6. Horrible location, and almost everybody rubbed me the wrong way, especially Tom, who I just found to be a cartoon version of S2 Roger. About half way through I was convinced that the show had jumped the shark.

I didn't watch S4 or S5, though I've read the recaps. It seems S4 was fairly interesting, and I don't think I missed much with S5.




    Channel Surfer

Posted May 27, 2005 @ 11:12 AM

Best to Worst for me:

1. Borneo: Best because it was the first. Great cast. Richard shows every future player how to play. Kelly hangs on against all odds.

2. Outback: Villain Jerri. Mikeís fall in the fire. Alicia/Kimmi showdown. The flood and the lost rice. Colby not winning despite dominating.

3. Palau: Kororís and Tomís domination. Steph hanging on but not winning. A great season when I had just about written Survivor off.

4. Africa: Good power shift against Silas, Big Tomís personality, Ethan winning. Disappointing use of Africa theme.

5. Pearl Islands: Another great season that I thought would be just a warmup for ASS (boy was I wrong). Pirate theme was awesome as was Fairplayís lie. Actually liked Rupert despite being a TWoP poster.

6. Vanuatu: Chris winning against all odds, Ami not winning.

7. Marquesas: Great power shifts, Boston Robís pearls of wisdom. Would have ranked this one higher if Pappy hadnít been robbed and the more deserving Kathy had won.

8. All-Stars: The greatest of all Survivor letdowns. No real final drama. Quitting should not have been an option. Good to see former players again, especially seeing Jerri in a different life.

9. Thailand: Boring tribe members, sleazy winner. Bright spot was Chuay Gahn domination of younger Sook Jai tribe.

10. Amazon: Worst because someone that asks to be voted off or publicly states that they hate the game should never win (same goes for TAR 3ís Flo)




Posted Jun 18, 2005 @ 11:38 AM

1. Borneo: The original, with Richard winning.

2. Outback: An action-packed season, although I wanted Colby to win.

3. Palau: I was sad to see Ulong perish, but it was fun watching Tom and Ian kick butt.

4. Vanuatu: I got to see Chris defeat Ami Palpatine and teach all her snotty girl servants a lesson.

5. Pearl Islands: A fun season to watch, and I think Jon was funny, if dirty. Rupert boosted the ratings, and best of all, Sandra won.

6. Africa: Actually very nice, despite being in 6th place. Ethan won instead of Lex, thankfully.

7. Thailand: Only good because of Brian.

8. Marquesas: An OK season, some great players, but I'm not happy with Vecepia winning.

9. All-Stars: If it wasn't for Rupert, and the love between Rob and Amber, nothing would have made me enjoy this.

10. Amazon: Terrible players. Pathetic winner. Rob C. was the only thing that gave it any spark.




    Couch Potato

Posted Jun 18, 2005 @ 11:37 PM

1. Borneo - DUH. I had only watched the last 3 or 4 episodes of this season when it first aired in 2000, and I knew I was going to be hooked on this show forever. Let's consider the cosmic forces that allowed Rich to win, shall we?
  • Joel, who was the only Pagong who figured that they should all stick together and vote as a unit when the merge hits, is voted out just before the merge instead of Jenna. On Day 21, every Pagong member votes for a different person, leading to the dismissal of Gretchen and putting Tagi in the majority for good.
  • Greg wins the first individual immunity challenge, leading Tagi to vote out Gretchen instead. Greg is thus on the jury to vote for Rich to win, instead of Gretchen who probably would have voted for Kelly.
  • Kelly breaks the tie at the Final 4 by voting out Sue instead of Rich. If the tie had held, and if previous votes had been in effect, Rich would have been gone. And if the tiebreaker had been a physical challenge (like in Palau), well... who knows what would have happened. Let's just say Sue would have won it to make this whole thing more fascinating.
  • Sue, who had plotted against Rich for so long and was looking forward to screwing him over, decided that she hated Kelly that much more and would rather vote for Rich to win than reward Kelly.
It was also fascinating how the game seemingly went from light-hearted and fun (before the merge) to dirty and cutthroat (after the merge, specifically the Gretchen boot) in ONE EPISODE. Just incredible stuff.

