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Help Topic: Miscellaneous Questions

What do the different member designations like "Just Tuned In" and "Loyal Viewer" mean?

For regular users of the site, there are a few different designations based on the number of posts they have made.

Just Tuned In = 0-9 posts (this group cannot start new topics or use Private Messaging)
Channel Surfer = 10-99 posts
Loyal Viewer = 100-199 posts
Video Archivist = 200-349 posts
Couch Potato = 350-999 posts
Fanatic = 1000-4999 posts
Stalker = 5000+

"Network Executive"s are TWoP writers and staff.

"TWoP Moderator"s are moderators who work for us.

A "Head of Programming" is a site administrator.

Since TWoP makes all the shows it writes about, I should bug you for autographs, scripts, audition information, tickets, and stuff like that, right?

No. We don't make the shows, or have any affiliation with them; we just snark on them. We don't provide information on who to call, either. Look up the shows' official sites for that kind of information; we can't help you.

I know of a site where you can download episodes -- can I tell other users about it?

No. It's illegal. Posts pointing other users to illegal download services will be erased, the poster will be warned, and doing it more than once will result in a banning.

"But --"

No. Find a way to help your fellow posters that doesn't violate copyright law.

Wasn't this site called something else at some point? Mighty...something?

Mighty Big TV? Yes. So if you come across a mention of "Mighty Big TV" or "MBTV" in an old recap, that's why.

Who is Tubey?

Tubey is short for Tubeelzebub. He's the Television Without Pity mascot and logo.

Where can I get more forum help?

If you can't find the answer to your question here, you can ask us in Ye Olde Suggestion Box & Non-Tech Stuff Thread.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes -- please check the Tech Issues, Questions, and Information forum now and then to make sure you haven't missed any service updates, or to see if someone else has already asked a similar question. Thanks!