2. Africa - They better freakin' put this season out on DVD. Definately the most likeable and interesting cast ever, and I must be the only one who loved the scenery. This season featured my all-time favorite (Big Tom), who was in an alliance with my all-time favorite winner (Ethan), who were members of my all-time favorite tribe (Boran). The Lex-Kelly-Brandon drama and the first-ever tribe switcheroo only added to the intrigue.


3. Amazon - Rob C. reinvents the game by fearlessly flip-flopping every chance he got. It was a breath of fresh air after the stinker that was Thailand. And even though it's been over 2 years since it aired, it's still hilarious that people are still cursing the day Jenna was born for "ruining" the season by winning the game. I still read the chat log for the finale once in a while when I'm feeling down.

4. Vanuatu - Kind of a snoozefest, but Chris coming back to beat 6 women (especially the horrible Ami) to win the million was awesome. Plus, the eye candy was the best ever (Julie, Dolly, Leann).

5. Palau - The unbelievable worthlessness of the Ulong tribe (led by the incredibly overrated Stephenie) was depressing. But, just like Amazon, Ian stepping down after 11 hours was pretty funny due to all the people complaining about it. And the challenges were pretty great, too.

6. Australia - I wasn't really impressed with this season, especially coming after the near-perfect Borneo. In fact, this is the only season I've only watched once instead of multiple times, mostly because I don't care to see Jerri, Jeff, or Alicia on my TV anymore.


7. Pearl Islands - This season had its moments... until Sandra winning ruined it all. If the Outcast twist had never happened, then she might not have won. Therefore, the Outcast twist sucked and everyone involved with it should be shot. I could have lived with Fairplay winning the million... really, I could have.

8. Marquesas - This would have been dead last due to Boston Rob and Tammy the Twat, except for the glorious downfall of the Rotu alliance and the hilarious Sean. And the lovely Gina. She should have been cast on All-Stars instead of Amber.

9. Thailand - Absolutely nothing happened this season, except casting 2 of the most loathsome contestants ever (Shii Ann and Ghandia). As soon as Pastor John was voted off first instead of Ghandia, I knew this season was going to be a shitfest.

10. All-Stars - If this season never happened, Rob and Amber (aka The Two Whores) don't appear on TAR. And they also don't spend 2 hours on CBS professing their fake love for each other with their pathetic wedding. Also, it's no coincidence that the 2 worst seasons of Survivor ever feature Shii Ann. The classic "Don't be stupid, stupid" line isn't enough to pull this out of last place, however. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the DVD.




Posted Jun 19, 2005 @ 12:39 AM

1. Australian Outback - I'm rewatching it on DVD and it's interesting how I haaaaated Jerri and now find her just annoying. Elisabeth is still the sweetheart, except for one thing, she sucks now. *sigh* Liiiiiiiz! I liked the cast, thought they were all cool to root for or against. And, Debb's not so bad. I didn't hate Tina when she won, actually. Post show, sure she sucks but what else is new?

2. Amazon - I don't rank seasons based on winners. Jenna sucked but I do stand firm and say she played a better game than coattail rider Matt. Yes, Matt was the more likable one. But did he play the game better? No. Rob told him everything to do. Therefore, he did not deserve to win. Do I wish he won? Yes, because I liked him. Anyway, despite the fact that I like so few of these people, everyone was so awesome to root against and it was so unpredictable, I had a great time watching, even when my eye candy, Dave, was gone. This is the season I became a message board, Survivor addict.

3. Palau - It'd be number one except for one thing. Ulong lost every. single. IC. Since I lurve Bobby Jon, watching him suffer was awful. He didn't make the jury and I'm still bummed about missing all those eye candy moments. Tom won!! He's my all time favorite winner and I really did look forward to watching all of the episodes. Steph, my 2nd fav, made the jury (first time that happened since PI). It had a really great group of people that weren't so damn vile like they were in Vanuatu. This is MB's apology for that Vanuatu crapfest we suffered through.

4. Borneo - It's the first and original and this is the show that made me a fan. The final TC is so memorable that people who hardly even watch Survivor are familiar with it. Colleen and Kelly are 2 of my all time favs. Colleen's the original sweetheart. I thought watching them consider alliances to be "evil" was a riot. So was idiot Sean's voting strategy. So was Pagong voting for 5 different people when Gretchen went. Good times.

5. Pearl Islands - Ah, how I wish I had the final episode on tape. Watching the jury rip the horrendous Lill to shreds was So. Much. Fun. Never have I enjoyed watching someone else suffer so much in my life. The last season my first fav has made the jury (Ryan O). Darrah rocked the challenges and I thought she might win. But, with Rupert taking everyone's airtime away and being some "hero", which resulted in me practically puking every time I watched an AS episode, and the Outcast twist, it ruins the season. Oh, Outcast twist, you SUCK! I felt awful for Andrew who made it to the F8 but because of that bull crap, he didn't even make the jury. It was a lot of fun watching Morgan turn things around, as well. And...Pelican Pete! Hee! I heart Ryno!

6. Marquesas - Oh *sigh* Vecepia won. Bummer. The only season my first fav made the F2, and she loses by a 4-3 vote. Thanks Tammy, you nutty bitch. Watching the Rotu 4 get their commumpance was too much fun. I hated the switch though. It gave new life to Sean *puke*, Rob *puke*, and Vecepia *puke*. I was upset when all 3 of them made the merge. They didn't deserve it after voting off the hard workers. I wished for them to starve. Why couldn't the Ulonging have been tested on Maraamu instead?

7. Africa - On the heels of Australia, I could. not. wait. for this season. It was an exciting beginning and I think the first 6 episodes of the season are very good. My friend made me a copy of them (and is making the rest soon) and I flew through them. Post merge was duller than dirt and Kelly, who is the coolest Survivor female EVER, who could've been a great strategist, was unfairly screwed over by jackass Lex and fool Brandon. I have hated those 2 from that moment on. I hated that Frank was saved by the switch and my eye candy, Silas, was screwed over. Gotta love how my eye candy hasn't gone farther than first juror since Colby. Unfair. Then, Lindsey, one of most kick butt chicks to be on this show, gets booted before the merge, where she could've dominated the challenges. Lex was her biggest competition...I think she could've handled it. At least the right person won. I would've cried for hours if Lex won.

8. All Stars - What a great idea! I couldn't wait for this season. I had loved Pearl Islands and was thrilled about the past contestants. Until I saw the cast. I was so disappointed. Where's the Kelly's? Where's Neleh? Where's...a whole lot of people? But Jenna L, Amber, and SHII ANN are on there? Bummer. Bigger bummer: Ethan being a victim in Lex's twisted logic. I loved Ethan on AS, I don't care what anyone else says. Pretty much, everyone else sucked. I don't even like Colby the way I used to. He sure was hot though. Amber winning was a blech moment, too. Rupert and Jenna L making the F4 made me want to puke. Best episode ever does come from this season: Lex's boot episode! I could watch that on repeat.

9. Thailand - Such garbage. The most unlikable cast of all time. Tanya would've been such a great asset for this season but of course she had to get sick. Bummer. Sook Jai deciding throwing 2 challenges is a smart idea sure illustrates what genuises Brian was up against. I thought Brian was a sleezy scumbag who I dislike, but at least he beat Clay. I think this F5 is the most unlikable one of all time. Brian is the best winner of all time, though.

10. Vanuatu - What's funny is that I would list 7 people for my favs list. What's not so funny is that 6 of them went pre merge. Pre merge was hard to watch because I was watching favorite after favorite go. Watching a bunch of unintelligent, overweight, losers pick off hard working, smart, attractive guys was like a slap in the face to all of us who like boys. We didn't even get anyone attractive on the frickin' AS jury and that's how they repay us? I've never found 3 guys from the same season to be super hot, but go figure, the one season I do, they all get booted. Brady was such a sweetheart. I was devistated when he got booted. I decided to keep watching until John K went and when he went for some moronic reason, I quit. I hated everyone else. Unlike in the other seasons where my eye candy has gone, I've always had other favs to root for. Not this time. I watched the TCs just to watch the Fat 5 get their commumpance for being fools and that was a lot of fun as well. But to watch king of the assholes, Chris-Did-I-Even-Take-English-Daughterty, win the show, over someone who played a much superior game, Twila, made me sick. Ami should've won. And don't get me started on that reunion show shit. Never have I wanted to bitch slap Probst as much as I did then.

I also find Lindsey fascinating, and her last few moments poignant (sorry Erin), on multiple viewings.

Tegan, what do you mean by this? Why are you apologizing to Erin? [/confused]

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Mr. 888

Mr. 888


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Posted Oct 3, 2005 @ 1:17 AM

I go in reverse, like Letterman. Only mine doesn't come with a laughtrack.

10. Vanuatu. Wow. Dolly goes 2nd, Brady and the Jons go pre-merge, Chris wins because of help from Twila, and my favorite Chad gets the boot possibly because he got all stupored up on kava. Also, since then, there was nobody I could root for. Maybe the volcano.

9. All-Stars. It's like putting a bunch of spices and condiments into a blender and seeing if anyone drinks it. Damnit. There's a lot of bitterness. And Rob and Amber outwit Lex, Big Tom, Sue, and Alicia. Was anyone really surprised at that point?

8. Thailand. I went to Thailand rather than watching this show. I think I made out pretty good. Oh, who was there to root for?

7. Marquesas- This was a very popular finale, which almost made me want to find out where Marquesas actually was. Paschal, unluckily shafted, and a Final Three of all women, an interesting bunch. Vecepia wins the million because of an angry jury and she did play under the radar quite well. Very few finger wags, I might add.

6. Africa. This would be the last place I go to. Heat temperatures, dangerous water buffalos, Lex. Ethan becomes the third person in a row to drop first from Final Immunity yet win somehow.

5. Amazon. Men vs. women is ALWAYS ugly, and some more ugly than others. Funny in a pathetic sort of way, Rob C. plays a nice interesting game that some seasons can only dream of. Jenna strips, Matthew scares people. Duh, I wonder who people will vote for. Surprisingly Jenna wins 6-1.

4. Pearl Islands. Yes, a hero, a villain, revenge of the Outcasts. One of the best finales I could hope for. Where Jonny gets told, then Lil gets told, and Sassy Sandra wins a million that she probably needed more than a lying grandma.

3. Australia. It's because this season I was SO wrong. I though Alicia would win. Then Colby. And what an interesting situation for Colby to pick Tina. Did she play him? She so did, and she's so lucky that she's mom-like and they both have pretty cool accents. The women here were more interesting than on many other seasons. And even watching the tribe being bored was fun to watch.

2. Palau. 20 people. The problem is that there were no audition tapes to enjoy. half the people really didn't audition, I suppose. But Ian, my early fave, and a handful of heroes either doomed from the start or born to succeed. A gay guy versus the redneck. A tribe that never wins Immunity. Some eyecandy. This reason was a glass of ice water to the heated mess of Vanuatu.

1. Borneo. They ate rats. And you can't beat the originals. You could, but you'd be surrounded by a whole bunch of famewhores that I wouldn't like. So.. no.

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Posted Oct 4, 2005 @ 6:37 AM

1.Pearl Islands-loved the people, the theme & the challenges

2.Australia-best first half season ever, lost steam after the merge

3.Borneo-still great

4.Palau-would have been higher without the sucky ending

5.Thailand-Brian Heidik is a Survivor god

6.Africa-I loved the Boran Boys Club

7. Marquesas-week final 2

8. Amazon-I loved Rob C, but the ending sucked

9.Vanuatu-Chris was a very deserving winner, but this season dragged

10. All-Stars-worst gameplay ever! Terrible casting. Lousy tribe division.